How Do You Know If A Woman Attracted To You? Look For These 7+ Signs

You know she’s attracted to you when you notice several of these signs of interest.

how to tell if she is attracted
She’s been staring at me like that… Is she… attracted to me?

How can you tell if a woman is attracted to you?

It’s actually quite…


You see, a woman will use subtle come-here signals to let you know she likes you.

So all you need to do is to be perceptive of these signs of attraction women subtly drops — mostly those without their own conscious knowledge.

And since they’re not even aware they are doing them, it can be a pretty accurate tell if a girl is attracted to you.

So sharpen your senses for those signals her body unknowingly sends out if you want to know if a girl you like is looking for romance.

So what are these signs a woman may use to let you know she likes you?

Well, let’s start with…

Eye Contact

Since eye contact is usually the first contact you’ll make with a girl.

And it’s one of the best ways to tell if she’s interested in you.


Because the level of eye contact she keeps is a pretty good way to tell how interested she is.

  • Is her gaze always on you?
  • And when you look at her, she meets your eyes and maintains eye contact, even if she doesn’t know you?
  • Do her eyes seem to linger on you?

Then you can assume she is interested or curious about your existence.

You’ll know she’s attracted when her eyes light up at the sight of you (or when she has that dreamy look in her eyes when she looks at you).

And when you talk to a girl who’s attracted to you, she tends to maintain eye contact and doesn’t look around the room or at her phone.

When even in a well-lighted room, you can see her pupils dilate.

And if she focuses her gaze on your lips or mouth, she could be in need of a kiss. (Either that or you need to wipe something from your mouth.)

And you know what’s better with just simple eye contact?

If you also caught a smile on her face as she looks at you from across the room. And then she smiles even more as soon as you start talking with her.

One thing is for sure though, a girl with a smile on her face is more…


When she wants you to approach, her body language is open and welcoming.

She uncrosses her arms, adopts an open posture, and removes physical barriers (like her friends).

You see, to make herself more inviting to approach, she might move away from her group so you can approach her.

She will make herself look “available” to you and put herself in a position in which she can be noticed and approached easily.

That includes reducing the physical space between you and her and getting…

Close to You

When you’re in a busy place like a club or a party, she’ll put herself near you.

She’ll stand or move closer to you (or subtly parade herself around you to make sure you notice her) and hopes you’ll talk to her.

She’ll be in the same space with you as much as possible. Think of her lingering presence as her way of making it easy for you and to increase her odds as well.

But that’s not all…

If a confident woman wants you to notice her, she’ll strut her stuff.

On her way to the restroom, she will deliberately pass through where you are seated, even though the restrooms are nowhere near you.

She’s gonna walk by you seductively while swaying her hips in an attempt to hypnotize and temp you.

And she will almost always sneak a peek while doing so.

Additionally, you’ll know a woman is attracted to you and wants your attention if she’s not afraid to walk into your personal space.

Like if you’re talking with her, she may lean in or sit closer to you.

And you know what happens next when she wants to be near you?

Physical Contact

A girl will find excuses to touch you if she’s interested in you.

She’ll sometimes bump into you “by accident” to get noticed or brush up against you unnecessarily when she passes.

Brushing against you once might be an accident, but by the third time, unless it’s really cramped where you are, you can be sure she’s doing it intentionally.

Also, while you’re speaking with her, she’ll casually touch you on your hand or your thigh and playfully slap you after you’ve just made a joke.

And when you’re sitting together, your legs or shoulders naturally begin to touch.

If she’s okay with your knees touching under the table, you can assume she likes touching you and might be ready for more.

Remember, any sort of physical touch can be a clear sign she’s attracted and interested, especially when she may not be aware she’s touching you.

A brush of the hand or arm or frequent hugs is her way trying to tell you without words, especially when her touch seems to linger longer and if it happens in increasing frequency…

That it is definitely ON!

Another way to tell if a woman is attracted to you is when she notices you, she touches and fixes her hair, adjusts her posture, and sits up straighter.

Why would she do that? Because if a girl is attracted to you, she will want to…

Look attractive

Same reason why she twirls, fondles and plays with her hair.

Or when she flips, toss, and throws her hair seductively. It’s a very sexy gesture which draws a man’s eye.

What’s more, she’ll try to dress nicer or better when she’s with you.

She may wear more makeup and put on jewelry which study finds women use to draw attention to her body.

And why stop there?

If a woman is comfortable and feeling sexy, she’ll show a bit more skin if she’s attracted to you.

She displays her wrists, particularly the delicate inner skin.

She’ll tilt her head to one side to show her neck, touch her bare shoulders, and if she’s sitting down, move her hands on her hips or on her legs, using the movement of her hands to draw attention to her bare skin.

She may cross her hands to show she’s well endowed or leans forward to emphasize her cleavage.

Other times, she’ll unconsciously draw attention to her lips by touching it, pouting, or playing with her straw.

And when she unconsciously licks her lips at the same time her eyes light up when she sees you… you know it is on!

Additionally, as you begin to start a conversation with her, you’ll know a woman is attracted to you if she gives her…

Complete attention

You’ll notice her body language is all about you.

When she’s interested, she constantly leans in toward you as you tell her about that travel adventure you had. This usually goes with her knees and feet pointing in your direction.

You can see that she listens intently and nods in agreement often, and smiles a lot even if you’re not saying anything particularly amusing.

She’ll try to end sentences for you or rephrase your statements and may compliment your body, looks, or brains.

And because she’s interested in talking more, she’ll make an effort and try to keep the conversation going, even when it feels awkward and there’s nothing much to talk about.

What’s more, she responds with extended answers to your questions.

She may even find a reason to contact you afterward hoping a conversation will launch from there.


Because she’s curious and interested in knowing more about you. In fact…

She wants to know all about you

You know a woman is attracted to you if she inquires about your hobbies, beliefs, and interests.

If she asks about specific activities, it’s a hint she too is interested in some activities and wants you to ask her about them.

Or it’s a subtle indication she wants to meet up on another occasion.

And if she asks you to teach her something, she’s using that as an opportunity to get physically close to you.

Oh, and you should pay attention and give a closer look at the words she chooses to use during your conversation.

When she repeats your name, it shows you have embedded yourself deep into her mind.

And as she becomes more comfortable around you, she’ll start to imagine a future with you.

She might, unknowingly, start including you as part of her dialogue and may speak several times using ‘we’.

She mentions “things we should do”, or “how we have a lot in common” which is a subtle way to let you know, she’d like there to be a ‘we’.

At the very least, if she makes a future reference and says something like, “You do this and that? Wow, I’d like to see that sometime!”, then it is on.

Not only that, some girls who are into you may discuss things that excite them sexually to show off their wild side.

Women who are open about sexual issues may say things that are fairly overt and flirtatious and try to take the conversation towards verbal foreplay.

Other girls will also say things that she thinks will attract your attention even though it may not be in line with her personality or comfort level.

She’ll say things she normally would not say, things she thinks is attention-grabbing, sexy, or what she thinks a man would like.

Likewise, she may change her tone of voice to a higher, flirty, more childlike pitch or to a softer, more seductive, sultry voice — whatever she thinks sound more attractive to you and is more likely to get your attention.

More Signs of Interests

As you know, a woman’s signs of interests can be really subtle so it’s to your advantage to know and recognize a lot of the signs she’s into you.


What if She is Shy or Nervous?

If a girl is shy or nervous, she may act differently and do the opposite of what outgoing girls might do.

What’s more, unlike outgoing girls who may show interest outright, if a girl is too shy, her signals may be barely noticeable.

For example, it may not be in her character to match eye contact. But you’ll still notice some things in the way she sits, stands, and move while you’re around.

She may not hold strong eye contact, but she’ll look at you a certain way and, once she gets your attention, she will lower her gaze and look away.

Moreover, if a girl is a little nervous speaking with you, she may do some intentional or unintentional things like wringing her hand, fidgeting, fussing a lot over her clothes, nails, hair, etc

She might also smile a little too much or blush a lot more.

You’ll notice how, while you’re around her, she cannot help herself because she’s overwhelmed by your company.

However, you have to remember that just because a woman is showing a couple of these signs means that she’s into you for sure.

Don’t assume every
little thing means

On their own, these signs of attraction can mean nothing, but together (and with increasing frequency), you can assume you’ve captured her fancy.

Yes, it can give you a pretty good idea of a woman’s interest in you but…

How can you be sure it is definitely on?

As you’re aware, you won’t know for sure until she tells you so (or grabs you and kiss you hard while ignoring your protest).

So if you want to make sure a woman is attracted to you… you could always ask her and communicate with her directly

Now, don’t be alarmed!

Asking her directly could be a nerve-wracking experience because if you’re wrong, it can lead to a whole lot of embarrassment.

And you know what?

Most guys get it wrong!

They mistake signals of authentic attraction with signals of politeness, platonic interest or friendliness, and cultural habit.

In fact, a study found that men typically confuse signs of friendship with signs of romance 70 percent of the time.

And, as you’d expect, this causes a lot of guys to get embarrassed and turned down.

And leaves the women utterly confused.

So if you don’t want to rock the boat too early and want to make sure without asking her for verbal confirmation… here’s what you do:

Test her comfort with your physical proximity.

Find an opportunity to ease beside her and read her body language response.

Sit close to her, make sure your shoulder touches hers, and see if she move or stays.

If she’s not creating distance, tensing up, or becoming nervous, assume it is on.

You see, although most women will not move things forward (or make the first move), if she’s attracted and interested, she will rarely reject your advances to move things forward.

In fact, some will even try to match your escalation and reciprocate your physical advances.

This could be as simple as smiling at her and seeing if she smiles back.

Anyway, ask her if she’d like to grab drinks sometime, or just start with an innocent coffee with her.

You could also find a fun event or activity you both enjoy and tell her you’re going to check it out. Ask her if she’d like to join as though you’re going either way.

She’ll likely show some enthusiasm if she’s interested.

If you want to know more about the signs on how to tell if a woman is attracted to you…

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