Signs She Is Interested In You

Is she interested? How can you tell she likes you?

There are a lot of telltale signs of attraction that indicate whether a girl is interested in you are not.

Some are obvious; others are too subtle and easily missed due to certain social circumstances and cultural programming.

One thing is for sure:

These signals of interests exists!

And the moment you notice the signs that says she’s into you, you have to take action.

Don’t let it pass like most guys do if you want to meet and get to know her. Why?

Because that may be your only window of opportunity.

Don’t waste it.

It’s good that you noticed them in the first place, and that puts you already way above the rest. Well, the choice is still yours whether you want to approach her or not.

What are the signs she likes you?

As you may already know, women are more subtle and cautious as compared to you or me when it comes to these so-called signs of interests.

If you want a clear sign she’s interested so you can start the mating dance, there’s a very simple and direct way to know for sure she’s into you that leaves nothing to chance.

And we’ll get to that in a moment.

But if you want an easy way to know how to tell if she’s attracted to you, you can by paying attention to her behavior.

You see, if a woman likes a man, she’ll want for that man to notice her, to get his attention, to keep his attention.

That’s why if a woman becomes jealous, it’s a sign, a sign she’s a bit “possessive.”

It’s making her uncomfortable that the man she likes is spending time with someone else and not giving her the attention.

You know what else she does to get your attention?

What else could it be but her beauty and looks.

If she wants leave a lasting impression on you so you’ll only have her on your mind, she’ll make a lot of effort to fix herself up and dress well and look terribly good.

A sure sign a girl is interested is she’s making herself attractive.

But how do you tell it is you that she’s making herself look pretty for?

You’ll know.

If she wasn’t interested, you wouldn’t be in her mind and she wouldn’t be talking to you… a lot. And I mean she’s giving you extra attention and going out of her way to do it.

She’ll even call or text you first as if it’s not enough that she talks to you a lot so she makes it even more obvious if you’re the oblivious type.

She’s taking all this time spending on you instead of doing other things because it’s a sign she is into you. She’ll be around and you won’t be able to get rid of her that easily. Why?

Because she hopes something happens.

What’s more, she’ll also be talking about you and you can find out by asking her friends.

No kidding.

Girls can’t hold back talking about guys they like to their friends. So if she talks about you with her friends, she could be into you especially if all she talks about are all your good points.

Alright, back on how you tell if she’s prettying up for you.

With that, you can just talk to her and see how she responds when you compliment her on her looks.

I’m sure she’ll act all shy and feminine, be extra nice and eager to please.

She may even begin making jokes and teasing you or give you compliments as well — all good signs of interests.

Well, there you go, some of the signs she could be interested in going out on a date with you.

For a sure way to know she’s interested in you… it’s of course to approach her, talk to her, ask her out on a date.

If it turns out she’s not into, at least now you know for sure.

So either way, you should go and talk to her to see if you’re getting the correct signs of interest or if your eyes are playing tricks on you.(1)

Speaking of eyes…

It’s a given if she’s looking in your direction and smiling. You can clearly tell it’s an invitation to approach her and start a conversation.

That signal is strong enough for most guys to start an interaction.

You just have to be observant of your surroundings and always on the lookout for quick glances and the occasional “look.”

Of course, you can initiate this yourself, and see how she’ll react. You’ll usually know if she’s interested in meeting you in those few precious seconds.

Most of these “come hither” signals almost always involve the eyes combined with something to catch your attention like fixing her hair, putting makeup, and/or fixing her posture.(2)

These are often very subtle and she’ll do this if she knows you’re looking and if she’s interested in you.

These are what most guys often miss because they’re really small movements and most men don’t know they’re signs of interests.

But don’t despair.

A lot of these signs of interests are detailed in Undercover Sex Signals.

You’ll be able to get a more in-depth explanation from there and I suggest you take a look at it and some other body language books and materials to give you a clearer picture of what to look for.

On the other hand, if you want to know if she is interested through text, the answer can’t be more simple: She responds to your messages almost instantly.

And her messages are alive and ample.

In short, she doesn’t ignore you. Because when she does for long periods of time, you can almost tell she’s not interested in you anymore.

A who girl who’s clearly interested in you won’t do that. In fact, she’ll reach out to you when you suddenly cut off contact with her.

Now, when you know she’s interested in you, what do you do?

What do YOU want to do?

If you’re also interested, ask her out.

Asking her out is just the beginning as you’ll likely to get more signals of interests out of her if she really is into you.

So keep your senses sharp for these subtle signs of interests she hopes you’ll catch.


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