If you want your interaction with a girl to lead to sex, you’ll want to know how to create sexual tension. It’s what makes women think about you, do crazy things without judgement, and want to sleep with you.

It’s the anticipation you create to make them look at you with desire. It’s how you make them hungry for you, mouth-watering and all.

If you can create that kind of sexual tension where the girl looks at you with desire, you don’t have to put any work in to have sex with her. Pretty much how some girls see rock stars.

So how do you create sexual tension? Well, have your bases covered first. Be confident, be alpha, be a man. You have to be someone that’s worth way more than a homeless dude.

Once you’ve got that handled, creating sexual tension will become easier. You’ll only need to do little things to get big results like… using your eyes.

Eye contact, used the right way, can create massive sexual tension within a girl. If you look at a girl in a way that gives her some hint of sexual interests using your gestures and expressions, you’ll easily get a positive response.

Use this sexual eye contact whenever you want to create sexual tension. It may take a lot of practice at first, but it definitely works.

Be sure you’re having fun and enjoying yourself. It’s the playful way you use it to tease her and make the sexual tension rise. Don’t try too hard if you don’t want to come across as someone weird.

Just be careful with your teases. You don’t want to be hurtful or go too far that it will come bite you in the ass.

Use push-pull with your teasing and flirting. Do this if you want to make her chase you. Done a couple of times and she won’t be able to help herself but be all over you.

One thing you have to remember, though.

If you’re not in the right location to release the tension, don’t make the mistake of letting it disappear. Because once it’s gone, it becomes harder and longer to get the sexual tension back.