How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

flirt with a girl over text - girl with glasses
Flirting with her over text

If you can flirt with a girl in person, you can flirt with her over text. Though you lose some important things, you gain something else in return.

When you flirt with a girl over text, you get into the same playful dance even when you’re not in the same room. 

But this dance can be fickle since it can easily go wrong with one misunderstood emoji that can become a source of grief and confusion.

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3 Easy Ways to Tease (and Flirt With) Her

ways to tease and flirt
Ah, the power of teasing!

There are many reasons to tease but the one I like is teasing for fun and bonding.

Playful teasing strengthens the bond of closeness with a girl while you’re amusing yourself and … definitely avoids being boring. Why? Because teasing makes you a fun, friendly and interesting man to be around.

Add humor and excitement to your conversation and you’ll be able to attract women easily.

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Is She Flirting Or Just Being Friendly?

She’s flirting, right? Right!?

The line between flirting and friendliness can be confusing at times. If you fail to tell the difference, you’re not alone.

Flirty and friendly can look identical.

She’s laughing at your jokes, she’s touching you, and you’re having a good time with her but you’re not quite sure if she’s just being friendly or actually flirting with you.

Fact is, some girls are naturally friendly with everyone, no matter who she’s talking with. And it’s easy for some guys to assume this naturally friendly girl is flirting with them.

How do you tell if she’s into you?

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How to Create Sexual Tension: Turn Her On And Get Her Craving You

If you want your interaction with a girl to lead to sex, you’ll want to know how to create sexual tension.

After all, it is what makes women think about you, do crazy things without judgement, and want to sleep with you.

Sexual tension is that anticipation you create to make them look at you with desire.

Or as Wikipedia puts it:

Sexual tension occurs when one or both individual feel sexual desire, but the consummation is postponed or never happens.*

And that’s how you make women hungry for you, mouth-watering and all.

If you can create that kind of sexual tension where the girl looks at you with desire, you don’t have to put any work in to have sex with her.

Pretty much how some girls see rock stars.

So how do you create sexual tension?

Let’s explore some of the ways to build sexual tension with someone you like.

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How to Flirt with Women

flirting with women
Have fun flirting with women

Women flirt more than men. Why?

Because it’s fun and amusing.

So they flirt more and look for guys who can flirt with them.

The truth is we all know how to flirt since we were kids.

We are all natural flirts when we were young.

What is Flirting?

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