ways to tease and flirt

There are many reasons to tease but the one I like is teasing for fun and bonding.

Playful teasing strengthens the bond of closeness with a girl
while you’re amusing yourself and … definitely avoids being boring.

Because teasing makes you a fun, friendly and interesting man to be around.

Add humor and excitement to your conversation and you’ll be able to attract women easily.

With that in mind, one way is to tease her by challenging her in one way or another while displaying a leader-like trait.

Be one of them

Here’s how:

Challenge her on some of the things she says. Have that doubtful look and challenge her to prove her point to you. This will cause her to jump on the conversation.

Another way is to challenge her to accomplish something. This is more like a dare which will be interesting to her.

A nice example of this is when you make it a playful game when you do something together.

Just make sure it is playful and not competitive like thumb wrestling or a silly dance off.

Tease by accusing her.

Playfully twisting some of her words and meanings is another way to tease a girl. Just be sure to do this with a smile or an exaggerated tone of voice that clearly shows you’re teasing.

A good way to do this is to accuse her of hitting on you. Better yet, accuse her of being sexually aggressive.

She’s usually the prize to be won and is used to being the ones hit on. When you make it seem like she’s now trying to seduce you, you can…

create a powerful sexual dynamic

Another way to tease is by being observant.

Take notice of something about her, then give her a nickname based on your observation.

When you give her silly nicknames, be sure to focus on the positive ones like blondie, dimples, giggles, etc.

You’ll get a better result when you notice the little things about herself she isn’t even thinking about.

You can also point something out like when she does something clumsy. Tease her in a playful way to draw attention to it while not being a jerk about it.


treat her like a 4-year-old and
role play from there

Teasing is easy to do when you do it often with a lot of women. If you don’t consider yourself a good teaser, what’s below will help you tease girls naturally.

Teasing Made Easy (Key Secrets To Teasing Women)

When you’re trying to tease a girl, just relax and “be yourself”. No matter what it is, saying it with a smile (and a twinkle in your eye) is a playful and a good way to tease.

Remember to keep it on the positive.

Know how far you can take your teasing because there are limits to what you can say and do. A good way to know is to test out a few things… if you don’t understand where the boundaries are.

If you offend her or said something out of line, make sure you apologize, sincerely.

Pay attention to how she responds to your teases. You can tell a lot from her body language and tone of voice.

If she is laughing at what you are saying, then it’s all good.

Every girl is different, though. So try and notice the type of teasing she likes and go from there.

One way to approach this is to start light and go from there as the interaction moves forward and you get to know each other more.

Be sure to mix it up

Don’t tease constantly.

Listen when she’s talking about something serious.

When you weave teasing into the conversation, you can balance teasing with meaningful conversation.

Try out your own ideas based on your personality. Taking normal topics and making it ridiculous is a fun and playful way to tease her.

This will make you less predictable and makes the conversation a little more intriguing.

Hot tip: Involve yourself in the tease to create a “we’re in this together” vibe like this: “You’re a psych major? You’re probably reading my mind right now, aren’t you?”

Are You Ready…
Get good at teasing women!

Joke with most of the women you meet, it’s good practice.

Not only girls at a bar, you can also tease girls on dates, parties, and text messaging as long as the teases are light and non-sexual.

You don’t have worry about the quality of your jokes, just enjoy yourself while showcasing your personality and connecting with her with your playful teasing.

Make The Most Of Teasing and Flirting

Teasing is a critical part of flirting with women. It helps create massive attraction, take your conversation to the next level and shows you can enjoy yourself so she can do the same.

Flirting is about having fun and titillation.

It is amorousness for its own sake. It is light-hearted and mischievous, and one way that adults have fun that can be mutually entertaining and enjoyable.

So enjoy yourself and create a playful dynamic.

Take some chances. Don’t play it safe.

Bust her balls, sarcastically criticize her, make her feel vulnerable in a lighthearted way.

Make fun of her.

Exaggerate and be absurd.

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Laugh with her.

With that in mind…

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