How To Playfully Tease A Woman In A Conversation

Why do you want to know how to tease a woman?


Because it’s part of the game. And teasing can make an otherwise platonic interaction into an exciting and charged dance of attraction.

Teasing is a part of the process of getting to know someone as a potential partner. And anyone and everyone can be a teaser.

What is teasing

To tease is to make fun of a woman.

At the same time, teasing is a playful way of affirming interest while not crossing that boundary. In short, it’s a way to make a woman want you and, while simultaneously, see how much she wants you.

That’s why, in flirting, the implied intent is sincere; in teasing, the intent is insincere. (1)

Why you should tease her

With that out of the way, teasing is can be one of the fun things you can do with women. It doesn’t even have to make logical sense to make an emotional impact.

And some men don’t know how critical it is in attracting girls or advancing a relationship with the opposite sex and avoid when it fact it can be the difference between ending up in the friend zone or in her bedroom.

If you don not know how to tease a girl, you’re leaving attraction and chemistry to chance. You won’t make her feel anything if you play it safe.

There’s a reason why some girls prefer bad boys. It’s because they make women feel something. They’re not averse to creating a little tension.

You see, when you tease a girl, it means you don’t care if she leaves or stays. And most beautiful girls often don’t meet guys who are willing to challenge her. So this will make you stand out and get her attention from the get go.

So don’t be afraid to tease women; there’s nothing less exciting for her than a guy who’s willing to spare no effort to please her to get with her.

Tease a woman just right

When teasing works, some women won’t be able get enough of it, but that doesn’t mean you can overdo it — unless you want to get slapped in the face, that is.

Tease a woman just right, and you’ll get her jumping with excitement every time you’re around.

And get her attracted to you, quickly, if it’s your first time meeting and talking to her. And to do that, you’ll have to be socially adept and know your boundaries with what to tease a woman with. You can’t push a boundary if you don’t know where it is, after all.

For one, you can’t be teasing her sexually if you don’t really know her that much, or she’s not the type of girl to respond well to that kind of teasing. If you pay attention well enough, you’ll be able to calibrate your teasing with just the right blend.

You’ll have to balance it just right to get the best result like what you do with push-pull which works with teasing really well because when she sense that you don’t care if she likes you and doubts your interests in her, you’ll spur her to start to chasing you.

If you tease her with some compliment and then take it away at the same time, she’ll get crazy she won’t have enough of it.

Keep teasing playful and fun

Teasing only works well if it’s funny, since what you want to do is make her laugh hard or blush just a little bit. And it’s done better in the early part of the interaction during the attraction phase.

It will be easier if you know some banter you can use to flirt with most girls. You don’t need lines and lines to memorize, just some template to let you how teasing works. You may find some examples of great teases here.

You can make fun of her or something about her actions. Or challenge her in some serious kiddy competition. This lets her know something about you, that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that makes her relax. So keep it fun and she’ll want to spend more time with you.

Teasing is a fun way to create sexual tension so be sure you’re having fun and enjoying yourself. You can’t really tease women if you’re way too tense and serious. Doing that will just give you weird looks from girls if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you don’t think you’re comfortable with your humor, practice and improve your sense of humor. It’s been done before and there’s no special trick to it. Once you know its basic structure and understand delivery, you’ll be making women laugh easily.

Know that there’s a certain risk involved in teasing a woman. So when teasing a woman, be sure it’s playful not hurtful. Be sure it’s not unwelcome either.

Teasing isn’t meant to be mean, it’s meant as a challenge. And if done well, instead of offending her, you’ll make her laugh and be instantly attracted to you. The key is to sound challenging without insulting. It’s in the delivery.

In Closing

Teasing a woman takes confidence. You’re also showing her that you’re not always agreeable and you’re not the kind of guy who’s willing to put her on a pedestal.

Once you know how to tease a girl just right, you’ll be able to create sexual tension easily and get her chasing you. And when you can excite her, you’ll be able to stimulate her emotions in the right direction.

If you don’t want an interaction to just end with a nice meeting you, learn how to tease a woman. Master this art and take your game to the next level where you can instantly spark attraction in a woman.

If you’re not comfortable teasing a girl, that’s normal if you haven’t tried it before. If you can push through that initial slight discomfort, you’ll be able to tease a woman with less effort. And as soon as you can develop a deep intuitive understanding of teasing, you’ll be able to tease automatically.

Of course, you have to be an attractive man for all this to work for you. And you have to keep meeting new women regularly to make teasing a part of you.

As long as you’re teases are fun, playful, and challenging, women will be drawn to you, and more so if she’s a really beautiful woman.


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