Teasing is one of the fun things to do with women. Some can’t get enough of it but that doesn’t mean you can overdo it — unless you want to get slapped in the face, that is. Tease a woman just right, and you’ll get her jumping with excitement every time you’re around.

And get her attracted to you, quickly, if it’s your first time meeting and talking to her. And to do that, you’ll have to be socially adept and know your boundaries with what to tease a woman with.

For one, you can’t be teasing her sexually if you don’t really know her that much, or she’s not the type of girl to respond well to that kind of teasing. If you pay attention well enough, you’ll be able to calibrate your teasing with just the right blend.

You’ll have to balance it just right to get the best result like what you do with push-pull which works with teasing really well. If you tease her with some compliment and then take it away at the same time, she’ll get crazy she won’t have enough of it.

Teasing only works well if it’s funny, since what you want to do is make her laugh hard or blush just a little bit. And it’s done better in the early part of the interaction during the attraction phase.

It will be easier if you know some banter you can use to flirt with most girls. Just be sure you’re having fun and enjoying yourself. You can’t really tease women if you’re way too tense and serious. Doing that will just give you weird looks from girls if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you don’t think you’re comfortable with your humor, practice and improve your sense of humor. It’s been done before and there’s no special trick to it. Once you know its basic structure and understand delivery, you’ll be making women laugh easily.

Once you know how to tease a girl just right, you’ll be able to create sexual tension easily and get her chasing you. And you’ll be able to stimulate her emotions in the right direction.