3 Easy Ways to Tease (and Flirt With) Her

ways to tease and flirt
Ah, the power of teasing!

There are many reasons to tease but the one I like is teasing for fun and bonding.

Playful teasing strengthens the bond of closeness with a girl while you’re amusing yourself and … definitely avoids being boring. Why? Because teasing makes you a fun, friendly and interesting man to be around.

Add humor and excitement to your conversation and you’ll be able to attract women easily.

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How To Playfully Tease A Woman In A Conversation

Why do you want to know how to tease a woman?


Because it’s part of the game. And teasing can make an otherwise platonic interaction into an exciting and charged dance of attraction.

Teasing is a part of the process of getting to know someone as a potential partner. And anyone and everyone can be a teaser.

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