How To Use Humor To Attract Women

You’ve probably heard of it before, humor has the power to attract women.

It’s true.

Having a healthy sense of humor will make women like you.

Because using humor shows your fun side, your witty side, your attractive personality and confidence women can’t help but be drawn to.

So you should use humor, whenever you can, to attract beautiful, sexy women who crave for a good laugh and a fun company.

If you want to magically attract women, using humor to make her laugh can cause her to feel that emotion of attraction for you.

If you think you don’t have a sexy sense of humor, you can acquire it through practice and learning.

There are skills you need to develop (especially your creativity) if you want to be able to make a girl laugh.

First, understand that women get attracted to men for a very different reason. While men get attracted to women through her looks, women tend to feel attraction because of personality, power, confidence, and other attractive male traits.

Women are also attracted to men who can make them laugh. (1)

In fact, women value humor when they’re trying to find a partner. Because if you can look at the bright side and don’t take things too seriously, it makes you look like you’re on top of things. And humor makes life that much more sunny and easy for everyone.

And it doesn’t matter what your background is, you can unleash your sense of humor to make women attracted to you. You can make women laugh at any time and any place.

Make women feel good and make them want to be around you. You can do this by using the power of humor.

Using humor is the best way to make a woman comfortable around you. When you make her laugh, she’ll likely start touching you which brings you closer together.

If you can make her feel good, she can see herself having fun with you. Beautiful women don’t want to be around boring people (unless you’re a great provider).

Doesn’t really matter if you’re good looking or not, rich or broke, tall or short, making women laugh and getting them attracted to you can be achieved with the use of the right kind of humor.

The right kind of humor is not making fun of yourself and acting like a clown. You don’t also want to look like you’re trying too hard to be funny.

Sometimes, telling jokes is not the best way to go. Instead, use funny language and make the conversation interesting with your creativity. Tease her like the girl you used to tease in school and show her you’re not afraid to act the way you want around her.

You can also use the “cocky and funny” approach to communicate your attractive qualities without having to actually say them.

Most men have no clue how to do this and so they buy her dinner, shower her with compliments, and text her all the time. They do nice guy things that end up going against them.

Funny people are more intelligent according to science.

On the other hand, guys who are good with women are not afraid to make fun of her and challenge her in a charming and funny way. When you can interact with women like this, you’re displaying confidence, comfort, and intelligence. Research suggests a link between humor and intelligence. And according to a study, women are sensitive to humor as an indicator of intelligence.

Each of these, of course, makes women feel uncontrollable attraction.

Wherever you are, whatever situation you’re in, there are multiple inspirations for humor for you to use. That comes from having developed your power of observation and recognizing these funny triggers.

The steps can be as simple as this:

You can take a simple statement, add humor to make it funny, and watch the unbelievable emotional response you’ll get from a woman.

It can even come from what she says, or the question she’s asking you. It all depends on how you see things and interpret her words. It’s actually very easy once you know how it’s done.

You can also try copying what she’s doing and make it funny and hilarious. Girls do and say some funny stuff on their own when viewed from a man’s perspective. And it’s even more hilarious when you do it in front of them.

Of course, you can create situations where you can deliver the punch line that gets everyone laughing. It’s the usual kind of humor.

Humor is not always about saying something funny. If you want to make people laugh and enjoy themselves around you, even when words fail you, simply be funny.

It’s even more interesting and fun if you use more than words to make her laugh. In every interaction, the right body language is important. So use facial expressions, postures, gestures, noises, and playful pushing to make her laugh hard.

What you can do to get better at making women laugh with humor is to come up with a number of funny comments for common situations you find yourself in. Get used to telling them so it’s become easy for you to use.

It may take you awhile to figure out your style of funny but look back when you’re able to make other people laugh easily and the situations that cracks them up. Remember what worked for you in the past. It helps.

It all depends on how you do it, and not as much on what the joke is about. Knowing a thousand jokes doesn’t make you funny. A good sense of humor is about saying the right things at the right time to the right people. (2)

You’ll learn all this from high status humor. You’ll know how to set a fun and comfortable vibe where women gets attracted to you just by using your sense of humor.

The more you use humor, you’ll notice an amazing difference in the way women respond to you. You’ll find they want to be around you more and want to talk to you more. You’re able to create sexual tension and sets you up for a great interaction with a woman. This sets you apart from other men.

Remember, it’s all in the delivery. It’s how you make even the most unfunny things funny in everyday conversation.


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