Daygame: How to Talk to Women During the Day

Talking to women during the day is not the same during the night.

At night, the usual meeting place happens in bars and clubs where there’s loud music playing, a lot of background noise, and the energy level is much, much higher.

You’re usually pumped and jumping and dancing when you talk to girls at night.

It’s very different during the day.

Women during the day

In the day time, talking to women happens mostly in the streets, coffee shops, bookstores, train stations, and other public places where the vibe is more relaxed and casual.

Also, the women are in their natural state, not in their dolled-up and definitely not in their pretty night dress.

They’re more likely going somewhere, most likely work or school, and they’re busy.

You can be direct

So, you got to make the approach direct and not waste any of their time.

If you want to find a good excuse to talk to that girl during the day, it’s not hard.

In fact, you can start talking to a girl about anything.

Sure, you can talk about something random but it’s better if you can be honest about why you’re talking to her.

If you find her hot, she’ll be flattered if you just say that you find her attractive and you want to come and see who she is. Then introduce yourself and ask her to do the same.

With that, you can get a conversation going.

You can make an observation

You can also start with an observation of your surroundings or situation.

Some guys find something in what she wears or what’s in her hand and make a comment about it. If it is something you genuinely like and she feels it, this approach opens up a whole conversation on that topic.

Either way, go try going direct and genuine.

Get her attention fast

You have to get their attention fast, and keep it as long as you’re interacting with her. Don’t pay attention to anyone who’s watching or what’s happening with other people.

Don’t get distracted. Even when you’re talking to a girl on a train and people are laughing at you, making fun of you, pay them no mind.

Remember the elements of game.

Talking with her during the day

Once you’re talking to her, keep in mind that what you do to talk to girls at night might be successful during the night but may not work at all during the day.

But, you still got to lead and take the conversation to where you want it to go.

Use statements instead of questions at the right time so you can keep her talking about herself more. And listen and take in the conversation to raise her interest level in you.

The conversation can happen really quickly, you’ll have just around ten minutes to get her attracted and build some rapport.

It helps if you’re playful and your approach is well thought of while making it feel natural and spontaneous.

You can compliment and tease her lightly. Not as much during the night, though. And the physical contact can almost be non-existent. Just some handshake or friendly hug will often be normal.

You need to get her investing early on.

Ask her open-ended questions once you know she’s interested in the interaction. Even if she asks you a question, answer it quickly and then bring the conversation back to her.

If you don’t know how to get her attention, the opening to use, the question to ask her to get her to invest in the interaction, daygame blueprint should help you with all of that and more.

Small talk

If you don’t know what to say but you want to talk to a girl anyway, practice small talk.

You know, the kind of casual conversation you have with someone that’s neither deep nor complicated.

This starts a comfortable and friendly interaction. And you let the conversation happen naturally.

The more you can make small talk, the easier it becomes.

What’s more, it will be easier to know someone new because you will seem friendly.

And you can practice making small talk any time you want with anyone at any place about anything. Ask how someone’s day is while you’re together on the elevator or while waiting for the bus.

One of the best small talk topics to talk about is where you are and what you’re doing. When you look around, you can easily find something to comment on or something to compliment on.

Once you’re comfortable and confident with holding a conversation about something simple, you can then try more advanced techniques and make small talk sexy.


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