Complimenting a girl may seem easy, but if you don’t do it right, you’ll end up insulting her and saying something completely wrong which was meant to be a compliment.

It happens to most guys who don’t pay attention enough and neglect what’s really worth complimenting in a woman. You really can’t say a generic “applies to all women” compliment if you want to make a girl feel good about herself.

Because that’s what a compliment should accomplish. It should raise her self-esteem and not be used as something to manipulate her to liking your or getting your way with her with sweet words.

When you say a compliment to a girl correctly, it should boost her self-confidence. It needs to be genuine and sincere to make her feel valued and appreciated.

No matter how much women love to receive compliment from other guys, if it’s not something true and honest, it won’t mean much. It’ll lose it’s effectiveness and you’d wish you’ve never said it.

If you have something you like about her, don’t be afraid to say it if you honestly think it makes her special. Even the most beautiful women needs to be reassured and reminded of their “worthy of compliment” attributes.

Just be original on how you say your compliment.

When you say something she’s already heard before, it will only seem as insincere and unoriginal. But when you say it in your own way, you’ll come across as someone who pays attention and appreciates her.

Compliment her in great detail, describing what you genuinely appreciate and like about her. That’s how you correctly compliment a girl and make the compliment authentic and promote attraction towards you.

You compliment shouldn’t come from attempting to get a reaction from her, either. Give your compliments with no strings attached. The most powerful compliments are given without expecting anything from her.

If you want to get good at giving genuine compliments correctly every time, practice giving compliments to your friends when you notice something you appreciate about them.

This will help you feel a little less awkward when you want to compliment a beautiful woman. And it will help you generate some attraction and trust to any girl you give it to correctly.