How To Compliment A Girl

The best way to compliment a girl on her eyes, her body, her looks, her fashion, or her tattoo.

It’s how you compliment her

Getting a compliment feels good, doesn’t it?

It’s sort of like getting a social reward and has the effect of making you want to do better.

And you know what they say, behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated.

That’s why in good marriages, research has found that compliments outnumber criticisms five to one.

If you want to compliment a girl in a way that puts a smile on her face, keep reading.

Complimenting a girl may seem easy, but if you don’t do it right, you’ll end up insulting her and saying something completely wrong which was meant to be a compliment.

It happens to most guys who don’t pay attention enough and neglect what’s really worth complimenting in a woman. You really can’t say a generic “applies to all women” compliment if you want to make a girl feel good about herself.

How complimenting a girl can help to put her at ease

Because that’s what a compliment should accomplish. It should raise her self-esteem and not be used as something to manipulate her into liking you, or getting your way with her with sweet words.

When you say a compliment to a girl correctly, it should boost her self-confidence. It needs to be genuine and sincere to make her feel valued and appreciated.

To make complimenting a woman better…

  • Smile, make eye contact and use a warm voice
  • Compliment positive character traits
  • Be specific

And it’s better to begin with “I” to compliment in a heartfelt way rather than making a “you statement” that seems like you’re making a judgment.

So rather than saying, “You look __,” instead say, “I like how __.”

No matter how much women love to receive compliments from other guys, if it’s not something true and honest, it won’t mean much. It’ll lose its effectiveness and you’d wish you’ve never said it.

Telling her she’s beautiful won’t let you stand out and get her attention. Chances are high that she’s heard that one before from other guys. There are better compliments as you’ll see below.

If you have something you like about her, don’t be afraid to say it if you honestly think it makes her special. Even the most beautiful women need to be reassured and reminded of their “worthy of compliment” attributes.

Just be original in how you say your compliment and the things you compliment her on.

It takes awareness and consciousness to take notice of something praiseworthy in a girl.(1)

Why compliments work only if they are sincere

A compliment may backfire if it’s not genuine.

You can’t win a woman’s heart with dull flattery. It makes you untrustworthy, makes you look suspicious, and ruins a good opportunity to spark a relationship with a beautiful woman.

When you say something she’s already heard before, it will only seem as insincere and unoriginal. But when you say it in your unique way, you’ll come across as someone who pays attention and appreciates her.

Compliment her in great detail, describing what you genuinely appreciate and like about her. That’s how you correctly compliment a girl and make the compliment authentic and promote attraction towards you.

Your compliment shouldn’t come from attempting to get a reaction from her, either. Give your compliments with no strings attached. The most powerful compliments are handed out without expecting anything from her.

How do you compliment a girl you like

Your compliment to a girl you like should say you are attracted to her and that your interest in her goes beyond platonic.

A compliment you can use is “I love the way you __” on something she does and that you like and rarely see in a girl. So if you think her walk is confident and sexy, tell her so.

“I like your style” doesn’t seem like the best compliment for a girl, but if you say it a certain way followed by how her style is connected to her personality and interests, it can be very effective. Then you can segue into her hobbies after complimenting her for an easy conversation.

When you see a woman who caught your eye and who you’re excited to talk to, telling her with fascination something like, “There’s something about you..” can be one of the best compliments you can say to a girl.

Telling her a compliment she’s never heard of before, I believe, will make her eyes light up.

Even to a girl you’re already dating, the right words will make her love you more.

An example of this is…

When you compliment her personality and behavior in a way that makes her feel so much more special to you. A great compliment like “I learn so much from you” tells her you value her more.

Telling her she is more loving, caring, and thoughtful is a compliment you can only use when you got to know a girl a bit better.

Or telling her something as simple as “you make me smile” can mean many positive things and guarantee to make her smile.

If you want to let a girl know you trust her through a compliment, tell her how you feel like you can talk about anything and everything with her. This shows you appreciate your conversations and love spending time with her — and will melt her heart.

Why some women don’t take compliments well

Many women tend to discount compliments and make the interaction a bit awkward.

Some girls who may lack self-esteem may not be comfortable receiving a compliment. So keep in mind that even when you give a sincere compliment, her response may not be what you expected.

It would be better not to compliment a shy girl too much. If a girl doesn’t like compliments, don’t mention any as she won’t believe you. She’ll reject them and won’t want to hear them.

You don’t have to worry about it, that’s just the way some girls are.

Continue the conversation but stop the compliments before you make her uncomfortable and she rejects you.

The reason for this is a compliment contradicts her own self-view and belief system. This is how praise can seem more like a taunt than a compliment.(2)

However, not everyone who’s uncomfortable receiving compliment automatically means they have low self-esteem. That discomfort could come from a difference in ideological or cultural background.


If you want to get good at giving genuine compliments correctly every time, practice giving compliments to your friends when you notice something you appreciate about them.

This will help you feel a little less awkward when you want to compliment a beautiful woman. And it will help you generate some attraction and trust to any girl you give it to correctly.

In Closing

Compliments are like social lubricants. It makes a conversation flow smoothly, and if complimented correctly, makes a girl more willing to entertain your company.

Giving genuine appreciation is a good habit to have. It makes you feel good and optimistic. By appreciating the good things, you’ll keep good feelings and positivity flowing — an attractive trait to have a lovely woman would surely appreciate.

But be sure your compliments are genuine, sincere, and the more specific the better. When you love something about a girl, don’t keep it a secret.



P.S. You know what’s equally important? Receiving compliments.

A compliment is a gift. If you don’t receive it well, you’ll make the giver feel stupid. So accept compliments with grace — and a smile :).

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