How to Make Girls Laugh

make girls laugh
She’s laughing

If you’re able to make girls laugh, you’ll get some hearty side-effects.

Like what?

You’ll be able to easily attract women since you’re funny and women love men with sense of humor.

What’s more, every time you make women laugh, you’ll be giving them good feelings and emotions that, in time, will become associated with you.

You see, being funny and making her laugh is a great way to establish a connection with her.

Plus, when you can be yourself and enjoy each moment you spend with the ladies, you’ll be showing them that you are confident, relaxed, and comfortable around women.

However, if you want to be seen as high value, you gotta use the right kind of humor — the kind that attracts women.

These are great benefits of making women laugh.

Just don’t overdo it like a one-trick-pony who knows nothing else but to tell jokes and make fun of people.

You have to know when to be serious and when to defuse a tense situation with a good laugh.

And to make girls laugh, you need to be having fun and have a positive outlook in life.

It’s nearly impossible to brighten someone’s day when you’re gloomy and down.

Instead be someone who can be upbeat, happy, and can easily put smile on a girl’s face.

When you’re happy and easygoing, you’ll easily be able to tease, flirt, and banter with pretty girls. Being laid back and comfortable with yourself will be sure to lighten the mood.

You’ll be playful and face almost any situation with a smile while being funny and charming at the same time.

But What If I’m Not Naturally Funny?

If humor doesn’t naturally come to you, you’ll learn it if you put some effort in practicing and looking for funny things around you.

It’s not rocket science, but you do need some wit and creativity to pull it off.

If you want exercises on how to bring out your funny side, you can try this course on using humor to attract women.

It will help to allow your sense of humor to develop and shine through with consistent practice as each week pass by.

Once you can make anyone laugh, girl or guy, you’ll be able to use your sense of humor naturally every time.

And you’ll be able to tell if the girl you’re interested in is compatible with you or not. How?

Some girls like a certain kind of humor than others, and knowing this before you invest more time with her will allow you to move on, sooner if you like.

Since you’re able to make girls laugh on command, you don’t have to waste time on girls who are not compatible with you.

If you can’t make her laugh, she may not be right for you. Humor is an important part of life to release stress. If you can’t be yourself when you’re with her, who are you going to be then?

What Makes Her Laugh

Of course, you can find what makes her laugh, and give it to her. Different people laugh at different types of humor. What you find funny may not be funny to the girl you want laughing. You should feel out what type of humor she enjoys. Only then can you use the right humor for her that you think will make her laugh.

Take into account her personality. Ask her simple questions. Find out her favorite shows, sitcoms, comedians, or funny movies. This will give you an idea of what she likes as you get to know her.

Some will love sarcastic humor. Some will like dark humor. But you should start things out light and fun, especially if you don’t know her well.

Start subtle and see how she responds. If she responds well to any of your jokes, you know what she likes and can tickle her with your words on command.

Collect Funny Stories

It will be easy to make girls laugh when you can easily pull out something funny out of your pocket. You can do that if you start building a collection of humorous stories, puns, quips, and one-liners.

If you’ve lived long enough, you most likely have some amusing stuff that happened to you in the past. Dig it up if it makes people laugh.

It could be about you or someone you know, as long as it’s funny.

If there’s not enough humor to pull from your personal experience, you can draw inspiration from funny sources like comedians, comedies, and comics.

What do you do or say that makes your friends laugh? If you’re able to constantly make your female friends laugh, why are you reading this for? What could be better than playing to your strengths and using your innate style of humor?

Having something funny in pinch moments will save you from a few drops of sweat when it counts.

More Humor Tips

As is true with most things in life, not every joke you tell will crack her up. Sometimes your humor will fall flat. Don’t let it get to you, and quickly make another to get the conversation going.

Timing is important in humor. If you want to make a girl laugh and slip into her heart at the same time, picking the right situation to make a silly joke is everything.

Don’t force humor. Like with all things good, natural is best; and so is true with your humor. If you have a sunny personality, don’t force yourself into using dark humor.

You don’t have to be funny all the time. Sure, people love to laugh, but if you want her to take you seriously, you have to know when it’s appropriate to be funny.

Laughing together with a girl can make your bond with her stronger. Although you shouldn’t laugh at her expense, you can still make fun of her once in a while with cocky comedy to attract her to you even more.


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