How To Use Cocky Comedy To Attract Women

Women love men who can make them laugh.

Cocky comedy is one of the basic principles taught in Double Your Dating by David D. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you pick it up somewhere and give it a look.

Cocky comedy works simply because it takes advantage of how attraction is rooted on emotions women feel at certain moments. And if you’re the one who makes her “feel” those emotions, the attraction she felt will be directed to you.

You gotta remember, attraction is not logical and, it’s not a choice.

Attraction is not a choice

Attraction simply happens as an emotional reaction to whatever you’re doing or not doing.

And one of the things you can do to cause this reaction of attraction is to use cocky comedy or what David D. calls “cocky & funny”.

As you might have guessed, it’s using humor but, in a different way.

It’s basically this: You use humor in an arrogant, cocky way when you’re trying to attract a woman.

If you know what attracts women to men, you’ll notice that it’s more about your personality and confidence that really seals the deal. It’s the crème de la crème of attracting women.

And guess what?

Cocky comedy communicates your personality and confidence to women directly.

It combines those two things and blasts it out at her leaving her no place to escape. It’s certain kill, if you can do it right.

If you can use cocky & funny effectively, you’ll trigger her primal response that creates an instant emotional attraction.

When you’re out trying to meet women, you want to stand out from the general crowd.

If you interact with a woman with a slightly arrogant attitude with the right amount of humor, you can make her pay attention to you and creates sparks in the air.

You’ll showing her that you have the qualities she’s looking for in a man. You’re confident, challenging, witty — a total catch, all the while treating her…

Like a bratty little sister

So you treat her like you don’t care if she’s attracted to you and she doesn’t make you nervous no matter how cute she is. You’re comfortable making fun of her. And the more you do this, the more it becomes fun and exciting for her.

You separate yourself from the rest of the guys crawling on the floor.

Enough about that.

Let’s go to the good stuff already. Let’s poke some fun at the women you want to attract.

Cocky to funny

The concept is quite simple.

And the process even simpler.

Here it is: You just take any arrogant comment and, you guessed it, make it funny.

Think of different situations you usually find yourself in. Come up with comments you can use, rehearse them in your mind, so you can be ready when the time actually comes.

If you find it hard to be funny, that not a problem. Just follow the exercises in high status humor and you’ll develop your inner funny in no time.

When you’ve learned to be funny, just make it a bit arrogant and you’ve got cocky comedy.

Use cocky & funny and you’ll implicitly communicate to her that you’re confident, comfortable, funny and witty.

Now that’s an attractive combination!

When most men won’t even consider saying non-safe things to women they find attractive because they fear rejection, don’t be afraid to make fun of attractive women or challenge them… in a very funny and charming way.

You’ll notice an amazing difference in the way women respond to you. The more you get good at this, the more they will want to talk to you and be around you.

Opportunity knocks when you meet women who crave more fun in their lives that very few guys can deliver.

Remember, to make cocky comedy work, you must use it in the right proportion. Just enough cocky and enough funny. Go overboard in either one and you’ll ruin the game.

The perfect proportion tells her all the right things about you and attracts her like crazy. You’ll create attraction, mystery, rapport, tension she won’t be able to ignore.

If you want to succeed with cocky comedy, check out Double Your Dating immediately. You’ll get the best examples including lines and approach scenarios you can start using right away.

Thank you!

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