Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo

Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo

Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo is one of those books that offer a lot of good information about dating and relationship that you should have read by now (or at least heard of) if you been learning how to attract the women of your dreams.

David D. wrote this book based on his experience and years of research on how to get good with women. He read books, listened to tapes, and went to seminars trying to figure this thing out. The whole shebang.

And years later, he made a breakthrough by learning from the “naturals” (the guys who are naturally good with women and figured it out on their own).

What he learned from them, he tested and refined and put together into a system and put it all inside Double Your Dating ebook.

What really became famous in this Double Your Dating book is the “Cocky and Funny” concept. It’s about being funny but at the same time challenging at the verbal level.

But there are a lot more gold nuggets in this book you wouldn’t think of yourself. They’re simple to do and really fun when you use them on your way to dating hotter women.

It’s also a great book for beginners since it’s easy to read (you won’t let it go if you get started reading it). But don’t let that fool you into thinking that you won’t learn any advanced stuff.

Actually, this deals a lot more on improving your personality and attitudes towards women that will help you attract more women and to double your dating.

UPDATE: Double Your Dating is no longer available. But don’t worry… you can still double, triple, quadruple, or even 10x your dating if you become a badass at attracting women.

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