The Tao of Badass

The Tao of Badass book

Everything You Have to Know To Be A Complete Badass With Women!

The Tao of Badass will help you build you a solid foundation — the things that matter most — on attracting a beautiful woman.

This book packs a lot of valuable information in just 150 pages.

It has a solid psychology behind it, no fluff, and easy to understand.

In fact,  it almost feels like you’re reading a psychology book written for grade schoolers.

What it Means to Be a Badass with Women

By now you’re probably wondering…

What does being a “badass” with women even mean?

It’s actually quite simple.

Being a badass with women means… having control of your interactions with women.

It means you don’t just get “lucky”, instead… you create good situations with the opposite sex. How?

You’ll know in just a moment.


If being a complete badass with women sounds good to you, then be sure read everything on this page because you’re about to get blown away.

Who Created The Tao of Badass?

tao of badass joshua pellicer

Joshua Pellicer created The Tao of Badass.

He’s a dating and relationship coach who’s had students from all walks of life; from celebrities to average guys, and from high school students, to 70-year-old guys.

He has real experience and what he teaches is easy to follow.

He has quite a sad story actually. Before he became a “badass with women”, he was… just another loser.

Because of his girlfriend, he had to sleep in his car. And one night, he had his “wake up call” with an event involving two cops.

The Tao of Badass Joshua Pellicer

That event made him decide to take control of his dating life.

And after years of experience and testing to find out what works…

The Tao of Badass was born.

And it got…

Nothing But Praise!

I tried searching for something other than that with no luck. Most of his readers and students are pretty much satisfied.

A lot of them are impressed by what he teaches. And some of them have been following him for years now.

Is This For You?

If you’ve never been good at interacting with girls and you want to improve yourself. And you want to be a complete badass with women then, of course, this is for you.


If you want to trick a dame or mess with her then this is NOT for you.

Simple as that.

This is powerful information so only use it for good.

And if you want to know if the Tao of Badass works, Josh’s and his student’s success is the proof of that.

So, let’s take a look at what’s…

What’s Inside The Tao of Badass

There’s a lot of information packed in there so I’ll try to break it down here and give you just a few of the things you’ll learn…

Here’s the first and, I think, one of the most important things you’ll learn from this book:

You Can Be a Badass with Women!

tao of badass: every guy has the power to be a complete badass with women

When I first read this passage, for me it felt like… this opens the door, break its hinges, and sends it flying… far into the distance.

Alright, breath it in for a few second… let’s continue.

After reading this part, you’ll know about…

  • The specific reasons why girls are attracted to certain types of men. (And how you can mimic their secret qualities to make any lass like you instead.)
  • What you can do to attract the right kind of woman that will continuously be attracted to you.
  • The difference between male and female gender roles, and how your understanding of gender roles will be the deciding factor whether or not you are able to naturally attract the kind of woman you want.
  • Why attempts to show a girl that you are a “sensitive guy” is killing your chances with her.

The next part is all about…


All women agree…

tao of badass: men are attractive because they are confident

Here you’ll learn…

  • What confidence really is (it may not be what you think it is), what to do get more of it, and how you can project this quality naturally when you meet girls.
  • The ONE thing that influences your emotions and how you can command and control it yourself… to have more of that natural confidence.
  • The 5 Mind Hacks and how you can use them to make a girl uncontrollably want you.
  • A simple trick that keeps a woman from ever cheating on you and keep her by your side forever.
  • How to recognize beforehand if you are about to do something creepy and what you can do to to never do it again.
  • The mistake 99% of guys do to ruin their chances of any intimacy with a woman and how to avoid doing it.

You’ll get new insights as he traces confidence back to its roots, what he did it to catapult himself to rockstar levels of success with babes, and the simple steps you need to follow… so you can do it, too, and make women want you.

Then you’ll be introduced to the core value system.

This explains why the lowest levels don’t have any chance with girls. And how the highest levels are seen as leaders.

This is also the part where you’ll learn how to handle loud guys in a bar with ONE sentence, so you don’t have to compete with them for hotties.

What comes next is The System and…

Map of Interaction

This is where you learn The System that will teach you everything you need to know to be a ‘hit’ with women…

… and how you can create good situations starting from before you even meet with her, including some tips on how to develop any kind of relationship you want with any girl.

(Actually, you should already know some of this from the PDF on this page.)

You’ll understand the reason behind every move in the exact System he uses and explains each step in great detail.

You’ll also learn…

  • The consequences if you skip a step, like how you can end up in the ‘friend zone’ (and lose any chance you have of being more than friends) if you don’t do one little thing at the right time.
  • How to tell early if she’s putting you in the ‘friend zone’ (and what you can do to reverse and not let that happen, and instead, turn her on sexually toward you.)
  • The one little change you can do to your flirting to automatically bypass her logical brain and go directly to her emotions so she’ll feel attracted to you.
  • How to recognize the subtle signals (9 out of 10 men never see) and tell if a girl is chasing you. (This will turn you from being ‘someone she met’ to the guy she tells her friends about.)
  • The 3 little words that, if said by a woman, will actually make her more attracted to you… (and how to make her feel compelled to say them naturally.)
  • The secret used by dating coaches to ‘rejection-proof’ anything they say to a woman… no matter how extreme it is.
  • The questions to ask a woman you’ve just met and get her to spill her guts to you. (And read her like an open book.)
  • The 4 hidden factors to make a woman want to stay by your side forever… and how to do it perfectly every time.
  • How to “See The Matrix” so you can control your environment and make it work in your favor.
  • How to understand a woman’s “Filter Mechanism” so you can know them better than they know themselves.

You’ll also know how to act in each phase, how to tell exactly what stage a woman is with you by reading her body language triggers, and how to naturally move to the next stage with… ease.

You’ll also know how to handle things during seduction so it doesn’t fall apart right in front of your eyes.

You should remember the key points here especially the one on page 55.

It’s very important when you’re qualifying a girl because she needs to feel that she earned your attraction for her.

Use it to flip her attraction switches and make her want to have you.

That way, you’ll never view success with women as something that just happens to you.

And to do all that, you have to be proficient in…

The Approach

tao of badass: a man who has a strong and well-developed approach mechanism will approach women immediately and attract a greater number of them

You’ll learn…

  • What Approach Anxiety really is, how to recognize it early, and overcome it completely… so you’ll never be afraid to approach girls again. (Yes, it’s possible regardless of what you’ve heard).
  • Why being affected by rejection will actually cause you to get rejected more often and what you can do about it.

There’s also an important key here on page 81 about something that seems harmless but will absolutely destroy your chance of improving if you don’t see it immediately.

Then you’ll know about women’s natural behavior.

This is important as it will help you…

Passing Her Shit Tests

Tests are what women use to seek out certain types of men and examine them to see if they are truly confident.

It’s their built-in filtering mechanism.

Here, you’ll understand all about these tests and the real reason why a woman tests a man.

You’ll know…

  • Why you need to recognize these tests and how to pass each type of tests with flying colors and give her that feeling of attraction.
  • How to respond when a woman asks you to buy her a drink. (This will not only save you money but instead compels her to buy you a drink, and then flirt with you.)
  • How to react to a woman’s secret tests in a way that will give her a gut feeling that you are a confident and attractive man with plenty of options.

This is really good stuff. Why?

Because knowing how to react appropriately will prevent you from killing the attraction she has for you.

And we’re just getting to the best part.

Body Language

This is actually my favorite part of the book. Why?

Simple. Because this is where The Tao of Badass truly shines, where it’s very detailed.

tao of badass: body language creates attraction subconsciously

You’ll understand why body language is so important, how to read body language, and what you’re actually reading when you study body language.

You’ll also learn…

  • How to use your body language to speak directly to a woman’s emotions and attract her instantly without saying a word. (Yes, it’s possible and it happens more than you think!) Really powerful stuff.
  • How to read body language as a superhuman-like ability to read people and know their fears, desires, and secrets… instantly.
  • How to read a woman’s eye movements to tell whether she is lying or telling the truth, or if she is emotional about something and she doesn’t want you to know about it.
  • How to use the triangulation method to start a hot make out session with a girl… without having to make the first move.
  • How to know for sure that a woman is attracted to you regardless of what she says using the 10 signals of attraction.

You’ll also learn how to tweak your walk that will turn the heads of every woman you walk by, how to sit the right way so you don’t turn women off, and how to use the right tone of voice on each stage of the interaction.

You’ll also get to know the types of body language that those who haven’t read the book don’t know about.

And how confusing them even once will cause you to get rejected immediately.

You’ll know how to use them during each of the stages. And Joshua Pellicer gives very detailed instruction how to do each one.

With studying body language, you need to practice to master them.

Same with the next part called  “Creating Love” which is all about making a deep…

Emotional Connection

This is an in-depth rapport guide.

This is actually my second favorite part of the Tao of Badass book.

Here you’ll learn how to go into rapport and how to create love with anyone you meet. Along with…

  • The formula that shows you exactly how to create that real and natural deep emotional connection with a woman.
tao of badass: this formula will ensure that an emotional connection is made, even if you don't know how to naturally build it
  • How to create ‘your own world’ with a girl even in the most crowded or loud environments.
  • The 3 different rapport types, and how to choose the right one that will automatically have her thinking, “This guy is different…”

The latter part of the book shows you the 10 biggest and most common mistakes you can make with women that will cause her to turn ice-cold to you… even if you do only one of them once.

Then, Joshua Pellicer sums up all the important points nicely.

He listed the 25 most important qualities of someone who improves all aspects of his life and creates good situations, a badass.

When you get your copy, I think you’ll agree…

The information in this book alone is worth every cent.

But there’s more…

There’s More?

In the Tao of Badass members area, aside from the best-selling Tao of Badass ebook. you’ll get instant access to extra books, audios, videos, and coaching at no additional charge.

You can also chat, ask questions, gain insights, encouragement, and get direct access to Joshua Pellicer and other coaches in the members area.

Here’s a list of bonuses that you’ll get:

  • 5-Week Body Language Mastery Course. Step-by-step scientifically-proven body language methods to turn her on, bypass her defenses, remove rejection, and access her instinctual sexual cravings.
  • Bonus Area with tons of interviews and videos from some of the top seducers in the world. You’ll get a nearly endless supply of advice that answer most dating questions from texting her into bed to turning a woman on with just your walk.
  • Bonus Book: Escaping the Friend Zone. You’ll know the mistake that causes it and how to escape it using an easy formula in three phases.
  • Bonus Book: Monogamy Vs Polyamory. You’ll know 7 powerful rules to create an endless supply of girls, and how to avoid the number one mistake that drives women away.
  • Bonus Book: Breaking-Up Like a Man. Learn how to know if it’s time to break up, get over any woman fast, and a list of dos and don’ts.
  • Bonus Book: Never Get Cheated On. Know the 6 proven rules to cheat-proof a relationship, and a sure-fire way to find out if she’s cheating.
  • Unabridged Audio Bonus. All his books in audio format, with more than 6 hours of audio commentary where he speak to you directly about applying the techniques learned in the Tao of Badass ebook.
  • The Subliminal Inner Confidence MP3s. Powerful and proven messages to build your inner confidence around hotties. You can listen even while you sleep.
  • Module 1 of Hacking Attraction. Module one of the underground hacking attraction course where he breaks it all down so you can optimize your success with women.

It’s all digital download so you’ll have access to it almost immediately.

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Final Thoughts

The Tao of Badass is a rock-solid attraction book based on proven body language and psychology.

Every guy should have it even those who’re already in a relationship.

I recommended it to every guy I know. And they’re blown away by what they learn.

I like that it gives you these tiny little ‘tweaks’ which you can easily do yet… gives you massively noticeable results.

Although you won’t find any illustrations showing how to do the body language part, the explanation is clear enough that it’s easy to understand.

And if you want to see how it’s done, you just have to watch the videos in the members area.

It is packed with information, so you might need some time to let everything sink in.

And you still have the bonus materials available to you in the members area. So, I guess you’ll be busy for a while.

And by the time you finish applying what you’ve learned, you’ll immediately notice positive responses from the girls around you.

And if you think you won’t be able to handle all the attention girls will be giving you, this might not be for you.

Because when you learn to understand and influence social dynamics, you will see improvement in every area of your life that involves social interaction.

You will have control of your social interactions, romantic or otherwise.

Click Here To Be A Badass With Women »

Anyway, when you have access to The Tao of Badass…

Read it once, take notes and gather as much information as you can. Keep it handy so you can refer to it anytime you need a question answered.

Put it to good use and test it out as often as you can.

Learn everything, and you will be a complete badass with women.

And, you’ll have more girls than you can handle.

Be a badass,



Here’s what other readers have to say about The Tao of Badass:

Ben from Richmond, VA said: “I’m actually married and read your stuff partly because I have a few clients (I’m a psychotherapist) who struggle with how to get women in their lives… I prefer your book better than any other on the topic.”

Joe from Melbourne, Australia said: “The greatest discovery of my life. You pretty much saved my life (literally)… You’re a god send! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for your great effort in putting this stuff together. I’m just living a totally new existence…. Everyone’s reacting differently to me… I am truly free from my low self esteem.”

Chuck B from Iowa City, IA said: “I don’t feel alone anymore, I’ve discovered and cultivated a level of self-confidence that I have never had in my life, and my hope for future happiness is restored, whereas before I never thought I’d find happiness again… Oh well, you young whippersnappers can ever say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

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