How To Turn Phone Numbers Into Dates

Turning girls’ phone numbers in dates is about betting a girl off from your phone into real life. Whether you’re using an app or calling her on the phone.

If you’re getting numbers from women but they don’t seem to want to go out on dates with you, you’ll want to look at several things you do between meeting the girl and asking her out on a date.

Don’t sink into frustration just because you couldn’t convert those numbers into anything. Not a date, not even a response.

If you know how it’s done like the back of your hand when you follow the steps needed to successfully attract a beautiful woman — you’re attracting her and building a connection with her — the most likely issue you have is your phone and text conversations with her.

If you don’t want to turn this girl into another cold number in your contacts list, you’ll have to figure what you’re doing wrong and fix it so when you send her a message asking her out, she will say yes to meeting up with you.

To turn phone numbers into fun dates with each girl you meet, ask yourself…

What’s happening between getting her number and asking her to go out?

Could it be that she’s not talking to you or responding to your messages, dropping out in the middle of a conversation, or flaking before the date?

You see, if you want a girl to pay attention to your text messages, you have to make sure it doesn’t just get read, but actually gets her to stop for a moment and not ignore your messages completely.

Think about this: she could be giving out her number to other guys and going out with other guys if she’s really hot and has an active social life.

She’s probably getting so many texts from other guys pursuing her. As a result, she can most likely tell if you’re going to be fun or boring when you meet.

So you have to stand out from those other guys competing for her attention.

You see, we live in a world where there’s not a moment when we’re distracted. There’s always something going on that grabs our attention. And for a beautiful girl looking to have a great time all the time, messages from her social circle and other guys becomes a welcome distraction.

So if you don’t want to be shoved at the back of the line, you have to know how to spark her emotion in a way that makes you her obvious choice.

If you keep things interesting for her, make her laugh when you text her, she’ll be keeping you on her mind. And the competition for her attention will get weaker compared to you.

If you can make this happen, she’ll ignore all the other guys and give her full attention to you. You can even get her excited to talk to you.

If you’re only way to get in touch with her is through phone conversations, either by text messages or phone calls, you’ll need a sure-fire game plan to get her out on a date every time you want to ask her out.

You don’t have to waste time if you want to meet a girl for a date. You don’t want to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of small talk.

It’s a common mistake most guys make, trying to get to know her through text messaging forgetting to make a move. They forget because they keep analyzing each and every one of her text looking for clues and waiting for the perfect moment. This pointless conversation goes on until she loses any interest she might have had, gets bored, and ghost you.

You want to know quickly if she is ever going to meet with you or just wants to be your pen pal.

Before her enthusiasm fades and she starts sending boring texts with nothing for you to work with, make it clear to her what you want.

If the possibility of being a romantic partner slips her mind, you’ll be one of those guys who just happens to know her and slides into a “friend.” I’m not sure if other guys in her friend zone will welcome you warmly.

So you should be upfront with your intention and ask her out. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet her face to face.

Texting Rules

There are some rules you need to know and follow so you’ll know how to better use your phone when you need it to get dates. Though these rules are not to be followed blindly, they’re a good guideline to know when you don’t know what to do.

These texting rules include when to call her or how long should you wait before you contact her again after meeting her, what to do if she’s not replying or calling you back, and other things that will improve your way of using your phone with talking and texting girls.

If you want a complete resource for using your phone to get girls on dates with extensive examples of text messages you can use, you’ll want to take a look at magnetic messaging. It’s written specifically for turning phone numbers into dates and more.

In Closing

You have to remember that when you want to go out on a date with a girl, you have to give her good reasons why she should take time from her busy week to go out meet with you and not someone else.

There’s a reason she gave you her number or contact details. She could be interested in seeing you again.

I say “could be” because some women give out numbers to soften the rejection with no intention of going a date. She could also easily change her mind, woke up in the morning sober, etc. (1)

So instead of starting a long text conversation where you both lose interest in after something and goes nowhere, why not just get her out as soon as you can using the key lock sequence?

It makes sure your messages don’t get ignored but get better responses — easily turning number into dates using as little as three text messages to turn women on and get her out.

Anyway, dating is a numbers game. You don’t want to spend too much time on a girl who’s not going to meet you in person. And there’s no guarantee you’ll make a meaningful connection even if you meet with her. So it’s better to be quick about it so you can meet the right girl sooner.


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