The best way to get out of the “friends zone” is… to avoid getting there in the first place.

But the truth is… women didn’t put you in the friend zone.

You did.

You got yourself “friend zoned”.

You ended up being there by not making a move on her early on. And now you’re too scared to lose the friendship and make things awkward.


Avoid getting Friend Zoned

All you have to do is make your move.

If you meet someone you like, let her know you’re sexually interested in her. The important word there is “sexual”, because that’s the only difference between her friend and her lover.

But, how do you let her know you’re sexually interested?

Playfully tease, flirt, and touch her.

Don’t be afraid to show you’re a man with sexual urges. And you go after what you want (without making the girl uncomfortable, of course).


if you’re already deep in the friend zone…

… you have to do things a little differently.

How do you know you’re already deep in the friend zone?

Think about it and answer these questions: Is she’s too comfortable around you that she talks about other guys with you? Does she try to introduce you to other girls to date?

Well… if you answer “Yes” to both, that pretty much should answer your question.

So the first thing you do is.. stop doing those things with her and doing things for her. Stop doings things as her friend for a while.

Take a vacation from her life.

Then change something about yourself. Change your image. Meet new people and hang out with other girls. Maybe create some jealousy.

Do something different. Lift weights, try a new sport, or go in an adventure.

So when she sees you again, she’ll see you in a new light. She’ll see this side of you she has never seen before, and didn’t expect to see.

And when you do something together… change how you interact with her.

Spend more alone time with her and don’t talk about other women or other guys she likes.

Act more like a boyfriend. Hold her hand a little longer, steal some glances, and touch more than before.

Introduce some playful teasing. Gradually touch her going from friendly to more sexual.

Do this gradually so it’s not weird—you don’t want to shock her.

Do things slowly until the flirting becomes more sexual and she touches you more. Look for signs that she’s also interested. And if she don’t like it, she’ll let you know.

To sum it all up: You want to build some attraction… create tension… and then go for the kiss.

And one of these will happen:

  • She likes the idea of dating you.
  • She don’t like it and you remain good friends.
  • She says you can’t be friends anymore (which could only happen if you did something really stupid.)

Either way… don’t get yourself in the friend zone if you don’t want to. Don’t be the guy that automatically puts himself in the friend zone.

Make things happen and don’t be afraid to get rejected. Take the initiative and show interest and be honest with yourself.

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