To Become an Alpha Male, Here’s What it Takes

alpha male
Being an alpha male

Are you an alpha male?

No, I’m not talking about the the domineering, loud, and oppressive kind of male.

None of those traits have anything to do with being alpha.

The alpha male I’m talking about is the kind that… every guy wants to be, and every woman wants to be with.

What is an Alpha Male?

And how do you become an alpha male?

Let’s start with the first.

In social animals, the alpha has the highest rank, the leader of the group.

He’s at the top.

He has preferential access to food, activities, and mates. And he protects the group and takes care of them.

That’s his role. And it’s also where the term “alpha” originally came from.

In man’s social settings, the term carries the same meaning.

The alpha male is also the leader of the group, often the dominant male.

But he’s neither the strongest (or toughest looking) nor the loudest (as some would have you believe.)

So this tells you that you can only be alpha, if you remain true to the word, if you’re in a group setting.

That’s where the alpha male truly shines. You can’t lead if you got no one to lead, right?

So how do you become an alpha male whether you’re in a group or not? Keep reading…

If you want to be looked up to, respected, and “naturally” attract more women, then display the characteristics found in an alpha male.

You want to embody the following…

Alpha Male Traits

If you want to know what makes an alpha male alpha…

Start with the obvious.

Alpha males wouldn’t be alpha males without…

Complete Confidence

That means, being confident no matter the situation. Whether things are going for you or against you.

Your TOTAL confidence in yourself shouldn’t change.

Show your confidence through your body language and strong posture.

People can tell if you’re an alpha male by how you carry yourself.

Slumping your shoulders and bowing your head while you go about your day doesn’t display alpha male body language which is open, powerful, and confident.

Instead, stand tall and upright.

Letting go of any tension in your body and taking deep controlled breaths can help you project a naturally relaxed and confident body language.

Take a lot of room and use expansive confident gestures. Walk proudly into a room. And look everyone directly in the eye.

Have this presence of calm confidence and control which comes from inner strength.

Be relaxed and comfortable while being responsible and reliable.

When you talk…

Expect Everyone to Listen

Simply know people will listen and respect what you have to say.

It doesn’t mean talking a lot, but when an alpha male speak, he chooses his words wisely.

And he says what he really wants to say.

If you want to be an alpha, start owning your intention and be direct with what you want to say. Don’t hold back, hesitate, or bail out too early, showing lack of confidence.

Know who you are and express your personality.

Use playful confident humor or high status humor, and smile with genuine pleasure, and not be sarcastic to others.

Easily joke with women, but know when it’s no longer appropriate.

And if you want a simple method to becoming an alpha male, don’t rush your words or speak in a tensed pitch.

To sound like an alpha male who is sure of himself, talk in a relaxed, steady pace in a controlled pitch.

As you know, an important aspect of being an alpha male is…


Take the lead when appropriate.

If you’re talking to a girl, lead the interaction. Don’t wait for her to take things to the next level. Get the ball rolling yourself.

Another way to do it is to make decisions for the group. Or make choices that affect everyone in the group.

Lead, take charge of the situation, and do it well.

And simply be the kind who people choose to follow.

Build other up and do not put them down. The alpha male help other men succeed.

He doesn’t care about how he compares to others or what others think because he knows his true value that comes from within.

There’s More!

Listen. The alpha male spends more time listening than talking. Listens actively, attentively, and without judgment,

Naturally, people will open up to you and trust you entirely.

Be honest. The alpha male has integrity. Be exactly who you are all the time.

Act with dignity and integrity at all times and in everything you do. Do what you say you will. And be who you are even in the face of social pressures.

Dress well. Look better and stand out. Wear clothes that fits well and feel comfortable. Get fit and stay in shape.

Be ambitious. Have goals, plans, and work to achieve those plans.

Have boundaries. Let people know what you tolerate, let them know your limits but be subtle about it.

Stand up for yourself and don’t let others push you around.

Control your emotion. The alpha has great emotional strength and deals with his emotions the right way and at the right time.

If that’s not enough… a simple way on how to be an alpha male is to emulate other alpha male.

Watch how they talk, stand, act, how they look, and what clothes they wear.

Even if you know what an alpha male is all about…

Becoming an alpha male takes time (if you just can’t see yourself that way). It takes time to be confident, to earn respect, and develop inner strength.

Being alpha comes from the vast inner strength which oozes out as strong physical presence (confident, cool, and charming).

It comes from his psychology and behavior. Being self-assured. And knowing what he wants and going after it.

To sum it up: Be high value, and take charge of your life.

That’s how you become an alpha male without even trying.

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