Using the right body language is essential in attracting women. The right body language is attractive body language.

What does it look like?

Think of a confident man. Imagine a guy in a tuxedo. Picture James Bond. Watch the way he stand, walk, and move.

That’s the…

body language that attracts women.

Body language is everything you do to communicate with your body. That means all the non-verbal communication is body language. That leaves only your words which is roughly just 7% of all communications as verbal.

Do you see now how critical it is to have an attractive body language?

It’s the first thing that creates first impression before you even meet a woman and say something to her. And once that first impression is made, your verbal communication can do very little to change that.

What makes this even more important is that… women can accurately read your body language unconsciously (without giving it much thought). It’s an automatic and built-in skill they have that allows them to know what you’re really feeling.

So you can’t hide what you’re really thinking most of the time. That’s also where a woman’s intuition comes from.

But this also makes it simpler for you to attract women.

Just show her your attractive body language to attract her. You’ll have this effect on them that’s positive and powerful, pulling them closer to you without you even doing anything yet to make them stay.