Getting a woman to like you may sound simple enough.

And it is.

If you eliminate anything that would raise a red flag, you’ll have a higher chance of her liking you without much effort.

That means, don’t be desperate, don’t act needy, and you won’t be unattractive.

Then after that, all you have to do is make yourself valuable enough in her eyes.

Doing this allows you not to be ignored.

She’ll take notice.

And she’ll begin to like you even before you know it.

Getting a woman to like you is a matter of showing your good and lovable side to her so you don’t give her the chance to push you away because of your not so good qualities.

It’s about…

putting your best foot forward

On the active side, every woman wants to be treated like she’s special and unique.

And that’s how it should be because she’s unique and special in your eyes. Sometimes a simple compliment can be very effective to make her smile.

Just don’t overdo it.

Women likes a man who can make them laugh.

That goes without saying that humor is an essential part of getting her to like you.

If you can make her laugh without seeming like a clown performing a show for her, she’ll like you even more.

Essentially though, being a man who naturally attracts women is the ideal way to get a woman to like you.

When you have your “core” taken care of, all things will fall into place and attracting women won’t be anything close to challenging.

That’s something every man should strive for.

Forget the pickup lines and sneaky tactics. Just be the guy she can’t help but like.

That’s way better in the long run, right?