How to Attract a Woman Without Talking

how to attract women without talking - girl making eye contact
How do you get her attention without saying anything?

As you know, crafting the perfect opening line to get a woman interested and attracted is almost like trying to find gold in the Pacific ocean.

So to take the pressure off, wouldn’t it be great if you can attract women without talking.

Well, you can.

And you should.

Most of the attraction happen before a word is spoken anyway.

Keeping the intro short, here are some ways you can use to attract any girl you fancy without impressing her with the right words.

Look good and shut up

First, start with how you look.


Because it is one of the initial things women take notice of.

You should put some effort into dressing well if you’re not already because women always notice how well (or not) a man is dressed.

Don’t worry about buying expensive clothes to have a big impact.

Just show that you got
your life together

You want women to notice that you look fresh, clean, and rested. So try to be fit and healthy.

Sharp looking shoes, trimmed fingernails, and a well-managed hair can already go a long way in giving women a good first impression and starting the attraction going.

Wear wrinkle-free, well-fitting clothes that look best for your body type and wardrobe that reflects your personality.

And be sure to dress for the occasion; how you dress in a club is different if you’re going to a library.

However, even if you got the look part right but…

What your body is saying

… is all wrong, you might as well be naked.

You see, body language can tell a lot about you.

It reveals how secure (or insecure) you are and if you have that confidence everyone senses when you walk into a room.

To attract women without talking, just show that you’re comfortable with the world and yourself.

When you’re standing still, mind your posture while still looking relaxed.

Hold your chest up, your shoulders back, and feet shoulder-width apart. Hands off your pocket; keep them on your sides. And raise your head up while you smile.

When you’re on the move, be aware how you move around and have control over your body language.

Walk slower but with purpose and direction as you keep your movements controlled. That means avoiding any swift and excess movements like fidgeting.

And if you want to come across as powerful…

Take up space as if you are
marking your territory

Don’t be afraid to express emotions physically. Pat your pals on the back. Hug and shake hands when you meet your friends.

If you want a specific girl to take notice, your best choice would be…

A glance with a smirk

Eye contact allows you to communicate many things without saying a word, depending on how expressive your eyes can get.

Making quality eye contact shows confidence. Add a smile and you instantly become a warm, friendly guy.

If you hold her gaze until she is the one who breaks away, this shows you have a dominant character.

Additionally, holding her gaze longer creates some connection between the two of you.

If you’re not interested in her, avoid looking downwards. Look to the side, instead.

If you want to look around, don’t be afraid or nervous. And if you’re nervous, take a deep breath and relax to slow down your eye movements.

Being relaxed and open is the kind state you want to be in.

Although sometimes, if you really want women to notice, sitting around and waiting isn’t effective as making yourself noticeable.

That’s where those around you become useful as a form of…

Social proof and pre-selection

Show that you can make friends, that you are socially friendly and…

A guy who gets along
with everyone

So talk to anyone who is around and have fun with your friends. Be easy to approach and start conversations.

Participate in the discussion and be active in the interaction.

Smile and banter casually because when you’re in a moment of just having fun, laughing, joking, and feeling great, you create a vortex of fun and a positive vibe.

This is the type of enticing energy
women wants to be in

Therefore, focus on having a good time. Keep that smile on your face. And have fun and enjoy yourself.

Sooner or later, women will notice that you get along with everyone and may want to join in on the fun.

This also shows you’re confident, friendly, and are able to handle yourself in social situations–traits women find attractive.

However, if you want to cause a storm of attention…

Surround yourself with gorgeous women. This is always a great way to stand out. And proves beautiful women want you around.

You can easily get other women curious and interested because they can’t help but wonder, “What makes these other women want to be with you?”

As you can see, attraction isn’t conscious.

It can be triggered by the right visual cues.

And the good news (or bad, depending on how good you are with it) is…

Communication is mostly non-verbal

So always have a smile if you want to be seen as non-threatening, warm, friendly… and confident.

Use the right amount of eye contact. Maintain it just enough but not too much. (Don’t be creepy.)

Attracting women without saying anything may take time to master so practice every time.

And because body language can only get you so far, you’ll eventually have to start using actual words as well.

But before you sally over, be aware of her subtle signals if you want to know if she’s interested and is willing to listen to what you have to say.

Like… if she’s in your close proximity and she’s been there for more than half an hour, seemingly waiting for something…

Then when you look at her, she looks away instantly, gives a small smile, adjusts her hair, or nudges her friend, you should know what to do.

Where to go from here

If you want more simple body language tweaks and a complete attraction system you can use to get all the girls you can handle, check out The Tao of Badass.

Click here to check it out now!



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