51 Amazingly Simple Tips For Attracting The Women You Like

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The woman you want to attract doesn’t have to be this hot for these tips to work for you!

Attracting women can be made simple and effortless.

With that said, below are some of the tips you can use to get a girl’s attention and make her want you.

If you can fully grasp some of these secrets to attracting women, you’ll know how to attract women and get her interested in you.

Well, here they are:

  1. Attraction is an emotional process. Since it is based on emotion, when you make a woman experience what she wants to feel, she will be attracted.
  2. Don’t try to be impressive because it’s not about how hard you try but more on things you do without realizing.
  3. Be calm, confident, and strong. You can’t give women the feeling of safety until you feel safe and secure yourself.
  4. Women are not interested in dating men who seem below themselves.
  5. Women are attracted to men who make them feel a certain way.
  6. Groom your hair and trim your nails. Women notice if you take care of yourself.
  7. The way you elicit emotion in women will determine the quality and quantity of the relationships you have.
  8. Assume control. Don’t let her lead the interaction. Women want to be lead.
  9. Women are unlikely to let words influence their level of attraction for a man.
  10. The way you pursue women will determine the type of woman you end up with.
  11. Attraction works differently for women than it does for men.
  12. Attraction stems from who you are. It is not about what you say; it’s about who you are and how you come across.
  13. An attractive man is very aware of his sexual nature and confident about his intentions. He’s not afraid to show women what he wants.
  14. Attracting women is about being an attractive man. And it mainly comes through passive traits. You should develop those passive traits.
  15. Women are attracted to personality traits and behaviors like confidence, charisma, humor, and social intelligence.
  16. Women are attracted to whoever will give them what they need in their life at that point in time.
  17. Attraction is not just how you interact with someone you want to attract, it is how you interact with world around you and how they see you interact with others.
  18. Women look for a man who is both a provider and a protector since the days of the cave man.
  19. Don’t think it’s hard to attract women. Attracting women is not that difficult or hard; it can be effortless and natural.
  20. Women wants a man who can make her feel like a real woman.
  21. Women are attracted to the effortless and effective men. You don’t have to work and work to try attract women.
  22. You can’t convince girls you’re attractive or talk your way into attraction. Telling women about the hot women you’ve dated, how you travel to exotic places, or how many expensive stuff you own will not change how she feels about you.
  23. It’s not about words. It’s about you. The words you say matter far less than the man you become and the moves you make.
  24. Stop focusing on trying to attract certain people and start focusing on how to become attractive in general.
  25. To be an attractive man, work on getting it the way you want until you forget about it completely. Then it will become the way you are naturally.
  26. Your perception of yourself around women determines whether you are sexually attractive or not.
  27. Women are attracted to potential status as much as they are attracted to status itself.
  28. A guy who lives his life for himself and doesn’t wait for anyone to make him happy is attractive to women.
  29. Girls love it when you smell amazing. Keep your body clean and add a nice scent but make it subtle.
  30. Most girls notice what kind of shoes you’re wearing. Shoes tell more about you than all your clothes.
  31. Shut up and listen. Showing you’re interest in what she’s saying will make her interested in return.
  32. If you want to set yourself apart from all the other guys she’s met, do fun things she doesn’t get to do with anyone else.
  33. Avoid boring topics of conversation like work, politics, or anything depressing.
  34. There’s no excuse for failing often early on your approach. Learn how to handle the first 30 seconds of the approach. Know what to say and how to say it.
  35. Unless women are clear about your intentions, you’ll be placed in the “friend zone”.
  36. Actively filter women. Get her to prove to you that she’s cool and interesting.
  37. Girls want a man who can make them laugh. Humor will attract women, no matter what type of women you’re dealing with.
  38. Have standards and date only women who make you happy.
  39. Don’t aim to impress women. Do what you like instead of doing what you think she’ll like.
  40. Women loves a man who knows what he wants and goes after it. So go after what you want and without apology.
  41. There may not be any attraction the first time she meets you, but it can grow as she gets to know you. And vice versa.
  42. Women can tell if you are confident just by your body language.
  43. If you want to be one of the few who understands her, look past the wall most people put up and talk to her true self.
  44. Showcase your wit and intelligence. The better conversationalist you become, the more women will be attracted to you.
  45. Women like confident men. Have the balls to approach her, make her laugh, and go for the kiss.
  46. Rejection is natural part of the game. Don’t get hurt or disappointed. Accept that you will be turned down by a lot of women regardless of what you do.
  47. The more you wait, the more time you have to make mistakes (or another man steps in and steals her away.)
  48. What women prefer is not the same as what they feel attracted to.
  49. Let her experience your confidence, even if she’s playing hard to get. Be a confident man who goes after what he wants and move things forward with decisiveness.
  50. Women will give you hints and suggestions if they want you to approach them.
  51. Every women want a different experience. Some wants to feel alive and excited while some want to feel safe and secure, others want a depth of connection and be appreciated and feel important. Not all want spontaneity and excitement.

There you have it!

These may not be much but hopefully, these tips can help you get better at attracting women easily.



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