Best Ways to Get Better at Attracting Women

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Becoming better at attracting women by the way you talk and act is a process.

How long it takes depends on how dedicated you are in that process.

You’ll have to spend some time learning and put what you learn into practice.

Here are some simple pieces of advice which you can quickly learn. Be sure to keep them in mind as you practice.

  • Women are most attracted to the kind of man who has these attractive male qualities. A man who is confident, self-assured, a recognized leader, protective, and reliable is attractive to most women.
  • If you want to have a physical relationship with a woman, start early. Becoming physically intimate with her later will become much harder when you’ve not put in the groundwork earlier on in your relationship. This is true in most cases.
  • Social proof is powerful. Let women know that you have a good circle of friends. Tell stories and show that you are socially intelligent and experienced in a way without showing off.
  • Don’t be outcome dependent when talking to women. Just enjoy the conversation.

These will be extremely useful when you’re out there practicing, meeting women, and getting better.

Be sure you stick to the core principles of attraction and seduction as you learn.

And, as you’ve probably guessed, the best way to learn about attraction is through experience.

Neil didn’t write The Game and become one of the best by reading books and getting information from the internet alone. He got deeply involved in the seduction community.

You see, information is only a start. Only when you put it to use can knowledge be considered truly power.

If you want to get good at talking to and attracting women, get out there into the real world and…

Start Practicing!

It’s your only way of having any real chance at success because women are not going to come to you.

Therefore, get into places where you can find lots of women and go to work being sociable.

For example, start conversations with women during the daytime. You don’t have to worry too much about attracting her as you’re getting started.

But do focus on the tensions that arise between you and her as you talk to each other. Notice her body language and see how her behavior changes when you change yours.

If you don’t have any idea what to talk about with a girl, ask what they find attractive in men.

Learn what you can from them. Compare what women tell you about what they like men to be like with what you know about what women want and need. Don’t expect any of their answers to match up.

You can, of course, offer the male perspective on things.

At least one night a week, pick a nightclub or somewhere with a lot of people.

Approach a few groups.

Again, you don’t have to worry about attracting any women. Just be friendly to everyone, including the men. Be interested in what they tell you like it’s music to your ears.

Focus on integrating yourself into the group.

This is going to be one of your
most important skills

Another great way to learn and improve is to find a friend or someone who is good with women and become his shadow.

Absorb everything good that you notice about what he does. Be right there as he talks to the girls. If you don’t know anyone who is better than you, then find someone. Make some new male friends.

Don’t rush

A lot of men make getting a girl’s phone number or sleeping with her their only goal when they go out.

Start smaller.

Take it one step at a time.

Set small, easy goals and achieve them before thinking about what your next goal will be. Break down what you need to do to sleep with a woman or to get her number.

Clearly, starting a conversation with her should be your first goal.

If she’s in a group, one of your goals should be isolating her from the group only once they’ve laughed and are on your side and you’ve had a short, fun conversation with them.

It’s no big deal if you don’t manage to achieve your small goal. Just make a new one. Do what you need to do. Again, without being outcome dependent.


This one is important if you
want to get good quickly

If you think being attractive is a state of mind then the more time you spend in that state, consciously doing and saying the things you know are attractive, the more naturally you’ll inhabit that frame of mind.

It will stop being an effort attracting women.

What does that mean?

It means to always be on.

It means to practice everywhere because the more you do, the easier it becomes.

So when you are paying for something, charm the checkout girl like you would a girl in a nightclub on a Saturday night.

Do that often enough and you’ll be like a shark in the sea.

You see, there are some guys who genuinely don’t care when they’re faced with the prospect of conversing with one, two or any number of women.

What do you think are their secret?

It is the experience.

And not just experience with women,
it’s all kinds of experience

You today is not the same you yesterday because every experience changes your brain in some way. Even now, as you read this sentence, your brain is being rewired.

Subtle and undetectable, you are becoming a different person with each new experience. And the bigger and more memorable your experiences are, the more you change.

This is important to attracting women, how?

Because the more experiences you have, the more interesting you become as your personality becomes solid and more complex.

You know more because you’ve done more. And because you’ve done more, you’re more capable of handling yourself in a variety of situations like… conversing with one, two, or any number of women.

So always strive to experience new things if you want to build your character and personality and be able to walk almost anywhere and feel totally at ease.

Again, the more you do,
the simpler it becomes

If you want to get good and get good fast at attracting women, start practicing while following the core principles of attraction and seduction. Start small and gain experience of all kinds.

Always be on and practice everywhere.

Remember: Taking the plunge is the best and fastest way to learn how to attract women.

If you wanna know how someone else did it as a reference, you can read The Game, The Natural, and others on the attract women books list.



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