What To Talk About With A Girl (On The First Date And Beyond)

what to talk about with a girl

What can you talk about with a girl?

If you answered anything under the sun, then you’d be wrong.


Because there certain topics you don’t want to talk about too early in your interaction with a girl (or even on the first date).

As a rule of thumb, anything that is sensitive or depressing that will either make the conversation awkward or too serious should be avoided like a bad-smelling hobo.

Certain topics can only be brought up after you’ve known each other for a while, so…

Get To Know Each Other First

When you’re talking a girl, it’s not “what” you talk about that’s important, it’s the how, especially so when you’re trying to get a feel for each other.

Your initial conversation with a girl can be short and easygoing, no matter what subject you choose to talk about.

So remember to always keep it fun and playful.

When you want to know about someone for the first time, you usually ask where she’s from or what she’s doing now.

And these are normal things to talk about.

Then you can fill the void with anything you or she finds interesting.

But you should get her to think about spending time with you in the future… about having some fun adventure… so you could spend more time together.

And you should be the one leading the conversation so you can steer it away from becoming boring and mundane.

During this time, you don’t want to make her feel nervous or uncomfortable with you by asking predictable “interview style” questions—something you want to avoid in all your conversations.

Instead, you want to keep her happy during this time so she’d spend more time with you.

Talk about lighthearted topics that makes her laugh and smile.

You can easily make her comfortable around you with funny stories and fun conversation.

And even…

On The First Date

… don’t forget to bring your funny stories.

But here you want to talk more about interesting details about yourself like your talents, passions, and ambitions.

Of course, you also want to know those things about her so you can get a better picture of what she’s like.

Find things in common with her without being too eager about it.

And “slowly” reveal your life using stories about your childhood and growing up. And eventually she’ll share hers and do the same.

You’re doing this to form a bond with her… with every story, statement, or question.

Here’s some more…

Topics You Can Talk About With A Girl

Here are some ideas for topics you can talk about with her:

Talk about places you been or want to go to.

Travel is always an excellent conversation topic… especially if you’ve been to some interesting places.

And you have some interesting stories that goes along with them.

Then ask her where the most exciting places she’s traveled to and what she liked about it.

Or get her imagination running by asking her where she would go if she doesn’t have to worry about any responsibilities.

Talk about your passion or purpose.

Women want to know that their man has some purpose in their life… that you have a future she’d want to be in.

Talk about what you’re interested in and let her see the real you. Let her feel your passion and invite her into your world.

You can also talk about your family.

Tell some stories about your brother, sister, or your favorite uncle.

Or any member of your family with an interesting story.

But don’t just talk about yourself.

Talk about her hobbies.

Things she do in her past time, activities she enjoys most and anything that excites her.

Find something she can talk about for hours without end.

It can be a breath of fresh air for her if you show genuine interest to her dreams and goals and passion.

And find topics that interest her and talk about that.

Learn to get a feel of what kind of topic gets her excited and know how to steer the conversation to what she wants to talk about.

Listen to her for specific words that leads to topics you can talk about.

It could be about relationships, foods, movies, music, fashion, books, current events, etc. And ask her for recommendations.

Find out her favorites, crazy things she’d done, or the place she grew up.

Show genuine interest in her and she will remember how you made her feel.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Prepare Your Own

If you don’t want to leave it to chance, create a list of things you want to talk about with her or the things you want to know about her.

Think of topics that create feelings and emotions like those found in personal stories and life experiences.

And showing a little vulnerability will make her feel like you’re genuine and sincere.

These builds strong trust and comfort with women so you can move on to the second and third dates.

Then after you’ve really known each other and there seems to be nothing that can shock you or her… feel free to talk about anything under the sun.

Be sure to practice your conversational skills if you want to improve the quality of your conversation with women.

And if you want to know how to use “techniques” hidden from everyone else… you can find it in make small talk sexy.

And lastly, see here how you can get more great tips and secrets on how to attract women.


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