How to Avoid Boring a Girl Out of Her Skull

beautiful girl bored
Do you know what happens when a girl gets bored?

“Life is too short to be a boring company.” -Andrew Mason

You can’t make a girl feel attracted to you and bored out of her skull at the same time.

Especially if she’s attractive.


Because, as you probably know, attractive girls get hit on all the time.

That’d be like trying to go forward while you’re on the reverse.

You simply can’t get a woman interested and attracted when you’re too dull.

In fact, being boring is one of the biggest turn-offs to many women of all kinds of ages, professions, and walks of life, if not the biggest one.

So you don’t want bore women … in any stage of the attraction process.

You see, when you first meet a woman and start dating her, she’ll want to feel desired, she’ll want for you to show her new things and to take her on adventures for some excitement.

Even after you’ve been married for a couple of years thinking you’re safe in a good solid stable relationship while you’re being a good, faithful, devoted man, you still can’t be nice, and predictable all the time; you’ll only make the relationship too boring.

It’s the secret reason why
women leave good


You don’t want to be boring to women.

How a guy can be boring to girls

If you like a girl a lot, think she is really special and you, because for some reason, don’t meet girls like her very often, become really afraid to make the wrong move or say something wrong.

That when it starts to get boring for the girl because you’ll…

Want to please her at all costs
and Play it “safe”

You won’t say anything you think will upset her.

So you’ll talk about socially acceptable topics, and you would tend to agree with every single thing she says.

In a typical conversation, you always say “Exactly” and “I totally agree” to everything she says.

You also give her a lot of compliments, follows her lead, and make sure that you’re “proper” — act sterile and quiet, and generally try to make sure she got whatever she wanted.

Similarly, you don’t value your time and have no problem handling large chunks of it away, to particularly no one.

This … is a sure way to bore a girl to death, and an express, one-way ticket to the friend zone.

On the other hand…

Some men are just truly boring!

They have nothing interesting to say because…

Their lifestyle brings nothing interesting into their life and it brings nothing exciting to talk about.

They have few or no hobbies, they don’t watch movies, read books, or attend any kind of interesting events.

These men are not into writing or photography and don’t really have any other creative hobbies.

They talk about dreary things like their job or the weather because they believe it’s “what people talk about to get to know each other.”

These guys try to convince women they’re “nice” by talking about their families and carry pictures around to show them off.

Obviously, the girl will think “this guy is boring” and wipe his number from her phone and never see him again. Duh!

So what do you do so it doesn’t happen to you?

How do you avoid being boring?

And make her feel attracted to you, and not bored out of her skull.

On Dates

When you want to go on dates, there are more exciting things to do than dinner and a movie.

Here are some suggestions:

Take her somewhere that has a lot going on… where you can’t walk through without having an interesting conversation.

These are places where there is interesting conversation built in like areas with lots of eclectic, artsy and trendy shops.

You can take her to all kinds of interesting places from tattoo artists to funky hat shops to ultra-trendy clothing stores. Most cities have an area like these.

Hot tip: Find something that would be fun doing on your own but is more fun with another person.

On Communicating

When you first start talking to the girl, start with a light topic that you can talk about casually and won’t make things awkward.

Talk about something that isn’t bone dry boring.

For instance, get her to talk about her life, then find things to make fun of.

Ask her to tell you something interesting. And make fun of her if she can’t think of even one interesting thing about herself or her life.

Don’t be predictable because the brain has an area that is discounting what’s predictable and boring.

Furthermore, our brains are attracted to intriguing, interesting, engaging people and things.

In other words, the more predictable you are, the faster you will be considered… you know the word.

As soon as things become predictable, they become boring. -Hunter Parrish

Learn to say random things or disagree with her…

It is only natural to disagree with others or to offer an alternative view on something. It should not be a problem, as long as it’s done respectfully.

Just don’t get stuck on talking about that issue for too long.

Express yourself and say what’s on your mind, even if that means disagreeing with her. It may be risky and ballsy but it makes the conversation more memorable.

Know when to change topics

Talk about something else when you see her looking around while you’re talking.

However, if you see her eyes light up and her gestures get animated, keep going because you’ve hit the conversation jackpot.

Click here for some conversation topics to talk about.

Just don’t act nervous and uncomfortable. If the conversation stops, be cool. Just act like you’re with a friend, act totally casual, and pick it back up later.

Share how you feel

Know that if you only convey information, like a Wall Street guy or lawyer who has nothing to talk about other than his job. you’re being boring.

But if you add your preferences and feelings, you can be interesting and passionate. Additionally, you’ll be able to befriend almost every woman you meet.

Even better, if you can express strong feelings about the world and call out what’s happening in the moment with a woman, speak what she’s thinking in a way that’s humorous and playful, you’ll stop being boring.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be extremely witty or brilliant with your responses.

Simply comment on what’s around you or have a laugh at someone’s insane dancing or point out another couple who may or may not be hitting it off.

Remember: Women don’t connect with you by sharing facts; they connect with you when you open up, allow yourself to be vulnerable and share feelings.

What if you are a boring person?

Read a couple of books on how to tell stories… or get a book on comedy to learn how to be funny and tell jokes.

Do something that will make your life a little more interesting so you’ll have something to share and talk about with the women you meet.

Take a class on something that you might enjoy, such as creative writing or ceramics, or studying a foreign language, taking guitar lessons or joining a hiking club.

In short, get involved in activities and meet a variety of people so you can arm yourself with interesting things and ideas about the world around you. to share with the women you meet.

Listen: Though women don’t want boring, so many guys are boring or at least come across as boring.

You don’t have to be that guy.

You may be bald, overweight, have a weird fashion sense, or broke … but if you have a great personality, sense of humor and a stimulating company to the girls you meet, you can still attract women.

Because women seem to be able to overlook all kinds of other unattractive qualities as long as he’s not boring.

A little humor and sarcasm at the right time and place can also go a long way as a natural part of flirting, and a big part of chemistry.

If you want a program with a wealth of information on the right kind of humor that attracts women …

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