How to Get Women Interested In You–And Wanting More

Getting a girl interested
How do you get a girl interested?

Being able to get women interested in you is vital.

If you know how to make a woman like you, getting a date with a girl is like picking the juiciest apples from a tree.

If you know how to get a girl interested in you, you’ll find it much easier to attract a girl and make her chase you.

Of course, there’s an easy way to make her interested so you don’t have to make it hard for yourself to capture her attention.

By the way, as you are probably aware, you will be attractive to some women and, let’s just say, unappealing to others.

Because not every girl will like you.

Not everyone likes apples after all. (No. I’m not saying you’re an apple, but if you are, stay away from those oranges.)

Now, where were we?

That’s right! You want to can make it easier on yourself to get a girl interested in you.

Well, here it is…

It will be easier to make a girl drawn to you if you already know you have something in common, similar, and relatable with her…

… Since you’ll be able to understand and relate to her better like a piece of the same puzzle that fits together.

And if you know Sun Tzu, I’m sure you’ve heard…

“Know thy self, know thy woman!”

That simply means getting a deeper understanding of yourself. (And of women, of course.)

So think deep and find out what you like, what kind of girl makes your engine roar.

And if you want to attract women, be sure to look for a common ground like interests and hobbies.

Make a list and get as specific as you can to narrow down the type of girl you want to get enraptured by your charms.

Then get an understanding of her.

And when you get a clear sense of the girls you like, those who fit your interests and those who match your natural personality…

Get started and seek her out!

Since you already understand her, you should know where to meet her and how to approach her.

After all, if a woman thinks like you and shares the same passion, it will not be that difficult to get her attention.

Socialize and surround yourself with women who have the same interests as you, and learning how to get a girl interested in you becomes incredibly easy.


Assuming you got your fundamentals down, of course.

You see, the first impression counts a lot in getting a girl interested, attracting women, and getting a female’s attention. You don’t have to believe me and I won’t convince you.

But here’s what you have to do to get a head start at getting girls piqued:

Look after your appearance. Girls notice personal hygiene and good grooming so shave and get your haircut.

That would be a good start.

So keep it up and always make an effort to look your best, even on days that you are dressing casually.

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Another crucial one is to be aware of your body language. Women use their “bodies” to talk quite clearly and they can hear you this way quite clearly, too.

Standing in a relaxed position is good but granting her a seductive smile is better.

Not having this body language “radar” is why most men and women often have a hard time understanding each other.

With that in mind, spend some time people-watching, if you haven’t done it before, and maybe you’ll be surprised by what you’ll discover.

Additionally, be sure to show her that you have a sense of humor. It is always on every girl’s top list of things that make a man attractive.

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Show her that you’re a guy with personality.

And she will be eager to see you again and again, just because she’s never bored being with you.

All of these make a man attractive.

Of course…

You can’t forget about confidence!

There’s a reason why the shy, quiet type doesn’t get much attention from girls. So you better start boosting your inner confidence. And fast.

You see, sometimes, being ridiculously confident is all you need to meet beautiful women because…

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a woman likes to see in a man.

Believing in yourself alone will open up most women’s hearts. (And skirts?)

Having said that, be sure to radiate confidence and she will be stimulated.

And because women are attracted to confident and fearless guys, have the courage to make the first move.

Making a move will not only show her that you are a confident and powerful man, but it will also make her feel sexy and attractive as well. (Be a man and make a move. Read: The 4 Elements of Game)

Don’t let her down. And have the guts to go for the kiss.

Here’s a question:

Want to easily stand out from all the other (dissident) guys out there?

Do a lot of approaching in the daytime.

This can easily make you stand out because it takes a lot of confidence to strike up a conversation with women during the day.

If you ask a woman out in the daytime, she’ll probably be shocked and delighted because it doesn’t happen that often.

But, you do have to approach a woman differently in the daytime.

You don’t want it to become one of those interactions that happen every day but never become anything more, do you?

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Every interaction can be plain and ordinary. Or it can be interesting and fun.

And if you want to get girls enthralled, your only choice is to keep the conversation fun and slightly flirtatious.

Don’t let a conversation stall.

Here are some more tips:

When you compliment her, be sincere. Don’t make it sound like cheap words that you have handed to a hundred other girls before.

Pay attention to her when she speaks. Show her that you have an interest in what she says and her opinions.

No girl is going to be moved if your eyes are not kept on her and you are not paying attention.

Rather, be a man who wants to get to know what she is all about, not just because she is so stunning that all the lights dim when she smiles.

Remember what she enjoys doing or what her ambitions in life are. And get to know her favorite foods.

These will all be useful later.

Make a conscious effort to…

Show interest in her!

Rather than telling her all about you, ask for more detail whenever she says something a bit interesting.

Although we all love to talk about ourselves, we love it, even more, when someone else shows curiosity about the things we’re interested in.

So ask the right questions.

Because not only does asking the right questions allows you to continue the conversation, but it can also transition the interaction from casual small talk to an intimate conversation that happens to be in your bedroom.

Surprise her with questions she’s never been asked before, questions that show you’re genuinely interested in her as a person.

Additionally, change how you respond to her initial comments and you’ll break the normal patterns of the plain and boring she is used to.

Of course, don’t tell her what she wants to hear when you have a completely different opinion on something.

Breaking her normal patterns will immediately make her wonder what’s different about you, making her want to know more.

When that happens, do hold some things back.

Many guys make the mistake of baring it all when they meet a woman who really captivated them.

Instead, let her discover some of your “secrets” on her own, especially those that people might consider impressive, rather than telling her about them outright.

She’ll be much more impressed!

You don’t want to put all your cards on the table, just be cool and casual and it will make her feel comfortable and relaxed.

Keep things cool.

And don’t rush into anything, you’ll only turn her off if you start acting desperate; she’s seen it too many times and find it extremely creepy.

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Instead, a powerful move you can always rely on to get her hooked is to let her know that you are desired by other women.

So hang out with other girls. And…

Socialize with other women!

This works even on a woman not immediately interested in you or on a girl you want to get interested in you again!

When she sees another female’s interest, you may be able to change her feelings. Maybe she’ll discover emotions she never realized she had.

Then you just went from some guy she just met to a catch she must pursue.

Let’s wrap it up

Getting a girl interested in you is easy peasy when you have a common ground, share the same interests–and basically come from the same mold.

Because as you know, opposites rarely attract.

But that doesn’t mean you can forget about your “fundamentals” that let you meet any beautiful, interesting woman you may desire.

Although sometimes you need to do more if you want to stand out from the crowd, having confidence and commanding the right impression will get you the interest of just about any woman, anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, the next time you meet a beautiful woman use these tips to make her interested and eager to see you again.

Get her phone number.

Set up the time and place.

And be proud of yourself.

And once you get her interested, you should also know how to keep her interested for as long as you want.

As a bonus, if you want to build a solid foundation on the fundamentals, check out How to make girls chase.

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