How To Be A Little Mysterious And Drive A Girl Mad With Curiosity

how to be mysterious
You can still be a little mysterious and make her curious…. even without a mask!

There’s no excitement when there’s no mystery.

Because the more we know about something, the less interesting it becomes.

Just think of the movie you watched last night. Will you watch it again? Probably not.

So if you want to keep a girl interested in you longer, you should learn how to be mysterious.

Even just a little.

You see, having an air of mystery can make a girl curious about you because you will seem a little more intriguing and a little more exciting.

She’ll keep thinking about you. She’ll want to know more about you. And this will drive her to spend more time with you.


Although being a little mysterious is to your advantage, don’t think using mystery will automatically make a girl go mad with desire for you because you’d be wrong. Why?

Look, if she doesn’t think you’re worth it, she’s not going to find out more about you, no matter how mysterious you are.

So first you need to convey some value.


You can’t create too strong a sense of mystery or else she might think you’ve got something to hide and she won’t be able to trust you then.

As you know, you need trust for any relationship to work.

With that in mind, you need to strike a balance between being open and being mysterious.

Now, on to…

How to be mysterious!

This may sound obvious but if you want to be mysterious, you can’t just tell everyone your life story.

This is where most men do it wrong.

They spill about every single detail of their life (including those really dumb parts) and don’t leave some things for women to discover.

Doing that kills the attraction for most women.

You can’t be an open book

And you can do this easily.

Just minimize the amount of information you disclose about yourself.


Think carefully about what you say. You don’t have to say every little thing that comes to mind.

Silence is good when you want to create intrigue.

So don’t be afraid to look her in the eye with a smile.

When you encounter silence, just accept it as part of any interaction, instead of being in a hurry to give up every little detail of your life.

You also need to be “present” in the situation and really take in the experience.

That way you’ll be much more interesting to talk to.

Then, answer personal questions with a mysterious comment or use vague words.

How vague?

Vague enough she has to ask questions. Or something general without anything specific.

Give her just enough information to get her craving for more. And instead of being turned off, she will fill in the blanks with her fantasy on her own.

This is why saying less than necessary will make her wonder about you because this leaves room for interpretation and rumination.

It leaves her thinking

Another thing you can do is dodge her questions you don’t want to answer using… humor.

Just answer her question with something completely ridiculous. And after that, change the subject to something else, if you want.

Or you can get in depth of how you felt about something to show an interesting and intriguing side of yourself.

And if you want an easier way to reveal less information about yourself… there’s this:

Keep her talking the whole time

Get to know her better and simply ask whatever she’s talking about.

Remember, she should be doing most of the talking anyway and you should focus more on listening to what she says.

Doing it this way will make you a better conversationalist while building mystery and intrigue at the same time.

So only tell bits of information about yourself and only give out information when she’s earned it.

Slowly fill in the blanks when she is with you and you will build more trust with her as well.

And because she has to work for each bit of information. she’ll value it more.

One more thing.

This works better when you have excellent body language–if you talk slow, don’t have sudden movements, and excellent posture where others can easily pick up on your confidence.

You see, this display of confidence, being cool and comfortable works well if you want to create a mysterious vibe.

As you know, quiet confidence is intriguing because it shows that you know exactly who you are although others may not.

To sum it up

You don’t have to be quiet to be mysterious. You can simply dodge key questions about yourself to open a psychological interest from a girl and get her madly curious about you.

Really, it’s those things that you don’t say that grabs a girl’s attention.

If you do it right and give the feeling that nothing is ever what it seems, she won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

Additionally, if you can show how great you are when you’re with her that she likes and enjoys your company so much, she’ll crave you more when you’re a little busy.

So be playful with your interactions and be really fun to hang out with.

If you want something that’s easy to follow and get any the girl, regardless of where or how you meet her…

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