How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

Want to get a girl to give you her number?

But are you now able to start and have a fun conversation with women with some levels of attraction and rapport?

If so, then you are now ready to know how to close by getting her number before the end of the conversation.

how to ask a girl for her number
Want to get her number?

Why go for the number?

Because getting a girl’s phone number is the classic way to close when you want the best way to keep in contact with her.

(You can also go for other things, of course, and that’s up to you.)

But before you ask for her number, here’s something you have to consider:

When should you ask for her number?

Obviously, asking for a girl’s number is not the first thing you say to her, but not the last thing, either.

You see, a mistake most men make is waiting for the conversation to lose its energy before asking for a girl’s number. (This only makes the whole interaction awkward.)

Another mistake a lot of men make when it comes time to close is that they ask for her number just as they’re about to leave.

Asking for a number does not have to be a parting gesture (unless you have a good reason, of course).

What that means is…

Don’t wait for things to lag or when you’re getting ready to leave before you ask a girl for her number.

Instead, ask for her number at the high-energy point of the conversation. (This also applies even when you are asking for her number online or app.)

That’s the time when you’re having the most fun talking to the girl. It’s the part of the conversation where you’re at an emotional high point when she’s laughing, digging you and generally having a great time.

That’s the best time to get her number.


Because, like they say, strike while the iron is hot. And that’s when the conversation is going as well as you like.

Now that’s out of the way, here are some of the…

ask for her number
She’s waiting for you to ask…

Ways to ask a girl for her number

… and get you started collecting numbers from women.

Let’s start with the first one which, I believe, is the best one. Why?

Because… if you can pull this off and you know what you’re doing… and that means you know how to charm women off their pants and you have that confident vibe women just can’t help being attracted to…

The confident way will give you the best chance of getting a girl’s number. Why?


Because you’re a confident man who is used to getting numbers from women and it conveys that it never occurred to you that she wouldn’t give it to you.

Here’s how it’s done:

Rather than asking, just tell her to give it to you.

That’s right.

This is powerful because this assumes you’ll get her number. And since the two of you are having such a great time together. There’s really no reason for her to say no.

So go ahead and tell her that you need her number to get in touch with her as if it’s totally obvious that she wants to see you again.

Don’t hesitate to pull out your phone out of your pants and hand it to her like it’s the most natural thing to do in that situation. And tell her to type her number in so that the two of you can get together some time.

Because telling her to give you her number is a much stronger and more confident move than simply asking, it will increase your chances of collecting phone numbers.

Use this power play to your advantage!

But, if you think that’s too much for you right now and “asking” for her number is more to your alley…

Go ahead and ask for her number by simply asking, “What’s your number?”, “Can I get your number?” or something similar.

But before you do that…

It’s a good practice to warm her up to the idea of giving you her number.

In short, don’t ask for her number out of nowhere and surprise her. (Save surprises for her birthday or other celebrations.)

The way you do that is to give her a good reason why you’re asking for her number. This makes it clear that you’re asking for her number because you want to hang out again (or do “something” in the future).

There are a couple of ways you can do this.

getting her number

Tell her that you enjoyed the conversation and would like to continue talking over the phone.

You can say to her something like: “it’s really nice talking to you, we should continue this conversation…” Then you ask for her number.

Another way is to plant an activity or an upcoming event early in the conversation.

Be excited about it and talk about how cool it’s going to be. And when it’s time for you to ask the number say, “Listen, you should come to [event or activity]…” Then you ask for her number.


On situations when you’re in a rush to be somewhere and you spot a girl so hot you just can’t resist getting her number.

You might want to tell her that you absolutely have to be somewhere but that you knew you’d regret it if you didn’t at least try to get her number so you could get to know her better in the future.

Say, “I really wish I could get to know you now, but I have to get going.” Then you ask for her number.

A compliment works, too.

Say, “You know… the more I get to know you, the more you get interesting. I would love to get to know you more.” Then you ask for her number.

Another way that leads to her number ending in your hand is… instead of just the vague idea of hanging out, you ask her out directly.

Instead of asking for her phone number, ask her out on a date.

Again, in the middle of a great conversation, just say, “We should keep up this conversation over dinner or drinks next week.” Then you ask for her number to coordinate.

Another thing you might want to try is the indirect way.

It goes like this…

Instead of specifically asking for her number, you ask for a ‘way’ to continue the conversation in the future.

Something like, “How can we keep this conversation going?” Or ”How can we continue this at a better time?”

Or if you like something longer, “What do you think would be the best move we could make to ensure this isn’t the last time we have a fun conversation?”

A couple of things could happen after that:

One, she won’t get it and you’ll have to give more hint.

Two, if she likes you and has enjoyed taking to you and she’s really into you, then she’ll actually suggest one of two things.

Usually, she’ll volunteer to give you her phone number (or other ways to contact her).

Or, she’ll say you should meet up somewhere soon to do something together.

And sometimes, she’ll suggest something much more forward than handing you her number like going on a date (or even asking you to take her home).

Moving on…

In some cases, you won’t always get her number and you’ll end up with…

Email or something else

Instead of exchanging numbers. a woman would rather give you her Facebook, Email, Skype, or even her Twitter handle (because it will be easier for her to screen, ignore, or even block guys who try to contact her).

So, unless her phone was lost, broken, or disconnected, then you should interpret an attempt to avoid giving you her phone number as she doesn’t feel interested or comfortable enough to give you her number.

Sometimes that just means you haven’t built enough of a connection yet in which case you should build some attraction before trying for the number again.

(Or you can go for her Email or Facebook and try something like this: Pass her your phone so she has it in her hand to type in her name and email address. And if you see her struggling, say, “You can just give me your number if you find it easier!”)

Another thing…

When you ask for her number, make sure you…

Make it as easy as possible for her to give it to you

Remove any reasons for her to say no because, sometimes, even minor obstacles can stand in the way of you getting her number.

Here’s what you do:

When you whip out your phone… don’t hesitate when you hand it to her. Put your phone in her personal space and hand it to her.

And make sure the phone is on the screen where she enters her number and contact info. Get your phone ready on the contacts page with her name typed in and the cursor in the mobile phone field.

phone screen ready
Get your screen ready!

All she should have to do is type her number in.

This makes it as easy as possible for her to enter her number.

And now you have her number…

Once you get a girl’s phone number on your phone, don’t leave immediately. Stay for a few minutes and continue the conversation.

“What for? I already have her number!?” you say?

Here’s the thing:

If the girl has no intention of answering your call or seeing you again then that number is as useful as dog fart.

So once you’ve got her number, it is a good idea to send her a quick, playful text immediately after she hands you your phone back.

This removes the whole awkward “When do I call her” situation.

Send her something like, “I’m the sexy guy you just met -[your name]” or “This is [your name], the guy with the irresistible eyes” or anything that lets her know whose number she has and reminds her that you two had some rapport together.

Then stay and chat with her for a few minutes before you go to further cement your connection with her and show her that you’re interested in her more than just getting her number.

Start talking about some stuff that you can do together.

Mention mutual interests the two of your have talked about throughout your conversation. Show her that you want to do something really fun with her, not some boring stuff like going to the movies.

If you’ve invited her to a future hangout, then you can talk about the details, or just talk about how awesome it’s going to be.

Either way, you can build more trust and comfort that lets her get to know you a little better and builds a stronger connection.

This will help her feel more comfortable about seeing you in the future.


Before you try this out, be sure you’re not talking to a girl “just” to get her number.

A phone number is not your reward, trophy or prize

You see, most guys struggle at getting a girl’s number because they tend to put a lot of weight into it even if they’ve had a really good conversation with a girl.

They just feel the “need” to get her number which traps them in the wrong mindset of being outcome dependent.

That’s not the kind of mindset you want to be in and that’s not gonna help you get her number.

Just focus on having a fun and interesting conversation with a girl.


Because before you attempt to get her number, there should be some level of attraction and rapport between you and her.

And how are you gonna achieve that if your mind is somewhere else?

Remember, the best time to get her number is when the conversation is going well as it could.

And… make it easy for the girl to agree.

Take the hard work out of the decision-making process and be sure to leave a good impression so she’ll remember you when you text or call her.

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