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What can you learn from an elite Hollywood VIP host… about texting really hot girls?

Apparently, a lot, especially if he’s got Jason Capital in his corner.

You see, Robbie Hemingway (aka Fabian DeRossi) got a job where… every day he gets to text hundreds of different girls — stunning girls —  to get their trusts (and eventually bed many of them.)

Each conversation with these girls averages 8-10 text messages a day, sometimes even more.

That gave him the opportunity to try a lot of things with texting girls that eventually lead to him creating Text God

… a method to stimulate a woman’s mind, build trust and friendship, and above all, get laid…

… using text messaging as a tool to make a woman do what you want her to do and think the way you want her to think.

What you’ll find in Text God are the secrets to texting women, stimulating them mentally… to the point where they will be yours.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

Plant, Fertilize and Smash method

  • How the Plant, Fertilize, and Smash method will make her respect you, want you, and put you in the position of power that will make her beg you to ask her out.
  • Why it’s the most important process you’ll learn in texting a woman that anybody can use whether a stud or a pudgy guy working a desk job.
  • How to make her tell you how she likes to be “fertilized” without her realizing it.
  • How to let your “plant” (relationship) blossom and make it reliant on you to help it grow.
  • Why you will be all she thinks about and thankful… when you finally take her to bed by the time you get to smash.
  • How to keep other men away and make her reject everyone… but you.

First Texts

  • Why you should be careful what you say in your first text.
  • How to make your first text eye-catching so you can make her not only remember you but also want to learn more about you.
  • Why you should only text her this one info immediately upon getting her number. (See page 11.)
  • When to send your next text so you don’t seem dorky and desperate.
  • How to text women so you have a better chance of getting laid or getting into a relationship.
  • The fist and most important rule you must learn to be successful when texting women.
  • Why women hate being called “babe,” “gorgeous,” or “beautiful,” right off the bat.
  • Why calling her anything other than this (immediately gives her power and) is a bad omen for the rest of your texts.
  • How “The Picture Trick” will immediately make you stand out from the other guys she met that night, make her laugh and think you’re thoughtful, and lastly, make her think about you multiple times. (See how it works on page 13.)
  • How to control the conversation and assume the power right off the bat (and throughout the rest of your texting relationship) so you can easily get the girl.
  • What you should ask and remember during your conversation so you can make her laugh and let her know that you deserve respect when you text her the next day. (See page 15.)
  • When to start the plant-fertilization process of planting ideas and emotions in her and collecting information about her.

Trial Period

  • Why you need to be very sensitive to everything she says early on. (If you mess things up, you’re in for a rough time making it up to her. See a number of ways to avoid messing up at this stage on page 18.)
  • Why relationships through texting can make it easier for you to get laid or create a fuck-buddy relationship than seeing her in person. (Especially true if you aren’t the best-looking guy in the world.)
  • How to spark her interest and make her want to know more about you.
  • To use the “Contact Info Trick” so you come off looking like a stud, go to page 19.

Fertilization Process

  • The one thing you need to find out (during your texting relationship) so you can avoid making her mad at you and jeopardize everything. (See page 22.)
  • How to tell if she’s annoyed. (Know when you’ve overstepped your boundaries, or when you’re asking about a touchy subject so you can leave it alone before it explodes in your face.)
  • The four (4) essential ground rules you must be aware of that will affect every aspect of your relationship with a woman. (Read in Chapter 4.)
  • Why showing her this side of you is the quickest way to lose all your power. (She’ll start treating you like a cute little kid instead of a text god. See page 25 for the trick that will make sure you don’t fall into this trap.)

Figuring Out Her Personality

  • Why the faster you can identify her personality, the better you can create a connection with her and build your relationship.
  • The personality type where you don’t have to waste any time finding out things about her. Instead, you can let her determine how fast she wants to have sex with you. (Don’t let her meet someone else the next night.)
  • The women who are extremely nice, but have some deep-seeded emotional issues and go psycho when you leave them
  • The women who often talk about their accomplishments or how “busy” they are.
  • The most annoying women to text with.
  • The women who have amazing personalities but can be a little off when you text them. (And why you’ve found the jackpot if, you’re not the best-looking guy and, you happen to meet one.)
  • If you want to know the type of personality she has, how to approach her, and what type of woman you’re texting, see pages 26 to 30.

Controlling The Conversation

  • Why you can kiss your chances of having sex with her goodbye… if you let this go, or never establish it in the first place. (You only have a very short window of opportunity to do this!)
  • How to get her used to you giving her orders or suggesting things from a position of power.
  • The one “trick” that will help you end all the rambling texts about her problems or things you frankly don’t care about or won’t get you anywhere. (This will save you a lot of time in getting her to trust you.)
  • When she complains about anything, do what’s on page 33 to make her laugh, make her feel better, and… even make her ask you out.
  • Why you never want her to say “no” to you or consciously turn you down… ever!

Using Emojis

  • How to overwhelm her visual senses like no one else can using the most powerful tool you have, ESPECIALLY if you aren’t good with words or describing things.
  • The best way to use emojis to paint a picture with words, put you over the top, and solidify your position with her. (Has worked wonders for me.)
  • One of the most important reasons why emojis is key.
  • Five (5) of the most important emojis you need to use and should use often. (See how to use them on page 36 to flirt with a girl, laugh at her jokes, to make fun of her, or save you from writing horrible acronyms.)

Compliment Without Losing Power

  • Why you can lose power in the relationship if you compliment her the wrong way. (And how to do it right so that she knows you are definitely interested in her and want more.)
  • What to never say to her no matter how sexy she looks. (All the other guys are already texting her the same lame stuff and puts control into her hands.)
  • Why a woman would much rather take a nice slap on the ass (and a smirk) to tell her how good she looks rather than a 10-page letter explaining her unmatched beauty.
  • How to make you sound less desperate while still complimenting her to a certain degree.
  • What is one of the biggest turn-offs to women? See on page 40.
  • How to leave a girl curious enough to make her want to know more.
  • One of the best ways to make her want you and make you more sought after.
  • Why you don’t need to try that hard to impress a woman to make a connection with her. (She’ll do it herself, even go to great lengths for it. See why on page 41.)
  • How Google can get you laid. And make her think you’re amazing.
  • How to impress her by having a good memory and being a good listener. (No need for you to “wow” a woman with muscles or coolness.)

Flirting Through Text

  • Why it is imperative that you flirt if you’re looking to set up a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship or a fuck-buddy relationship. (And how to do it right so you don’t creep her out and stop texting you completely.)
  • Two (2) distinct ways to flirt, and the first thing she needs to realize so you can earn the right to flirt with her. (Start flirting before that then you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.)
  • How to know what kind of flirting will work the best on her. (Will she like the aggressive approach or one that’s more laid back? See page 49)
  • How to use the “suggestive flirt” where you dangle a carrot in front her as bait and turn the conversation into something a little more… sexual.
  • A very simple way to use the “Notebook Trick” to flirt and make it seem like you’re really paying attention to her. (This will make her think “wow” and will get your foot in the door with a woman many times.)
  • How to practice your flirting techniques until you find what really works and feel comfortable enough to try it on that 10 you want to flirt with. (If you are a shy guy or are new to flirting through text, you need this practice more than anyone else.)

Sending And Receiving Pictures

  • Why the “picture game” is where you can either make yourself look amazing or become a complete idiot to women.
  • A few rules to follow if you want to send a picture of yourself. Want to know if you should send selfies, nudes, dick picks, etc… see page 55.
  • How to ask her to send you pictures and why you should be careful as to HOW you ask… if you want to get nude pics from girls.

Getting Her Out On A Date

  • How soon should you try for this after you begin texting her? See page 59. (If you don’t make a move, at a certain point she’ll think you just want to be friends,)
  • How to get her to say “yes” to a date and avoid the mistake lame guys always make. (Text God has three (3) ways to ask her out the right way and get what you want.)

When You Know You Have Her

  • How do know when you know you’ve got her? What do you look for that says you’ve done everything right and she finds you better than all the other men? See page 62.
  • The two (2) choices you have once you’ve established that you have her and that she definitely wants you. (And the things you should never text her when you reach this point.)

Getting Laid

  • What’s being a hunter got to do with getting laid? See page 67.
  • The best times to have her come over and why “Come on over and let’s hang out” doesn’t work.
  • How to set things up so you have the best chance at making her want to have sex with you. (Don’t ruin the one and only time you’ll have sex with her.)
  • How to set up the date, and make her think of you with her amidst all the things she likes. (She’ll be incredibly grateful that you were so thoughtful she’ll be like putty in your hands.)

Gain Control Of Your Relationship

  • Why, if you’re dealing with very hot women, it can be really tough having control over the conversation.
  • Ways you can assert yourself and gain control via texting. (This will throw them off so they won’t know what to think.)
  • The first way to establish your power and control which will make you think, “WTF, this doesn’t make any sense!” (And why… the hotter they are the better this works.)
  • How to get her to think about you throughout her day. (She will look at your social media to see what you’re doing, and to look at her phone every few minutes to see if you’ve texted back.)
  • How to stand out from the crowd of other guys she’s texting when she’s fishing for an answer. (See how Lenny Kravitz can help you on page 77.)
  • Why women would think you look like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert when you get excited about something and start using exclamation points in your texts.

Find Out What She’s Really Thinking

  • How to know when a woman truly likes you and views you as a catch.
  • The best method to get past her smoke-screen answer and get her to show you her real self and tell you what she’s REALLY thinking. (Very useful for finding out what the problem is so you can fix it.)

When She’s Mad At You

  • What to do when you did something stupid, and she won’t answer your calls or won’t see you in person. (Go to page 84 to see how to make things right by texting her the right things.)
  • A few things you shouldn’t text her when she’s mad at you. (Don’t text her until you read this.)

Solve Her Problems Without Doing A Single Thing

  • A thousand-year-old trick on how to solve every single one of a woman’s problems that most guys don’t know about. (Here’s the SECRET where you do absolutely nothing and still make you look like a stud, a rock star in her eyes, and get you laid for being so helpful.)

Winning An Argument

  • Why you cannot “win” an argument with a woman without her unleashing it all on you the second she gets mad.
  • The only way to really win an argument through texting without pressuring her to admit she was wrong. (See some ways to disarm the situation on page 92.)
  • What to text her anytime she starts (one of her favorite pastimes) texting you about old fights that were resolved long ago.

Get Her To Commit Once You’ve Been Dating

  • How to make her see that you’re the best choice among her various options. (Don’t be naive and think you’re the only guy who’s texting her.)
  • How do you get her to go out with you? See page 94 for ways and examples that lead up to the big question through texting without actually posing the question.
  • The type of texts that hint of something more serious and what to do when she has her doubts and send a “what if…” or “what about…” situations.
  • How to handle when she texts you about her ex-boyfriends or other guys. (This can be very annoying and hard to get over but you can get her to forget anything positive about her ex. See how on page 96.)
  • How to ask her out through a text. (The times to NOT ask her out and the best times to do it so she’s more open to ideas and more receptive to what you’re saying.)

The Friend-Zone

  • If you got put in the friend-zone, see the five (5) reasons why you got there on page 103. (Don’t do the things you now know you shouldn’t have.)
  • How to fix the mess you made and get out of the friend-zone in three (3) steps. (And get her start seeing you as a lion instead of a sheep.)
  • The only good news getting friend-zoned. (Not an easy thing to accomplish with women.)
  • Why, sometimes, when a woman just needs sex, she settles for whoever makes the first move. (The only time a guy gets lucky.)
  • What being cool and also being a dick to her at the same time will do to your sex life. See page 104.
  • How to know when you’re out of the friend-zone? Know the signs you’re leaving the zone on page 108.

When You Feel You’re Losing Her

  • What to do when the woman you’ve worked so hard to get becomes distant; she gets on your train, and now, she wants to hop off at the next stop. See how to you fix that on page 111.
  • Did you run out of things to text her? What do you do then? See page 113 for an easy remedy when you feel like you’ve become uninteresting to her.
  • Now she stops responding. She won’t text you back at all. Your text relationship with her has now red-lined. What do you do? See page 114.

And much, much more… like real life examples of texts from Robbie’s phone which you can use to your advantage.

And these free bonuses:

Getting Her to Send You Dirty Pics: What it means to get her to send you dirty pics, the best time to ask for dirty pics, how to use her dirty pics to flirt with her, how to make her send you more, and get a “you should come over” text.

The 5 Worst Texting Mistakes: The 5 worst things you should just never do while texting a woman. (I’m sure you’re doing #3 a lot.)

Digits on Demand: Two or three ways to get a girl’s phone number (with Jason Capital).

Text God Facebook Group: Get feedback on your real life text exchanges so you’ll know if what you’re doing is wrong or right.

the complete text god system

It’s all digital download so you will have access to it almost immediately.

My Thoughts

The Complete Text God System is actually a pretty good text messaging ebook, better than expected actually.

Although some parts may be a bit disorganized and confusing, it does have solid concepts, ideas, and useful tricks that will make texting women a lot easier for you to get them to make that jump from your contact list into your bed.

I don’t know if you’re going to be a text god but, if you’re interested in hot, young girls with above average looks…

This text messaging ebook will give you the skills and ideas you can use that will put you way ahead of other guys texting them and help you charm their panties off and more…

… even if you’re not good looking, even when you’re in the friend zone, getting ignored, or just want to send the perfect first text every time you get a new number, no matter how many.

Text hundred of girls a day if you like, without getting confused or intimidated.

Get all the texting skills you need to make her think of you all the time and get her into your bed by clicking the button below.

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