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Text That Girl shows you the techniques, methods, and principles that are going to have your phone lighting up like fireworks in New Year’s Eve and drain your battery dry.


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Don’t send another text until you read this!

Because you will have a bunch of awesome, attractive, fun girls… filling up your phone with texts. (Or, if you’re more like me, have that one girl hooked on your every text.)

Big talk?

Keep reading and decide for yourself.

Text That Girl was brought into existence by Race dePriest.

And Race has done all the hard work for you and has made enough mistakes to know what really works. That means you can just skip all those mistakes and get to the fun stuff.

Just by learning the principles behind why the techniques work, you can then create your own style. Additionally, Text That Girl is packed with real-world examples from his (and his friends’) phone so you can see how it’s done.

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If you want to learn how to drive a woman wild with your phone and have more fun than you thought possible doing it, be sure to read every word on this page.

Let’s see…

What Text That Girl Has For You

As with every book, it starts by explaining what’s amazing about text messaging.

Assuming you’ve not been living under a swamp all these years, you probably know how text messaging has exploded in the recent decade. People rely more and more on text messaging as their main form of communication.

And when I say people, that includes women.

So if you don’t possess the skills to properly flirt, build attraction, set up dates, or interact with girls over texts, you’re going to get left behind.

And some guy who’s probably not as cool as you will win her over.

On the other hand, once you master this skill set, the responses you will get from the girls you are interested in will seem like magic.

To do that, you start by learning the valuable traits of texting as a tool of attraction.

You’ll begin to see how texting gives you time to craft the perfect response and allow you to move the conversation to the direction of your choosing.

And at the same time, texting also trains you to further improve your ability to communicate because it forces you to clarify your thoughts.

If this isn’t enough, texting has this advantage that becomes particularly useful when you want to create a sexual state in a woman.

Of course, there are a few other reasons why texting has become one of the most powerful and versatile tools for building and maintaining attraction with a woman that I won’t further explain here because there is something more important than that like…

The Reason for Texting

Look, you don’t use texting to form a deep lasting relationship with a woman all on its own.

If you think starting long conversations with a girl over text is a good idea, it’s not.

Just because a girl is responding to you does not mean the relationship is moving forward.

In this section, you’ll know that there is only one main purpose for sending a text. You should always have this purpose in mind when you text a girl.

All the other things you accomplish through texting her is to bring you to one conclusion. And if you are about to send a text that doesn’t serve this purpose, don’t send it.

If you don’t want to become the friendly text buddy who she never hangs out with, don’t send unnecessary texts to a woman just for the sake of texting.

Another important lesson in Text That Girl you’ll want to internalize is the…

Proper Mindset to Have While Texting

Why? Because these mindsets will help make the effectiveness of your text skyrocket.

Don’t you want texting that girl to be less frustrating and way more fun?

For example, you’ll know exactly what to do when you are in the middle of a text interaction and start becoming nervous that you might mess up or do something wrong especially if it is a girl you are really, really interested in.

In particular…

If you constantly check your phone to see if she texted back or if, after a few minutes, you begin to doubt the text you sent and think, “What if I offend her?”…

If you use what you learn in this program and cultivate the right mindset, you’ll do just fine, even at times when after sending a text she doesn’t respond and you think the interaction is lost.

And to keep you from making the most common mistakes most guys make when texting a girl, there are several…

Texting Principles to Keep in Mind

These are the fundamentals that will ensure you continue to create and build attraction once you get a girl’s number. (This is not just for texting though and is generally useful for attracting women.)

These are the core concepts you’ll use in every successful text interaction with a girl. (Note: You may want to go over this part in Text That Girl several times and refer back to it often.)

In here, you’ll know if you’ve been texting a woman you are interested in way too much — a guaranteed way to kill attraction.

You’ll also know how to easily avoid being needy (and killing the attraction) with the use of some key indicators to help you calibrate the amount of information you share with her.

And you’ll know if you’re texting her too much or just the right amount.

At the same time, this will also give you a good idea of the girl’s interest in you so you know when to cut her off and move on.

As you probably know, a woman, the more beautiful she is, the more likely she is receiving countless text from other guys all day long.

That’s good news for you. Why?

Because these guys are probably saying pretty much the same thing.

But if you use the core principles in this program, you can set yourself apart from the many other guys chasing after her because you won’t put her through the same things she has already experienced.

Through texts…

  • You can demonstrate to her you have a life full of friends, hobbies, and events.
  • You can have the type of attitude that drives women wild.
  • You can bring her guard down and make her comfortable.
  • Even if she’s not initially attracted, you can make her fall hard.

Then she will start doing things to try and get you to accept her.

As you can see, with these principles, you will get far more consistent results every time you whip out your phone and text a girl.

You’ll even cherish the moment when she suddenly gives you resistance or gives you hell about something.


Because, as you’ll know, this is an amazing opportunity to make her even more attracted to you.

And you’ll have plenty of examples so you can see how to do it in a variety of situations.

Actually, you’ll have various texts to use in many common situations starting from…

The First Texts

In this section, you’ll learn how to craft the perfect first text message that gives off all the right signals.

As you know, you’re not the only guy who’s texting her. So your first text must tell her that you are different.

What you want your first text to do is separate yourself from the rest and elevate yourself to the top of her consciousness. And confirm in her mind that she made the right choice to move forward with you and not the next guy.

You see, your first text tells her a lot about what type of guy you are.

These are the things that she will subconsciously pick up on that, when added up, will determine if she loses interest or gets more attracted to you.


You don’t have to wrack your brain for hours trying to come up with something brilliant because once you know the elements behind an effective first text… it will be very easy for you to create your own.

And there are only three essential ingredients you need in your first text to make her excited to text you back: 1) Re-affirm her attraction, 2) the underlying theme which wins women over, and 3) compels her to respond.

If you can accomplish these in your text, she will not only respond positively but be much more willing to move forward with you.

Race shows you how each element work and how to incorporate them in your text in Text That Girl.

You’ll also know how long to wait before you send the first text. And what to do if you didn’t have a chance to make any sort of connection when you got her number.

(Like if you happen to wake up and have a bunch of numbers from girls you don’t remember.)

If something like that happens, eventually you will send a girl a text only to get something like, “Who’s this?” as a response.

When a Girl Asks “Who’s This?”

There can be various reasons this happens. But whatever it is, how you respond decides whether there will be future text interactions between you and her.

Do you know what most guys will do?

Most guys will try to remind her of how she knows him. This doesn’t exactly put you in the best position since you remember her but you have to remind her of why she knows you.

So how do you respond to this text that ensures she will be saving your number and be more than willing to engage in future text interactions?

It’s this:

Don’t explain who you are and how she knows you right away. Instead, make her want to know who you are and make her chase you.

You can easily turn the tables and make it seem like she is chasing you using the things you will learn in…

Techniques and Tactics

These are what you will use in your everyday texting. You will know how to…

  • Make sure your messages are read as you intended them to come across. Why? Because some statements can be taken the wrong way and women will read your text through the filter of whatever mood they are in at the moment.
  • Make her explain herself to you, confirming in her mind that you are someone she finds valuable. This also helps to lower her defenses. (A typical guy who’s interested in her would never do this.)
  • Calibrate the proper amount of information you share so you can balance the interaction. (Don’t be the guy who texts a girl a long involved text only to receive back a short one-word reply.) This will also help you avoid the feeling like you are pulling teeth to keep the conversation going.
  • Make her become relaxed and more connected with you. You will subconsciously help her feel like you understand her world and know where she is coming from.
  • Make her feel like her “true” self and love you for it. (She only does this around her closes friends.)
  • And more like…

One of the most powerful texting tools available for setting yourself apart.

Using this will keep the attraction strong, build comfort, and put a smile on her face. This is such a powerful bonding experience that it is good to use in any interaction with a woman you are interested in. This is also an excellent indication that she is engaging in the conversation and enjoying it.

All of that will make it easier for you to…

Get Her To Meet Up

There is a lot you can do to make it as easy as possible for a woman to meet up with you in TTG and ensure she is comfortable doing so.

Your best strategy for setting up your next date is to remove any hesitations she may have from meeting up with you. And there are several different strategies you can use to help alleviate her hesitations.

One strategy called “Seeding the Invite” ensures a woman will accept your invitation to hang out. In fact, using this will make it strange for her not to say yes.

What’s more, you can also find out if she is able to make it without actually asking her.

Remember the fundamentals?

Using them will make her likely to be much more comfortable with the idea of meeting with you because she’ll be forced to start imagining herself hanging out with you.

Even though it may seem silly, another powerful way to overcome her hesitations to meeting up with you again is to “steal her frame” because this will make her convince you that she is worth your time to hang out with.

There’s also a way to invite her that takes a ton of pressures off both parties.

And if you sense she is uneasy about meeting up with a guy she hardly knows, you can use the “chickie buffer“.

As you can see, using these strategies should make it as simple as possible for a woman to meet up with you.

Because if she turns down your invite and this happens several times in a row, you risk becoming the guy who keeps unsuccessfully inviting her out.

You can come across as very needy.

You can certainly avoid that even when you have a situation where you need to get an answer back from her by a certain time in order to make plans.

You can get the urgency across without portraying neediness and at the same time encourages the girl to respond the first time she reads it.

And even if she can’t go, she will respond favorably.

Or if you need to remind her, you can easily do that without coming across as insecure (or needy) but instead, encourage her to respond with enthusiasm while at the same time confirming she is coming.

So remember to use these strategies to make it easy for her to meet up with you and ensure that she is comfortable doing so.

And once you meet her, be sure build attraction and make a genuine connection.

You can easily accomplish that by doing something that takes the pressure off to constantly engage her in a much more relaxed environment where there are a variety of things that naturally create conversation topics so you can easily find out more about each other and escalate your comfort.

That’s what you do if you want to have a quality date together. And after that?

What Do You Text Her The Next Day?

You can send her a simple text that keeps you on her mind, recalls the positive emotions she associates with you from your conversations and reminds her of the plans she made with you.

Of course, this will be easy if you have planned your next date by the time you finished your previous date.


If you use these principles, your flake rates will drop dramatically. But what if, for the rare instance despite your best efforts, a girl still flakes?

What If She Flakes?

When a girl flakes, it can be frustrating and can make you want to give up. It can feel like she disrespected your time.

So how do you respond?

Use the simplest solution.

Here’s the thing:

Girls are going to flake. Get used to it. And it’s simply because you just aren’t the most important thing in her life right now.

One thing you can do is invite her in a way that if she does not show up it’s no big deal. Use the same principles for girls you have known for a while who keep flaking on you.

It’s also best to always have options, so it’s fine even if some girl cancels at the last minute.

Another thing you can do is to let her make it up to you.

You can even do something that dramatically increases the likelihood that she will show up because psychologically she will feel like you are counting on her and if she doesn’t show up she is letting you down.

However, if a girl you are seriously interested in, probably more than you should be, continues to flake several times in a row without good reason, don’t let her get away with it.

Of course, you can still do it in a non-needy way.

Now, what if you want to recapture a woman’s attention…

If She Stops Responding

So it seems like your interaction is going great with a girl and then, all of a sudden, she just stops responding.

All is not lost.

Although there are various reasons why she has stopped responding (your text got lost, she forgot, she don’t know how to respond, she lost interest, she got abducted by aliens, etc), there are four ways in Text That Girl you can use to recapture a woman’s attention.

There is also an entirely overlooked reason why a girl might stop responding to your texts that could have happened in the past with other guys. And if you want her clamoring to text you back, you just have to be different from them.

And as a last resort, you can use something that will either encourage her to respond or push her farther away. Use this only after your several attempts to engage her has failed over an extended period of time.

Then jumpstart the conversation when she responds.

With all the techniques you will learn in Text That Girl, you will have an overwhelming advantage over the other guys out there.

You will have all the tools necessary to make girls swoon with some clicks of your thumbs.


Aside from the full Text That Girl program, you’re also going to get instant access to:

  • TTG Cheat Sheet – Copy and paste guide of Race’s most effective texts you can use whenever you’re in a rut.
  • Double Your Digits – Have her putting her number in your phone, before you even ask.
  • Super Secret Awesome Society – 30-day access to Race’s most advanced training program yet, containing hundreds of guides, calls, and member-only collections.
  • And more…

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Final Thoughts

Text That Girl by Race dePriest is a quick read with only about 132 pages.

I found most of the content and principles very foundational and it might be all you need to get girls hooked. If you’re an advanced reader, you might not get as much as a beginner but you’ll still get a good idea or two, as I did.

It also shows you exact text messages you can use on whatever texting situation you might end up in so…

If you’re stuck with a girl you’re texting, you screwed up in your texting, you want a girl to respond, or you want her to pick you out of all the guys who are texting her, there’s a 99% chance you’ll get exactly what you need to write in this program.

So don’t let what you think you know to get in the way.

Get this texting stuff down and, perhaps like thousands of other men, you’ll find that text messaging is one of the most exciting things about dating.

If you want to use this on women lucky enough to get a text from you…

Just click “Yes I Want This” button below and you’ll get the best-selling Text That Girl system along with all the bonuses.

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