Three Second Attraction

Thank you for your interest in this program. However, I am sorry to say that Three Second Sexual Attraction has now CLOSED!

If instead, you’d like learn the art of attracting women in conversation with “verbal foreplay”… after some digging, I found something for you.

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If you want a simple system you can use anytime anyplace that makes any woman want you sexually, makes her really attracted, so you can just get her number and date her…

Three Second Attraction is a system, that if you follow, you will get any the girl, regardless of where you meet her, how you meet her, and your own situation.

Clubs. Coffee shops. The mall. The bar. School or work.

Daytime, night time, it doesn’t matter.

  • She could be the girl you sit next to in class.
  • She could be a friend you’ve been secretly fantasizing about.
  • She could be someone you just bumped into at the grocery store.
  • She could be the new smokin’ hot secretary at work.
  • She could even be the MILF next door.

It. Does. Not. Matter.

Any guy can do this. And do it with any girl

Even if you think you’re unattractive… or you’re losing your hair… or you’re overweight… or you’re over 30 and you want to date women in their 20s…

Or if you’ve tried everything you can think of and you’re still not seeing the results you really want…

Best of all…

  • You don’t need to act like an alpha male just to get laid.
  • You don’t need to do magic tricks or read her palm just to keep her interested in you.
  • You don’t have to trick her into liking you and silently admit that the real you isn’t worthy of her.
  • You don’t need work out like a maniac to lose the belly, fat ass and man cans.
  • You don’t need to use lame pick-up lines and compliments, expecting them to work.
  • You don’t need to spend money on her, to take her on dates, buy her gifts and drinks.
  • You don’t need to hypnotize her or manipulate her feelings for you in some way.

You don’t need ANY of that.

And yet, she sees you in a ‘special’ way…

A way that makes you sexually irresistible

Without changing who you are. Without memorizing stupid lines. Or creeping women out.

Because, with Three Second Sexual Attraction, you can create romantic addiction three seconds at a time without scripts or routine by turning her emotion into a solid romantic attraction.

A big advantage to using the 3 Second Attraction secret is you’ll have woman believing it was fate that brought you two together.

You’ll know how to make the “one thing leads to another” phenomena work for you… where time stops and everything just seems to come together all by itself.

One thing always and naturally leading to another.

She’s defenseless against something like that…

All this because one thing led to another…

…how seamlessly everything happened,

…how you guys fit together like a glove,

…how easy and effortless it all was,

…and how it seemed to happen by accident.

But it won’t be an accident, you’ll know how to do it with Three Second Sexual Attraction.

And you’ll know how to do it over and over again… at will.

This book will be your guide.

Three Second Attraction contains a lot of secret sauce from Mehow’s decade of work and personal experience … all crammed into one, tightly-written, digitally downloadable course.

The structure and materials are tested and verified in-field by his top coaches, best students, and himself, clocking thousands of hours combined.

This book reveals the secret of those naturally good with women — often called “naturals” — as part of an easy method anyone can use, regardless of pre-existing natural ability.

This is your shortest path to success while demanding the least from you.

Here’s an example of Three Second Attraction in action…

You: So what do you do for work?

Her: I'm an Accountant.

You: No way. I love Accountants.

Her: Really?

You: No, not yet anyway... 'cause I might get annoyed with you.

Her: Why?

You: Because when we're in bed together... you'll count out all the tiles in the ceiling.

Her: <Laughing> You're funny, I'm really into nerds actually. I went out with this cute nerd in high school ...

Here’s another one…

Her: <Says anything>

You: Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful. (Works even better the less hot physically you are)

Her: Whhha, I didn't know we were talking about your T-shirt again. My friend had one like that. He got it at this cool store on Main Street.

You: You tried to rape him also?

Her: <Laughing> Yes, totally, I destroyed his shirt in the process. But he was rich so he could afford another one.

You: I mourn... for the shirt.

Her: You're funny <Touches you>

You: OK, you can have me... but you can't have my shirt.

Three Second Attraction works almost every single time.

You talk for far less for 10x the results.

Three Second Attraction arms you with the proven step-by-step process for deploying exactly the right thing at precisely the right time.

You’ll know how to do this, and make it your own so that it fits your personality.

The different examples spanning pages will give you a crystal clear idea of how it all works.

And the method is spelled out in such detail that any guy with an ounce of desire could successfully apply them within just a few short minutes of getting the system in his hands.

Here’s a ‘taste’ of what you can expect to learn in Three Second Attraction…

  • How to make one thing “lead to another” naturally and do it over and over again.
  • The 8 key components you have to add to any interaction to create sexual chemistry. (This will take you from a guy that ‘seems pretty cool’ in her mind, to a veritable sexual character like James Bond.)
  • How to have her thinking about sex in a subtle (or not so subtle way), without her having to do anything. (After a few of these, she’ll start to think of you in a sexual way, regardless of what she think of you before.)
  • Why women are more sensitive to erotic suggestions than men, and how to get her thinking in a whole new way, even if they don’t participate or play along.
  • How to make a girl frustrated but at the same time have her chase you like crazy.
  • The secret that causes psychological addiction (the same way casinos get you hooked on slot machines and blackjack) and how to use similar methods to get her into you.
  • The key to always having amazing high-value conversations with a girl and…

How to master the free-flowing natural style of conversation.

  • The one thing that makes or breaks your dating life once you get in your 30s and beyond. (Women expect you to have this.)
  • How to use The Law of Instantaneous Compliance to make your request always be granted. (This is the secret to being smooth.)
  • The language which all women inherently understand and just about no men do. (Use this right and any woman will get attracted to you automatically.)
  • How turning yourself into a giant slot machine can make a girl her chase even harder.
  • How to get her to ask you your name or some other questions right after you say ‘Hey’ or ‘Hello’.
  • The five (5) different stealthy ways to get close physical contact.
  • How to make any woman comply with you while making her laugh hysterically. (And form a bubble of sexual chemistry around the two of you.)
  • What to do anytime a woman tells you something you genuinely don’t like… and make her start explaining herself and prompt her to continue without you doing anything.
  • What you can use to keep the conversation going and avoid getting stuck. (No, it’s not about asking questions.)
  • Four (4) very simple steps to tell a very emotionally stimulating story from your own life that will leave her always wanting more.
  • How to get her thinking about sex and turn the interaction from a potentially friendly one into a romantic one… regardless of the women you’re dealing with.

(Use this one with CAUTION.)

  • How to say innocent things that subconsciously communicate sexuality… and how to know when to amplify, escalate, make her sexuality more intense.
  • How to use the secret Ninth element… so she doesn’t think of you as a player when you get too smooth.
  • A list of phrases you can say at any point in the interaction if you keep struggling with coming up with (or remembering) things to say on the fly so you can keep the conversation alive.
  • The single biggest secret to using the Three Second Attraction system which will make every woman you talk to try really hard to add to the conversation and become really invested in it.
  • Why the idea that you need always be saying something new every time is completely CRAZY!
  • How to take your attraction skills into overdrive using solid Tease Stacking… while making it extremely natural and still being yourself.
  • How to effectively force her to invest in the conversation while making it seem like the interaction is 100% fresh and new and situational… which rarely is.
  • One of the most underrated, overlooked, and powerful elements in your social arsenal.
  • The qualities and mannerisms women are hardwired to find attractive that you should effectively sub-communicate through your body language.
  • How to be that cool guy she wants to go out with but doesn’t give her any certainty that you will ever ask her out at all.
  • When to start calling and texting her after you get her number. (And why the 3-day rule is bad advice for anybody who is actually working on being good with women.)
  • Why you should never start a long text conversation thread with a girl. (This determines your chance of sleeping with her.)
  • How to weave yourself into a woman’s life as soon as possible. (And have women drive from other cities to your place regularly… with just meeting in person once initially.)
  • How to use the cardinal rule of texting so you can…

Leave her always wanting more!

  • One easy way to handle the most common problem you have with women without reacting emotionally too much… so you can quickly turn her around if she started off feeling negative about you.
  • The best way to be ready in case you can’t think of anything on the spot. (This helps you avoid not knowing what to say even if you get ‘freaked out’ when a girl ‘starts shit’ with you.)
  • Why the popular belief that women want a ‘nice guy’ or ‘prince charming’ to sweep them off their feet… is all a LIE. (And what women actually wants so bad they always complain about it.)
  • Why sleeping with a girl early on in the relationship is extremely important. (And what she thinks about all time before she sleeps with you.)
  • How to get laid a lot using the incredible effectiveness of the Three Second Attraction system in the Comfort phase.
  • How to get consistent in the Attraction phase so you can get into mid-game with just about  every girl. (And why talking to girls that are more difficult will help you ‘seal the deal’ with someone that could be your future wife.)
  • What to do and say if you mess up and get an offended reaction from women. (And why this is not a bad thing.)
  • Why you should not ask her out on a ‘date’, or ask her to do anything… and what to tell her instead.
  • The four (4) reasons why you should never let a woman know that she already has you… until you have slept with her.
  • How to create the illusion of having known each other forever, and make it seem totally spontaneous.
  • The activity you do with her that subtly keeps her chasing you,

and make everything somehow to “just happens”

  • The reason Three Second Attraction game is so effective it gets a girl to chase you like a crazy girl… and chase you so badly, you get all the benefits without trying too hard.
  • How to make her friends accept you hitting on her… even encourage it.
  • What to wear to draw her attention to your crotch… which some hypnosis expert believe is a subtle sexual anchor.
  • How to turn her emotions into a solid romantic attraction.
  • How to reliably get the girl… every time you open your mouth.
  • How to have endless, highly charged interaction, and make things sexual.
  • What you need to do to have sex with a woman.
  • The 12 critical elements of the kind of life women want to be a part of.
  • Why you must not let her know that she “has you” throughout the interaction.
  • What to do when a conversation topic is dying and how to make it seem like you have a million things to talk about.
  • How to use body language to make her chase you more and when to use it.
  • The 3 phases to culminate the beginning of sexual relationships, and the unbreakable rules you have to follow for each phase of the interaction.
  • The key elements to an attraction that make her want to chase you, while keeping her suspended between hope and doubt.

The core knowledge that will
make your game unbelievable!

  • How to take her through a range of emotions using your personality. (To get it really going, she has to not only feel happy around you but also other emotions.)
  • How to create a serendipitous interaction that is totally original.
  • Two (2) styles of the most basic self-amusing attraction technique known to man. Plus, the biggest secret of this simple. easy-to-use attraction technique.
  • What pro dating experts use for humor, guide a woman’s behavior, and control the underlying meaning of the interaction.
  • The 2 rules of being edgy, and how to know if you are being edgy correctly and make the girl leave the club with you highly likely.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of making girls mad or why it doesn’t matter if a girl gets irritated at you.
  • The amazing delay tactic that…

lets you come up with something
new in your head every time.

  • Two ways to lie and make stuff up in a completely obvious way. (And a terrifying way to get some edge going by being really outrageous.)
  • How to exchange emotionally interesting facts about each other’s lives while avoiding “filler” conversation as much as possible.
  • How to turn a really boring story and give it much more emotional impact and make it into something she can relate to. (It’s important she is able to relate to your stories.)
  • The advanced form of Qualification using the basic psychological human needs so you can get into a very deep conversation with women where you become a source of validation for her, especially when she is talking about something important to her.
  • The 13 things you have to do in the interaction so it doesn’t stall and it keeps moving forward. (This also avoids the interaction going on and on with no result for the work you’ve put into it.)
  • The most important words when it comes to finding out what your options are for the night. (This can be the difference between a night of passion or a night with Mrs. Jones and her 5 daughters.)
  • How to avoid wasting hours of “working” a girl only to find out, at the last moment, about a boyfriend, husband, or friends cockblocking you.
  • How to get her and her friends to leave with you. (And why more girls and fewer guys that come with you the better.)
  • The secret to consistent “natural” game in the Attraction phase so your success rate increases dramatically using the phases of natural game attraction.
  • How to constantly push things forward and…

take things to the next level.

  • And why you shouldn’t rely on girls to take things forward. (This is crucial to your success.)
  • What Tease Stacking is all about and how to handle the three (3) common reactions a woman can have in each situation automatically.
  • The underlying principle behind the Microloop Theory which psychologically conditions women to invest and work for you.
  • The six (6) absolute most common body language mistakes most guys make. (Be sure to stop doing these before they become bad habits.)
  • How to use the ‘number getting’ test to get her to ask you for your number without seeming needy.
  • A very simple text game technique you can use whether or not she replies to your text (or if you don’t hear from her).
  • The 2 phone messages that are both impossible to mess up and subtly lets her know that you are an attractive person… using minimal efforts to get crazy results.
  • The first thing you have to do if you’re ready to ask her out, and…

why you should never mention
the word ‘date’ to any woman
you haven’t slept with.

  • A typical sign she’s into you, and how you should handle it depending where you are in the interaction.
  • How to know if she really wants sex even if she’s verbally resisting so you can continue to escalate. (And how to tell if it’s definitely over for that night.)
  • Why daygame success depends highly on your ability to have a ‘normal’ conversation with women and a secret ingridient.
  • Two (2) types of daygame conversation starters you can use.
  • What you can do to get a good sense of what you can get away with in the day time… so you can you can push the interaction but not push too far.
  • What your goal should be in the next 10 minutes of interacting with her during the day.
  • How to use Value Velocity and the Romance Equation so you can be like super cool people where everything you say is brief but highly impactful.
  • The secret weapon to combat ending up as a dancing clown that gets the laugh but never the sex.  (Women love dancing clowns but don’t sleep with them.)
  • The 5 rules of ‘Serendipity Engineering’ and the basic building blocks of social interactions.
  • How to escalate the interaction, and create a lot of comfort.
  • Why really gorgeous women won’t give you the time of day if they don’t see that you know this one thing as well as they do.
  • How to navigate romantic interactions 3 seconds at a time, while the two of you are having an interaction, and the most fundamental rules of 3 second attraction.
  • How to make the Three Second Attraction system fit your personality. (The more congruent the system to your core personality, the better you will do.)

How to turn any technique “edgy” anytime regardless of what she’s saying!

  • The type of touch to use during the comfort phase to keep things hot between the two of you and avoid letting things stale out.
  • How to start all interaction, minimize resistance in the bedroom, make numbers less flaky, and get to know the girl.
  • The one technique that allows you to lower the energy level for Comfort or increase the energy for escalation without causing a stall out.
  • Something you do in the first 20 minutes of the interaction, and definitely, before the interaction is done, which doesn’t apply to daygame.
  • What makes body language effective when you enter and leave a venue. (Most guys only remember this when they are approaching.)
  • The key part in running natural game and the basis of all 3 Second Attraction-based interaction. (This helps prevent you from being out of sync with the rest of the interaction.)
  • The 4 key points to remember for Tease Stacking to get a girl invested early on in the interaction. (This is great for guys who have trouble sounding natural.)
  • How to use body language to convey emotional value, show interest or disinterest non-verbally, and fix common sticking points and pitfalls in your non-verbal communication.
  • The objective of phone game, and why you should do it sooner than later.
  • The secret to texting girls and how to start a romantic interaction with texting and get it going.
  • How to use texting to get around cockblocks and make the girl come looking for you that same night.
  • The three (3) common female behaviors that you have to learn how to handle (and how to deal with them).

How long should you keep going out with a girl to get her!

  • What you have to change in daytime (and why this system is ideally suited for having ‘normal’ conversation.)
  • Why you should practice having conversations with women in both day and night, even if you are a guy that prefers daytime interaction.
  • Examples of 3 Second Sexual Attraction implemented perfectly from the beginning of the interaction.


A complete plan on how to practice using the Three Second Attraction.

And a lot more…

You’ll also get “extras” including several special situation reports.

And there’s also the Audio Version of the entire course so you can listen to it anytime you want.

Plus, on the exclusive members-only website, you’ll get access to future releases and updated editions of Three Second Attraction for free.

You’ll also get new unpublished materials that will further help you not just in the field, but with your mindset and approach and other under-the-radar tactics.

Now to wrap this up…

Listen: Years ago, I saw videos of Mehow in action, and I’ve always wondered how he always seem to have so much fun with women others might say were ‘out of their league’, and how he always seem to make them laugh.

And by the end of the night, he’s taking them home.

So when I heard he’s putting together something, I can’t help but have that certain expectation.

And he didn’t disappoint. More than that, he brought something new to the game.

It’s all in Three Second Attraction.

You’ll know the Three Second Attraction secret and more importantly, why it works. Then show you how you can make it work in your life.

He breaks it apart and put it back together in an easy-to-understand logical way. He explains the precise structure of executing each concept and gives you plenty of examples.

But this is mostly what you do in the middle of the interaction.

More specifically in the Comfort Phase, the phase where the interaction is made or broken, where you’re getting to know her while raising her interest in you.

You can easily see that in the examples.

Having said that, you’re gonna have to rely on something else for your other skills. Of course, he suggests two of his other products to make-up for it.

And if you’ve read other attraction materials before, this is gonna give you a huge power up and enhance what you’re currently doing.

In fact, learning this is unfair.


Women who used to ignore you will suddenly start paying attention to you and ask you out on dates.

Then she’ll start to say stuff like ‘Stooop! you’re such an asshole!’ but with a smile on her face, while playfully hitting you, then she asks more about you.

If you want to be a more interesting and fun version of yourself that women are attracted to…

Here’s what you need to do now. Click the button below, watch the video presentation and follow the instructions given to you so you can check it out for yourself.

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