Imagine you’re walking on a busy street. It’s filled with people who can’t wait to get to their destination.

As you’re walking, you spot this girl. Stunning. Got a great style. Guys can’t help turning their heads as she walks by.

Can you stop her, get her attention, engage her in a few minutes of conversation, and meet again later that night?

You can if you…

Make Attracting Women A “Natural”
Part Of Your Daily Life!

That means meeting and talking to women on the streets, coffee shops, bus stops, airports, supermarket, and galleries.

Anywhere beautiful women are. Not just in bars and clubs.

Or, if you hate going to bars and clubs with drunk guys and loud music, you can just avoid going there altogether. Why would you go to a place with a lot of competition and the girls are wary of every guy if you can easily meet women somewhere else, right?

If you want to know how to captivate her during the day, you’ll find the exact steps in…

Daygame Blueprint.

It’s different when you approach women during the day. Their guard is down and they’re more open.

In fact…

Approaches During
The Day Is Rare.

So, an approach from you is unexpected and will immediately set you apart from all the rest.

She’ll consider it one of those chance meetings she read on romance novels and fairy tales. Think of it… as your chance to fulfill one of her childhood fantasies.


If you’re interested in learning about approaching women on the streets during the day time (or any time of the day), Daygame Blueprint is the most advanced program for that.

It’s a recording of a 3 day event in front of live students, complete with demonstrations and infield clips of the techniques in action.

There are 5 modules in the Daygame Blueprint with each module corresponding to each phase of the blueprint.

It’s a laid out in exactly the same steps you need to take to approach during the day.
And that makes it easy to go over if you need something from a specific part.

So what’s the first thing you need to do?

You need to…

get her attention.

You have to stop her. Everything about how to do this is described in the Capture Phase.

Here you’ll learn simple maneuvers to make her stop and grab her attention without startling her. Even how to stand and what you do with your hand is included.

Then you’ll know exactly what to say to start a natural flowing conversation using your own lines so you don’t have to be someone you’re not.

And you’ll get to see how it’s done with actual infield footage of Yad doing it on the streets.

Then you’ll need to…

trigger her attraction switches

… with what you’ll learn in the Attraction Phase.

Like… using your voice to keep her captivated regardless of the actual words you say. And how to stand in a way that conveys confidence and dominance while making her feel safe and at ease so you can get her to flirt with you and make you the most memorable guy she’s ever met.

And then know exactly when she’s interested so you can ask for her number or take her to an instant date.

You’ll get to see how it’s done with the infield footage.

Getting her phone number is not good enough if she’s not gonna reply or answer your calls. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to…

make her feel connected

… with you so she’ll trust you.

That’s what the Rapport Phase is for where you’ll find out how to connect with her on a deep emotional level.

You’ll know a “secret” to get her to do all the talking while while you sit back and relax. Plus conversation topics you can use to get her to open up to you.

Again, you’ll see how it’s done in the infield footage.

And now it’s time to taste the fruits of your hard work. Everything you’ve been doing so far is for this moment.

You’ll learn the techniques to…

make her want to sleep with you

… during the Seduction Phase.

First you have to escalate “smoothly” to make her completely comfortable sleeping with you. And understand how to handle her objections so she don’t feel bad about doing it and to lessen her resistance.

Here you’ll learn the easiest way to get her to kiss you and make her seduce you in bed.

And the strategies so your dates always ends up back at your place including items you must have in your house and setting up your bedroom so sex is inevitable.

Unfortunately, you won’t see Yad in action doing this, but you’ll see him get the girl back to his place in the next module called…

Advanced Daygame.

It has some advanced tactics to be used only when you’ve been through the first 4 modules.

This where you’ll learn how to approach and open girls in shops, malls, coffee shops, grocery stores, galleries, and museums.

And the right way to start a conversation with girls on bus, train, metro, and plane.  (It’s different from the street approach because she can’t walk away.)

This module includes other stuff from handling objections and tests, approaching groups of women, steps to sleep with her within minutes of approaching her, and the infield footage of the bounce back.

As you might have noticed, each module has an infield footage so you can see for yourself how each of the techniques works in action.

Final Thoughts

Daygame Blueprint is a framework where you can easily fit your own personality so it feels more natural as you become the kind of guy who attracts women no matter where you are or what you’re wearing.

And most of all… make meeting women fun!

This program is long (over 20 hours) and took me a while to get watch everything, so it’s better to watch each module and then do what’s in that module. Just knowing and seeing how it’s done is not enough to truly say you “get” it. You have to actually “do” it to understand.

Some say there’s way too much information and you can easily get information overload. Well, if watch it in one go, that will definitely happen.

No doubt the material is good and it goes deep into some topics like connection and self-esteem. But sometimes a speaker goes really deep into something which makes it kinda hard to understand at first.

And I like that it covers the mental (the mindset), physical (how to do), and verbal (what to say) aspect of each phase.

But there’s…

something you have to keep in mind…

It is based on Yad’s style. To understand where it came from or how it got started, how about a little history? Don’t worry I’ll keep it short.

It started when Yad read “The Game” but he didn’t like night clubs. And he wanted to find out if it’s possible to meet and attract women on daytime.

So he tried the streets learning the hard way.

After 3 years and thousands of approaches, he developed his own style (direct, honest, and spontaneous) allowing him to date girls way out of his league.

Yad’s approach is not about looks but about energy and vibe and being in the moment. And Yad’s a charismatic guy.

So, first you should know Yad and see him in action.

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If you’re excited about meeting girls whenever you see one wherever you are.

And if you’re willing to get rejected again and again to get rid of your social fears in an environment where you can be yourself the most while being engaging…

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