What Makes A Man Attractive: The 6 Elements of Attraction

Want to entice a lover?

These are the main things to pay attention to!

Guys who regularly fail with women forget about these important elements of attraction that makes a man attractive and motivates a woman do what she can to be with him.

We’ll start with…

Body Language

As you know, these are the messages sent through your body movements, facial expressions, voice tone, hand gestures, and posture that register almost immediately.

Generally speaking, it is how you carry yourself overall and is a critical element of your personal charisma.

If your body language shows that you are comfortable in your surrounding, relaxed in the company of people, socially savvy, and aware of your body and how it looks, you’ll be able to generate some attraction around you very easily.

However, if you don’t communicate these body language signals, you risk putting women off before you get any real chance of actually talking with them.

They won’t dislike you.

They’ll just see you as shy or awkward and probably hard to talk to.

It basically puts a barrier between you and the women you want to attract which will block most of your chances for further interaction with most of the fairer sex.

I’m pretty sure that’s not what you want.

Furthermore, having proper body language is powerful.

You can display confidence and high-status through your controlled, casual, and smooth movements and when you…

Don’t lean in too much when talking to people.

Walk in a way as if you are not afraid to be seen (not like a sack of potatoes). Have a smiling face, an upbeat tempo, expressive eyes and facial expressions.

You see, the way you move and the way you express yourself non-verbally either makes you sexy, attractive and desirable.

Or not.

If you want to have the right body language, you’ll have to work on your mindset since it involves the expression of your emotions and underlying personality.

Then there’s your…


If people you talk to are always asking you to repeat yourself, they may find it too much trouble to always have to try to make out what you’re trying to say.

So instead of asking you to repeat yourself, sometimes they’ll pretend they’ve heard you and respond with a “…Yeah…” or they’ll just move on to someone they have an easier time understanding.

It’s also a lot harder to draw attention to yourself when you are in a group conversation and want to speak. Even if you get to speak, it’s more likely someone else will jump in and start talking over you.

Moreso in louder environments like dance clubs where it becomes close to impossible to socialize and make yourself heard.

Obviously, a soft or quiet speaking voice can get in the way of your social success. Same is true if you have a tendency to mumble, talk too quickly, or trail off.

Also, talking softly can lead to
negative experiences

Being asked to repeat yourself, being told you’re too quiet, and being ignored can injure your confidence and can make you feel even more hesitant and afraid to contribute when you socialize in the future.

A quiet and mumbled voice easily leads to a bad impression because some people believe that meek, apprehensive individuals aren’t worth knowing, and that, if you speak in a quiet voice, you fall into that category.

Clearly, you’ll have a simpler time of things if your speaking voice is easy to understand. When you…

  • Project your voice so it’s clear and confident.
  • Speak ‘from the belly’ rather than through your nose, or higher up in your chest.
  • Pronounce your words fully.
  • Don’t speak too quickly; loud and quick is not much better than quiet and quick.
  • Look at her in the eye while you talk to a girl and make sure there is emotion in your voice as well as your face.

If you need more help in this area, here are some suggestions:

  • Seek a Speech therapist.
  • Enroll in a class that will teach you how to use your voice more effectively like acting lessons, singing lessons and public speaking.
  • Speaking courses offered through your school or university are also good choices.

There are also things you can try on your own: Read books out loud every day to exercise your voice and get comfortable speaking more loudly.

Or just about anything you can do that can get you speaking at a higher volume.

Let’s move on to…


Personality may trump over physical attraction but that doesn’t mean you should overlook your appearance because physical attraction definitely plays a part in getting the kind of relationship you want.

If you are mostly looking for short-term, sexual encounters, you may want to look your best because that’s when physical appearance has a bigger role than almost everything else.

It may become less important as the relationships you seek lean toward the long-term intimacy and sharing though.

So then, what tends to be the most physically attractive to others?


It is those that serve as the best indicators of health and fitness.

That’s why you should be taking care of your basic physical fitness, proper grooming, hairstyle, etc because these are the things that you can do to your general appearance that will make you more physically attractive.

If you want to improve your appearance to what most women consider attractive, make sure to take some cues to what you see in popular men’s fashion magazines and reference them as you develop your own style. This at least guarantees that your shoes fit with rest of your outfit.

As you know, the right outfit can flatter your more attractive features, while hiding or downplaying others.

With that in mind, you should figure out what about you that you like most, and play that up.

Emphasize your natural features, especially the ones that make you become more uniquely appealing.

Your choices will give her a glimpse into your world. So think what kind of message you want to convey with your pair of shoes. The same goes for the rest of your choices.

In addition, your clothes, shoes, and haircut shouldn’t be the same when you were in your teenage years. You have definitely changed since then and your style should have, too.

Having said all that, avoid wearing ill fitted clothes. Don’t wear something way too tight. Baggy isn’t better because it can make you look even bigger.

Avoid dressing like a bum. If it’s stained, ripped, pilled, or chewed, get rid of it. Give your worn out threads to actual bums.

If you’re not clean, your attractiveness takes a dive.

And, try to appropriately dress for the situation at hand.

Let’s move on.

As you probably know, there’s more to attractiveness than what people see with their eyes which can be more motivating for longer-term and emotionally intimate connections. What I’m talking about is…


Personality makes you unique based on the patterns of your thinking, feeling, and behaviors.

If you are likable, interesting and pleasant to be with, you probably have what most people consider a good personality.

Having a pleasant and cheerful personality is even better because it can bring out the best out in others and in one’s self.

As you know, nothing is more tiresome than trying to talk to someone who has no opinion on anything.

So at least be a little

To be interesting and get a girl interested, identify what kind of person you are. Become totally aware of what you believe in, what you love, what you hate, and the people you admire.

Know thyself before you become someone whose company others seek.

Here are some ways you can become an interesting person:

  • Read more and learn more about arts, music, literature, sports, etc.
  • Stay on top of current events so you can express an informed opinion which will make you a good conversationalist.
  • To develop good communication skills. take a genuine interest in others.
  • Cultivate a variety of interests because the more you cultivate new interests, the more interesting you are to others.

This alone gives you the opportunity to share what you know and to exchange your views with them.

If you can, make sure you develop all aspects of your self. Develop a unique style, perspective, or skill you can share with others and that will separate you from the crowd.

I’m pretty sure these can already get you busy for a while. So get started.

By the way, taking simple steps to be more handsome, having a pleasant personality, and sharing something unique about yourself can make it easier for you to…

Create Connections

You could say that establishing a connection and being able to bond with a girl is what creates trust and liking.

And what I mean by bonding is developing a strong feeling of rapport between you and a woman that goes beyond the basic level of knowing one another.

You’ll feel like you can trust each other, that you know quite a lot about each other, and that you want to get to know each other more.

And that’s when you know, after a few minutes of interaction with you, she’s ready for the next stage.

So what makes a girl feel like they bond, connect, or “click”?

On a surface level, making eye contact, nodding your head, and smiling will help a lot.

But if you really want to create a deeper connection with her, be aware of your own feelings and be “real” in your connecting with her.

Rather than just asking and answering a lot of questions, you’ll create a greater connection with her if you use statements and share things about yourself; share stories with enthusiasm, show passion and emotion for a topic.

Try to see the world from her point of view and you’ll understand her thoughts, emotions, needs, and dreams.

Because if you want women to more often click with you, make them the focus of the conversation, show interest and support for their views and be non-judgmental, no matter what they tell you.

This establishes trust in the relationship.

It is important you learn the skills to create rapport with others so you can have conversations that create a feeling of intimacy and connection.

However, creating deep connections and forgetting about the next one below will put you in the dreaded friend zone.

Because if you want to create that sexual spark, you’ll also need to be sending some convert sexual signals through…

Flirting: a key step in the pursuit of sex

Flirting lets a girl know you are attracted to her sexually without outright saying it by expressing your interest through a variety of subtle ways like holding her gaze for two to three seconds — a trick you can use to get her looking at you more often.

Moreover, it is one of the easiest things you can do to start flirting. Add a winning smile and you’re off to a good start.

Then as you’re talking to her about something fun and lighthearted, accidentally break the touch barrier.

While you’re at it, remember to keep a balance between revealing too much and keeping her intrigued.

You see, it’s about teasing the woman and giving her a bit of a challenge, all without it looking like you’re only doing it to make her like you.

It‘s might seem difficult at first but if you want to flirt effortlessly and without fear, you must practice.

Just have fun and be playful.

Now, while flirting is a key step toward initially attracting a girl, it is equally critical in keeping your relationship healthy.

Actually, flirting can even keep yourself healthy because apparently, studies show that those who flirt are found to have more white blood cells in their body.

So don’t forget to flirt with your girlfriend or wife.

Keep flirting even when you’re
in a relationship

Let’s sum it all up.

Look, being attractive is about how you put yourself together and how you behave.

And to be attractive and have a satisfying social life, at first, you can do what comes best and naturally to you.

Then work on the skills and traits that may help you establish the kinds of relationships you want. Know how to smile, flirt, and get noticed with your body language and personality.

Especially improve areas that may seriously limit your attractiveness like poor hygiene, gloomy personality, and extreme shyness.

This will help you get better at attracting women.

Furthermore, if you want to know how to properly use your attractiveness and not be afraid to be a man who goes after what he wants, check out The 4 Elements of Game.

It is a seriously good book.

Click here to check it out!



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