There’s nothing that makes a guy more creepy and surrounds himself with dark clouds of miasma than looking and acting desperate.

If you look desperate and don’t want to make every woman in the nearby vicinity move away from you in horror…

… you have to avoid looking so desperate all the time. And it’s simple and easy to do, too. Just apply yourself to make some changes and you’ll soon see brighter days.

You know what desperation can do to you, right?

It makes you do things you’ll regret. And, generally, makes you unattractive to women.

You see, if you’re desperate, you’ll be trying too hard to get her to like you. And you many even lie about some things to impress her. And that’s not how it’s done if you want to attract women.

That won’t end good for you. It doesn’t help. Not at all.

So, what do you need to do then to avoid looking so desperate? Well, you gotta focus on the one that’s basically causing you all this desperation.

It’s your mindset. It affects everything you do and what everyone thinks of you.

That’s why you gotta change your way of thinking. It all starts there, inside your mind. That’s why PUA’s call it “Inner Game”.

And there’s an inner game concept called the abundance mentality.

If you adopt this mindset of having abundance, you’ll never look desperate again. Ever.

What does it mean to have abundance? That’s simple. You just believe in yourself that there are an abundance of everything in your life.

Women are everywhere. If one girl doesn’t like you, you move on. It’s that easy.

Since there’s another girl out there waiting to talk to you, why would you feel desperate about someone who won’t give you a second of her time? You won’t.

You see, if you know how to attract women and you can use your body language right, the experience will keep rolling in and, you’ll experience true abundance.

You’ll eliminate all feelings of desperation in your life. Guaranteed!