How to Develop a Sense of Humor That Attracts Women

You make her smile with your humor

“I have no sense of humor!”

Well, that’s a shame.

Your sense of humor (if you have one) can be your most valuable asset when you’re talking to a girl and you’re trying to attract her.

You see, most women rate a guy with a good sense of humor very highly. It’s one of the qualities women look for in a man.

So it’s to your advantage that you develop your sense of humor to a level that attracts women effortlessly.

Your kind of humor might be different than others and you might not find everything funny, but developing your sense of humor further will help you a lot be easier on yourself.

Improving Your Sense of Humor

A good point of reference is knowing when others are telling a joke or being funny. You can ask yourself why and what made it funny. Was it surprising or exaggerated? Humor often goes against the expected.

When someone tells a joke, they’ll usually show physical signs like expressive gestures or expressions and sudden changes in voice. This will help you learn humor that you find funny.

If you find something funny, you can use it in conversations with friends. That way you can also find if they also share your sense of humor and ask what makes them laugh.

Most things need context to make them funny. So it’s often the first you look at when you don’t get a joke. If you think you’re missing the context, you can ask your friend to explain the joke.

The things that amuse you might also be related to what you’re good at. And people will usually your humor as a reflection of your personality.

Don’t Be Too Serious

Being funny comes to some guys naturally. It’s just in their personality. They are not serious about anything in their life.

But you don’t want to be like a clown. Because it doesn’t attract women. It makes them laugh but not attracted.

You need to develop a sense of humor that women positively responds to. Humor that gets them wanting to have more of you. And they can’t help it.

If you want to develop your humor, you have to look at things differently. Humor is all around you, you just have to see it. You can joke about almost anything from pouring coffee to walking dogs. Anything can be fodder for humor.

Saying it’s a good day for a picnic even when it’s snowing outside may not be that funny but the girl you’re with may just like you more for it. So see the lighter side of life.

Unexpected things that happen all the time can be used as inspiration for great humor.

You can make up jokes just by looking at how absurd certain situations can be. Funny stories are often just like that. That illogical decision you made that one time can be a good example.

Or maybe you had an amusing childhood, an awkward experience in school, hilarious stories about friends. When you think of moments in your life you laughed the most, it’s mostly from something that naturally happened and not a joke.

Make Fun Of Life

Humor is such a great way of dealing with the problems life throws at you, that you should learn to laugh at yourself and take things lightly. Laughing at your mistakes is a great way to de-stress. And you can turn it into a funny story later.

Take a step back and create a bit of distance so you can see the situation from a different perspective. This will set you up to finding the funny side in life and they way to find humor in everything.

Just relax and look around. You can’t be funny if you’re tight and you can’t be creative without being relaxed. It will be good for you to take some time in your day to relax and allow yourself to laugh.

And humor uses a lot of creative power if you’re not used to it.

And for one, it can be awkward if you force something to be funny. No one will laugh and things will just get pretty embarrassing quickly. The best humor don’t happen by force.

You don’t plan to make people laugh; you allow it to happen on its own.

Of course, there are certain things you should not joke about.

Making fun of someone’s appearance or trait that puts them in a bad light is the type of humor you want to avoid.

If you’re serious about learning humor, you should study funny people. So hang around others who enjoy laughing and someone with a great sense of humor. Maybe it’s your friend, co-worker, or uncle.

Listen to their jokes and funny stories and find out what makes them funny and try to use it yourself. You’ll find it easier to insert humor naturally into any situation.

You can even observe kids that you find funny.

Kids Are Funny

When you were a kid, I’m pretty sure you’re funny, too.

Kids see things differently. They’re not held back with anything, and just do whatever the hell they want.

Whether they’re being silly or annoying, they are free to express that side of them without inhibition.

They don’t care what other people think — something you should adopt if you want to develop your sense of humor.

Hang around with kids to help you lighten up and embrace your silly or goofy side and you can make people laugh. Just focus on things that are amusing to you.

Immersing In Funny

One more useful activity you can do is study comedy. Watch comedians and read humorous comics or novels. See funny movies and shows. Late night shows are often good at using conversational humor and don’t rely on jokes.

Exposing yourself to things that are funny is a great way to improve your sense of humor. Even watching and observing people and their reactions will let you hone in on the things that make people laugh.

But if you want a sense of humor that attracts women, you have to develop a sense of humor used by high value attractive men, high status humor. This humor training gives you the needed humor exercises that gives you the kind of attractive humor that works well if you want to get any kind of woman attracted to you.

Then you’ll be able to use humor to attract women easily.

In Closing

Developing your sense of humor will not only make you funny and attractive, but it will also make you more friendly. If you find yourself easily offended or upset, humor can reveal some deeply buried insecurities and fears as well.

The resilience you develop along with your humor can make it easy for you to live your life no matter how dark it becomes.

Still here? You are awesome!

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