First Date Ideas


First dates… you want to impress the girl, and if you really like her, make sure it’s not your last date with her.

There are a lot of things you can do on the first date, what’s important is the fun factor and that she gets to know your personality and you know hers as well.

It doesn’t have to be a serious dinner or a movie like what your grandparents did, it just have to be enjoyable for both of you and that you learn something about your date.

It should allow for some easy conversation where you can talk about (mostly) anything under the sun with no pressure at all. It should give you a better idea of where to take her on the first date if you know about what she likes or what kind of girl she is.

Take into account her personality and interests. Is she more of an outdoorsy type of girl or the type who likes to be more homey and bake cakes and stuff. You should think about this since not all date ideas will work on every girl.

Any activity where you can engage in a friendly competition while having a relaxed, fun and comfortable conversation will keep your date engaged and from getting bored. This is a good thing if you want to have a second date with her by next week.

A classic example would be bowling, golf, or any other low-intensity sport where you can take your time and still have room to talk and enjoy each others company.

If she’s the outdoorsy type who likes adventures and trips, you can take her hiking or a trip to a good nature getaway. Ice skating is another good choice if your girl likes being active.

A good place for a relaxed and quiet time together are museums, aquariums, and art galleries where you’ll find many interesting things to talk about if both of you enjoys art or fish.

First dates are also a great time to try new things. With something new, she’ll remember the experience of being with you having fun, making the bond between the two of you to grow deeper and stronger.

Before you go on your date, however, be sure you’re fully prepared and ready to have a good time with her. And remember to avoid these dating mistakes so you don’t mess up your chances with her.


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