How to Overcome Approach Anxiety


Most guys who are not used to regularly approaching and meeting women, and who are just starting out on the road to attracting women experience approach anxiety.

What is approach anxiety?

Approach anxiety is what you experience when you approach or initiate a social interaction with someone unfamiliar to you. It is the sudden feeling of fear of being judged, rejected, or embarrassed during the interaction.

You often feel this as intense discomfort or nervousness.

You’ll know you have approach anxiety when you feel nervous, your breath becomes shallow, you get sick in your stomach and you convince yourself not to approach or do anything.

You notice your heart rate going up, sweating, or trembling. At the same time, you’ll be attacked with self-doubt and excessive worry.

It’s when you see a girl you want to meet, and then you start doubting yourself as you feel tense and anxious and scared something horrible will happen to you if you go and talk to her.

It’s the first hurdle you have to overcome to get good at attracting women.

It stops you from starting a conversation. It gives you trouble every time you want to meet a beautiful woman.  And slows you down when you give in to approach anxiety.

When you’re simply too scared to make a move, your confidence will suffer and your approach anxiety will become worse. And the impact on your social life will be bad, really bad.

How do you overcome approach anxiety?

If you don’t conquer your approach anxiety, you’ll never get anywhere with meeting women. And that’s why it’s important that you know how to overcome it, quickly.

If you didn’t approach and just stayed where you are, looking at her direction, and a few seconds has passed… your approach anxiety has the better of you.

So, if you want to overcome approach anxiety, there are a few simple things you can do.

Understand why it’s happening

You can better understand why it happens and lessen its effect on you when you want to meet women.

Most of the time, you get nervous since you’re making it look like she’s too important or too great. Even if she is beautiful, you’ll never really know her unless you try talking to her.

And you think that way because you’re not confident enough with women and when your self-esteem is on the floor.

Another reason approach anxiety kicks in is because you fear you’ll be rejected by this girl in front of her friends and everyone watching. Although it’s possible, it’s highly unlikely. No one really cares about what you’re doing or what happens to you.

It is important to recognize and question these negative thoughts. Then replace them with a more positive one.

So when you overcome this fear of rejection, you’ll be halfway to overcoming your approach anxiety.

Slowly get into things

If approaching a girl makes you anxious, it is fine to slowly expose yourself to such situations.

Start with smaller steps, such as initiating a conversation with a friendly friend of a friend.

As you get more comfortable, gradually raise the difficulty. Push yourself to step out of your comfort zone. And with each small achievement, you will build your confidence and reduce anxiety over time.

Additionally, do not put too much pressure on yourself or expect a fairy tale outcome to every situation. It is okay to make mistake. Learn from each social situation.

Improve your attraction skills

Another thing that contributes to approach anxiety is the lack of understand of how attraction works hence you’ll have no idea what to do or what to say even after you’ve successfully approached the girl.

When you’ve taken care of those, you can prepare yourself mentally and physically so you’ll have a better chance at starting a conversation and continuing the interaction and then decide what to do after that.

You’ll have the confidence and control of a natural at meeting women. And you can move things to sex or a relationship with the woman you chose, stress-free and with great results.

If you don’t deal with your approach anxiety, it can severely impact your social life. It can prevent them from pursuing new opportunities, engaging in social activities, or forming meaningful connections with others.

If you experience it more severely than others, you can learn to manage and overcome it.



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