It’s natural for women to want to have sex with a man.

After all, it’s what we’re all here — on this planet — to do. If women are not having sex with men, the human species will simply not survive.

But they don’t really care about that consciously, even though survival is the underlying reason behind their every action and even though it’s encoded in their genes. Well, that’s the almost hidden reason why women have sex.

So with that out of the way… let’s look at the emotional and physical reason (and sometimes material reasons) why women have sex. (Although, it’s obviously because it feels good.)

According to a research interview done by a couple of scientist asking the same question… one of the reasons why women have sex is to boost their self-esteem or to keep their lovers. That makes sense, since no one wants to be left alone.

On the other side, women can use sex to get all sorts of things she wants. Money, promotion, and revenge are only some of the things women can get using sex in any stage of a relationship.

They also use it to keep their partner so he doesn’t stray off, make him feel good, make him feel bad for cheating, even to get him into a relationship with her.

But, even with all that, the majority of women have sex for pure physical pleasure.

Because it feels so damn good. Even at an early age, they’ll have sex to find out if they like it. Then they’ll brag about it to their friends.

And there are a few more other reasons why women have sex from the honestly good to the downright bad. But the majority is as you’ve read.

No wonder they give out subtle “come hither” signals to any man they like. And it’s your job to notice those signals at the right time. Then make your move if you find her attractive and interesting enough.