Questions To Ask Women On A First Date

First dates may lead you to roses and sunshine full of burning passion or a scorching desert with nothing but a mirage of an oasis.

Although it can be nerve-wracking, the anticipation to meet a girl on a first date is enough to make you daydream. But before you expect too much, having a slew of questions to ask women on a date, can be an easy way to maintain a conversation.

If you’re looking for first-date questions to make your date with the girl you like a moment to remember, you’re in luck.

To really get to her heart, you should prepare your own interesting queries and well-chosen first-date questions based on what you actually want to know about her.

Great questions ensure you never have to endure awkward moments of silence or bad small talk. Instead, you’ll have the chance to enjoy engaging, open-minded, and easy back-and-forth conversations with a girl. I’m sure she’ll enjoy your company so much she can’t wait for the next date with you.

Aside from having a good engaging conversation with your date, good first-date questions should allow you to get to know her personality, past, compatibility, and whether you’re a good fit for each other more quickly.

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7 Big Common First Date Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Many men unknowingly make some pretty common mistakes on their first date.

If you didn’t know, the purpose of the first date is to pave the way for the second date. But if you make too many annoying or embarrassing mistakes on the first date… that make your date doesn’t want to see your face again, your chances of seeing her on a second date won’t be happening anytime soon — or ever.

And it doesn’t take much to wreck a perfectly good first date.

So if you don’t want a mistake to cost you a second date, you need to be aware of several big first date mistakes to avoid.

What are these mistakes you need to avoid so your first dates don’t end up your last?

Below are some of the deal breakers you’ll need to avoid:

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