How to Never Run Out of Things to Say

How do you come up with things to talk about?

If you’re the type of person who don’t seen to know what to say most of the time and…

Envy someone who can talk about anything and seem never stop talking, this could be your lucky day.

Keeping the conversation going can be simple if you know the things on this page. Of course, it can be a problem if you talk non-stop or talk too much, so be sure to know when to stop.

Why You Run Out Of Things To Say

You’ll run out of things to say mostly if you’re nervous or you’re thinking of something else. If you’re not paying attention or listening to her, you’ll get your tongue tied and your brain will stop thinking about what to say next.

What you can do when this happens to you is to slow down. Relax, talk slowly, and let your brain process what’s going on right now.

Another reason could be you’re out of words, literally. It will help you to improve your vocabulary. Never be at a loss for words again.

Secret To Effortless Conversation

One secret to effortless conversation and never running out of things to say is if you’re passionate about something and you have endless information about the subject.

Someone who’s passionate and excited about something can talk and talk for hours without stopping.

Ever met someone who just go on and on about a subject they’re really into? You’ll notice they never run out of things to say. They know almost everything about the subject.

So at the most fundamental, if you have something you’re passionate about, learn everything you can about that subject. Have a deep understand about it.

However, if the girl you’re with doesn’t seem too interested about what you like to talk about and you seem to be boring her, you’ll have to change what you’re talking about.

Since not everyone you talk to will have the same interest as you, it’s important that you know a lot of things.

What that means is you should read — a lot.

Most of the information today is free. Unlike a hundred years ago, where it cost a fortune to buy a book, the internet makes it possible to deep dive into anything you want to know about.

So follow where your interest takes you.

If you allot a set time each day to read a book or a newspaper, you’ll be able to discover new things and have something to tell about it.

When you can be knowledgeable about a lot of things, you are free to talk about these things and have an opinion about them.

Even now, you probably have a lot of opinions about many things. Don’t be afraid to tell them. If the woman you’re having a conversation with tells you something — anything — tell her your opinion about it. Or even what you feel about the subject.

Another great advantage about being knowledgeable is you can explain it enough and give a lot of examples. This can create different tangents that can take the conversation anywhere.

Along the way, you’ll both pick up something in common you can keep talking about.

You’ll end up with a lot of things to talk about. So be prepared for a long conversation.

And if you’re doing something exciting in your life, you can talk about it with excitement and enthusiasm. And your mind will keep working and finding out things you could say and explore.

You could talk about your life openly and make the girl you’re talking to drawn to you with excitement.

You’ll never be boring and you won’t talk about anything boring. You don’t need to hide what you’re thinking because it’s mundane and not worth talking about.

If you have control of your life, you’ll have control of the conversation and the topics you can talk about. You can lead the interaction and take it to where you want it to go.

That’s the control you want.

How To Let The Conversation Flow Naturally

And even if you never run out of things to talk about, that doesn’t mean you should just talk and talk until she leaves. Let her talk and just listen to her.

Most of the time, she’ll have a ton of things to add to the conversation. Women likes to talk anyway and you should allow them where you attentively listen to them.

When you get her really talking, you don’t have to talk because she will do the talking. She’ll likely thing you’re a great conversationalist without talking.

Listening helps you figure her out and find out things about her you’ll never know if you kept talking. It will also give you an idea what direction you should stir the conversation to.

And by listening, you’ll be able to ask questions that can open up more things to talk about. This can be easier if the girl you’re talking to likes to chatter.

Find out what she loves to do and what she’s interested in. You’ll learn something new.

If you know how to ask good questions, you’ll never run out of things to say.

When you find a good topic to talk about where she has a lot of opinions about, especially if her opinion differs from yours, then you’ve opened a door for the conversation to flow naturally.

Even if she is not that talkative, asking the right question can make a big difference on how the conversation develops.

The next thing you know, you’re on a topic completely unrelated to the previous one. That’s just how conversations go.

When you have genuine interest about her, you’ll most often find that you don’t need to think about what to say, the conversation will have a life of its own and continue automatically.

It’s one of the simplest and easiest ways most guys ignore to never run out of things to say to a girl. If you want the conversation to flow naturally, listen. If you want to have a fun and engaging conversation with her, listen. That’s it.

Another great thing you can do to not only get her talking but also deepen your bond and relationships with her is to ask for advice.

If you have a problem, seek her advice. This may lead to you telling her about many personal things which in turn may incite her to also talk about something personal about her.

Advanced Conversation Techniques

In the best of conversations, there is this give and take between talking and listening. The role of listen and speaker is shared. There is an interactive rhythm. 1

If you don’t know how to listen, all the advanced conversation techniques you’ll learn will become almost useless when you need them the most.

If you want to be a natural at keeping conversations going and be able to hold conversations with girls for hours without making it boring, check out Conversation Escalation for more advanced techniques you can use right away.

Lots of guys can talk but actually not say anything of meaning. If you want to make the conversation stand out, you have to know how to have a proper conversation. You’ll need to properly listen and ask the right questions that draw out deep thinking from your conversation partner.

This is how you can talk about anything boring and make it interesting.


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