Break ups are painful. But it happens anyway without your control. When the relationship you had is already at the point of no return.

It’s especially painful when you don’t want to let go of the relationship, your ex, and the fun times you’ve had together as a couple.

Getting over a break up is never easy, but you have to move on (even if you don’t want to) if you don’t want to be trapped in the past for the rest of your life and if getting your ex back is not an option.

To make your break up a little easier… give yourself some time to think alone. Don’t contact your ex in any way. Give yourself some space and stay away from your ex completely for a while.

During this time, you can think of the reason why you two broke up. If it’s your decision, don’t think about what could have been. Don’t second-guess yourself. Every relationship has it’s good and bad side, though, in this case the bad overwhelmed the good.

Accept the situation and don’t blame anyone about the break up. Accept your responsibility if you’ve made mistakes and caused the relationship to deteriorate. But don’t blame yourself for the past, instead try to keep that in mind so you don’t repeat it in your next relationship.

This is also a good time to have your friends around. Having them around will keep you from thinking about what happened and they’ll help you cheer up and move on. You can also do different activities and find new pleasures in life with them.

You don’t have to be stuck doing the same thing that reminds you of your ex. This is the perfect time to do something different. If you’ve always wanted to try something new, take this chance to do it.

Keep yourself busy. You could be going on a trip, tackling a new project, or just keeping your body fit and healthy. Moving your body will help you with your mood and blocks depression, too.

Do something to release all that pent-up frustration and hate. Even small things will help to letting go of those negative emotions. All those negative emotions will not help you move on and get over your break up.

Release it in some way, accept the situation, and think of the future. Forget about what happened in the past no matter how good or bad it feels. Think of it as starting over again with someone new and more exciting than your previous relationship.