What You Need to Know About Women

There are things that every man needs to know about women.

If you want to successfully attract beautiful women, there are certain things you need to know about them so you can understand them. And when you understand them deep enough, attracting women will come to you naturally and effortlessly.

That’s an undeniable fact.

Those who don’t know things about women simply don’t last with them and are forever confused by the species known as human females.

On that note, stereotypes don’t apply to all women. Many don’t fall into any of the typical categories. So don’t assume the woman you meet to fit into any standard. Don’t expect her fit in a mold in your head.

Women are complex

Some examples of things you need to know about women…

  • Women talk, a lot.
  • She wants you to listen. Women just wants to be heard and validated.
  • Women love attention. Give her a compliment and you’ll make her day.
  • The little things matter to her. It’s not about the big gestures that impresses her it’s the details. The thoughtfulness you put in your actions often say the most.
  • Women cry, a lot. Women cry between 30 and 64 times a year compared to men who only cry around 6 to 17 times.
  • She can’t decide what to wear.
  • She’s more likely to outlive you since women, on average, live 2–5 years longer than men. This is true in every country in the world.
  • She’s not looking for answers. Sometimes she has things on her mind and likes to vent. You don’t need to fix her problems.
  • A woman has more sex when she’s most fertile.
  • She wants to talk dirty, but she’s worried you won’t respect her in the morning.

Know what she wants

One of the things you need to know about women is their wants. What are they looking for in man. What makes them attracted to a man they’ll willing to get him no matter what it takes.

Yes, women are willing to chase a man if the man knows what he’s doing and he’s high value enough to make the effort worthwhile for the women.

Making women chase you works better than the other way around. And for one thing, women love the chase. And they enjoy it as much as men do.

Women and friends

Another thing you need to know about women is that they’re socially adept.

Women, starting from a young age, are generally more interested in facial expressions, emotional tones in voices, and non-verbal cues than men.

Try to get along with her friends.

Most women always have a group of close friends they gossip with and go shopping with every week. They talk about men and stuffs about relationship most guys have no interest in.

Here’s another thing they like:

She may ask you how you think she is compared to her female friends, but that’s a trap. You don’t want to compare her as women hate being compared. You’ll only upset her if you do.

Women and drama

They particularly love drama as much as they love romance.

Drama is a regular part of women’s life and their drama never seems to run out since they create one whenever they feel like it.

Don’t be surprise if she invents a minor crisis every week. This could be the reason why women are more likely to remain calm during emergencies than men.

If you want to handle women, you got to know how to handle her drama. She can’t live without tension. She’s gonna pick a fight with you for no reason. Accept this and your relationship will make a lot more sense.

If they involve you in their drama, you gotta be prepared. They’ll intuitively know whether you can handle it or not. They’ll see right through you since women can easily read your body language. They’re natural experts at it.

Women and emotions

That’s why you can’t treat them like one of the guys. They’re fundamentally different from us guys. They’re emotional and sometimes unstable on a certain time each month.

You can be considerate and understanding.

You’ll get along just fine if you are in tune with your emotions. Don’t put up walls.

So, you need to play your role as man a woman follows and covet. They have their own roles to play to make the relationship work. If one of you neglects your role, there will be drama for sure.

If you want to learn about modern gender roles, you can read about it from the The Tao of Badass.

Know more about women

And lastly, if you want to know more about women, spend more time with them and get to know them deeper both emotionally and physically.

  • Talk to them and ask them questions about their lives, their interests, and their dreams.
  • Read books that can help you learn more about women. These resources can provide you tips on how to communicate with and relate to women better.
  • And of course, the more time you spend with women, the better you’ll be able to understand them.

And once you’re able to understand them at a level where you can bring them happiness consistently, you’ll reap the rewards only very few men in history were able to taste.

Remember, every woman is different. Each one is unique and can have different preferences and perspectives.

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