If you’re able to understand women, you won’t have a problem trying to attract, getting into a relationship, and keeping that relationship with any woman on the planet.

That may sound too amazing, but that’s what I believe.

But to understand women, you must first understand yourself. And use that understanding of yourself to understand women.

Almost all women want and need the same thing from a biological and evolutionary perspective.

Yet, each woman is unique in their own way. That’s why most men think they’re complicated and confusing no matter what they try to understand them.

Knowing what they want in general is one thing, but individually, if you want to understand women, all you have to do is… listen.

Here’s what it means to actually listen: You have to give her your full attention. Make eye contact, give her some signs that you’re actually listening, and let her know that you understand.

Remember to pay attention to her body language. She may say one thing, but if her body language doesn’t agree to what she’s telling you with her words, you have to dig deeper to really understand her.

This does not only apply when she has something important to say. You have to observe how she is in the natural world. How she acts when she’s around you and how she reacts when you do something. How she is with her friends and family.

It may seem like a lot of work, but if you truly wish to understand women you’ll do it.

Talk to a lot of women everyday, get their opinion, and enjoy their company. There’s no replacement to being around women if you want to understand them completely.