How to Read Her Body Language More Effectively

If you want to know what a girl is feeling and thinking, you have to understand nonverbal cues.

That means being able to read body language.

Reading body language is such an essential part of attraction (and communication in general) that without it you’re like using Morse code to attract the woman you like.

Or you’ll be as good as blind to what she’s actually feeling.

To put things simply, if you want to interpret a woman’s body language, know if she’s flirting with you, or tell if she is attracted to you, you need to be able to read her body language accurately.

In this short article, I’ll help you understand the basics of body language and a simple exercise you can use to practice to improve your ability to read body language.

What is Body Language?

Body language is the silent yet most truthful and powerful means a woman communicates with a man.

In fact, more meaning is carried through language of the body than any verbal communication can ever hope to carry.

It’s the universal language.

It’s the subtle cues we send non-verbally.

Every human uses it. And even non-humans uses it.

If you hope to catch someone, know the truth, and clear everything that clouds the true meaning of her message, read her body language.

If you want to snatch a glimpse into her hidden emotions and personality, learn to decode her nonverbal cues.

You mostly can’t go wrong.

By reading body language, you’ll be able to tell positive signs of interest, signs of discomfort, and other warning signs you need to watch out for.

Tips to Help You Read Body Language

Some of the things you want to be on the look out for include:

Facial expression. The face can give you a lot of information. And will often clue you in on her emotions. Observe for chances in her eyes, mouth, and overall facial tension.

Eye contact. Does she have an attentive gaze or is her eyes wandering. Sustained eye contact can mean she’s engaged while avoiding eye contact might suggest she’s uncomfortable.

Hands and Arms. The position of the arms, whether it’s closed or open. The position of her hands, if it’s closed or open. Open palms may convey openness and honesty while clenched fist might indicate anger or tension.

Posture. Her posture and whether she’s facing you directly or away from you. An upright posture often indicates confidence while slouched shoulders can mean discomfort.

Tone of Voice. Does her volume matches yours. What’s her rate of speech?

Body movements. Fidgeting, leaning in or out, crossed legs, touching her face.

Though the body language of women is not all that different from men, there are noticeable differences you want to take note of.

Women instinctively raise their shoulder when glancing sideways to highlight the curve and roundness of her face when they’re flirting.

Ever wonder why a girl tosses her hair or touches her neck when flirting?

Aside from highlighting her shiny hair and exposing the curvature of her neck, tossing her hair exposes her armpit which releases sex hormones.

Those are just a couple of unconscious behaviors women do to entice a man.

To Get an Accurate Reading,,,

You must remember that body language should be interpreted in context. Take a look at the overall situation and environment to get an accurate read on what a woman is telling with her body language.

Additionally, when you observe her over time, a pattern will emerge. Everyone has their own unique mannerisms.

So it will be more effective if you watch for deviations from her usual body language.

Most Guys Miss These Signals

The sad reality is, men are bad at reading her signals.

Did you know that a girl needs to gaze three times before a man takes notice? This is simply because most guys miss the first courtship signal.

But sign of flirting is not all I want you to consider–you should also be able to tell if a girl feels uncomfortable.

A sign of discomfort you should remember is when you lean toward her or try to touch her, her shying away is a clear sign she is not comfortable with what’s going on.

Same when she freezes up when you touch her.

The best you can do in situations like these is take a step back and build more comfort and connection with her–a topic for another article.

Here’s a tip:

If you don’t want to get the wrong end of the stick, don’t make assumptions–especially if you’re not familiar with the girl you’re interacting with.

Body language is not an exact science. It is more effective if you combine it with active listening.

How to Improve Reading Body Language

On a whole, learning to read body language can make you a better communicator not just with women but with everyone.


Being able to read body language cannot be learned overnight–you have to learn consistently by being observant to those around you.

Here’s what I suggest you try:

You can study body language by going to a nearby mall or park and read what every “body” is saying.

Watch every little thing they do, how they move, how they position themselves, and what exactly they’re saying.

Study their eyes and gaze, pay attention to proximity, watch for hand signals and position of the arms, and of course, don’t forget to look at their feet.

You’ll be able to pick up a lot of things just by doing this simple exercise. And your ability to read body language will begin to improve.

Like I said, when you know a girl and how she behaves in normal situations, abnormal behavior can give you a clear indication of how she’s feeling.

If you want some good materials about body language, you can check this book of sex signals or the free body language video course included in this complete attraction ebook.



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