Best Online Dating Tips For Men: Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re interested in online dating, some of these online dating tips for men may make it easier for you to find a date, a partner, or a girlfriend — using just your fingertips.

And as easy as ordering pizza.

To get into online dating, you need an online presence.

You don’t need your own website; what you need is a page where girls will know who you are and why they should date you.

The most common way is to sign up to a dating website and create your page there.

It’s really effective since there are already women looking for men in these types of sites.

And there are various kinds of dating sites as well, catering to all kinds different things you can think of.

You just have to know what you like and search for it.

Yes, it’s that easy.

So how come almost all guys who tried online dating almost always give up after trying it out for a couple weeks or even days?

What mistakes did they make that made them sigh with regret?

Do you want to know what to avoid that will likely undermine your online dating experience? You do? Here it is:

1. Getting overly obsessed with finding the perfect match

If you want to find a real connection, you can’t be overly zealous about every little thing.

She’s cute but you prefer brunettes? So you move on to the next one on the list. But here’s the thing:

You can’t expect someone to EXACTLY match your preference.

Don’t worry too much about which particular book or movie she likes. It’s rare to find someone with the exact same tastes.

Instead, get a sense of what she is like: Is she…

  • friendly,
  • sincere,
  • reasonable,
  • pleasant–someone you’d like to know more if you meet her in person.

I know this can be very difficult and you’ll have to read between the lines. But doing this will help you find a woman who might actually make you happy.

Don’t trust her claims about her personality either: “I’m funny, optimistic, etc”

It means nothing.

People are biased when it comes to intangible qualities.

How often she smiles, her tone when she speaks, whether she’s constantly checking her phone–these vital information, you’ll only know when you meet.

2. Sending boring messages


It’s not hard to think of something more engaging than that.

Since a lot of girls on online dating sites get some pretty generic messages, it would do you good if you break the ice once you zero in on something on her profile to comment on.

Have an idea on you want to present yourself and cut to the chase.

You don’t need a series of mindless messages that drag on for days before you ask her for a date. Be sure you know how to talk to girls online.

Finding a suitable girl takes time and effort.

So it’s crucial to meet a prospect as soon as possible to see if there’s a spark, especially if you’re starting to believe she could be the one based on her profile.

Don’t be afraid to tactfully reveal your intentions either. It will come out eventually.


When you’ve selected a good site, you’ll need to fill your page with information about you.

3. Not optimizing your online dating profile

This will be your online dating profile page where every woman looking for a partner will see and judge if they like you. And if they like what they read, it’s up to them to contact you.

So it’s very important that your profile page be interesting and informative enough to make them want to know you more.

You shouldn’t necessarily put your life story in it. Just the information she needs to assess if you’re a potential date or not.

Absolutely don’t talk about anything you’re not comfortable sharing.

Don’t put anything about past relationships, family problems, and other deep personal topics.

Those are just simply “attraction-killers” if you put them up too early. Save those kinds of stuff later on when you’ve known each other long enough.

Even if you want to be honest and you don’t want to waste her time, not following this simple online dating tip is one of the pitfalls most men fall to. Don’t sabotage your efforts to meeting someone special online.

Don’t be one of those men.


One of the most important component of your dating profile is your photo. You want your photos to compel her to respond to your messages. Most of online dating is about first impression; and if you don’t nail your primary photo, you are not going to get any dates.

How do you pick a high-quality attractive photo?

Ensure that she can see you and you don’t blend with the background. That just makes your photo useless.

Make sure you are the main focus and that she can see your eyes. This is YOUR dating profile so make sure your photo is all about you.

If you want to best quality photo of yourself plastered on your profile page…

You should consider hiring a professional photographer to take some candid photos of you taken outdoors. A pro will know the tricks to finding the best angles and lighting to make you look like a winner.

When you put up your pictures, make sure that they complement what you wrote in your profile. That’s important if you don’t want to create confusion in a woman’s mind.

These should help you get started dating online.

An advantage of signing up to a dating site is being able to contact other members who you are interested in. If you like what you see, you can exchange a few — just a few, not many — messages and go meet on a date.

Just don’t forget that although most women are honest, some may not be what you’re expecting when you get to meet them in person.

Just keep an open mind and err on the side of caution.

Also, don’t take too long to move things offline. If you take your time chatting her, she may lose interest and move on. So when you see some signs that she’s ready to take the next step, go for it.

I recommend, your read this guide for a better understanding of what online dating is all about.


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