3 Things Guys Do That Girls Find Boring

things guys do that girls find boring
When the girl you want to talk to would rather (comfortably?) sleep on a tree…

What are the things guys do that make girls yawn, turn around, and talk to some other guy?

Or just end the date early?

There are plenty and it may vary from girl to girl but, there are some things that they all seem to agree on… like what’s listed below.

If you happen to make girls not want to be around you that much, you’re probably aware of what I’m talking about.

If not, it’s better to not be clueless about the things that you probably do if girls want to saunter off far away from you.

After you read this, I think it’s safe to say that “boring” is another word for what turns women off.

(One more thing. I think you’ll also find this useful when a girl is so into you that you want to get rid of her naturally without chasing her out.)

Let’s start with…

1. When you don’t listen to her properly or patiently

She goes on and on and you don’t even respond? What’s up with that man? At least pretend to listen by nodding.

Or truly listen and question back.

When she is talking about something, ask her in detail. She will like it and she will think that you are interested.


Are you just distracted with something else? You say you are not listening because you are busy with your phone while you are with her?

Well, that’s not good because when your eyes are glued to your phone, no amount of ‘hmm’, ‘Ok’, ‘I see’ would make up for your lack of interest in the conversation.

Keep that phone aside when you are with her. No one will want to spend a whole evening with you if you’re always hooked to your phone.

I’m sure you agree.

It gets really boring when you are not totally with her, when your brain is busy with something else and when you’re not putting effort into furthering the conversation.

Remember: When you don’t give her attention, someone else will take your place.

You’re asking if it’s fine as long as you talk?

Of course not.

Well, that depends.

If you only talk but don’t really listen, then it is just as boring to women.

And if you want to talk, at least avoid being the guy who talks about the wrong things.

Like about some topic which she hates most or has no idea about or when you talk about the same topic over and over again and she clearly has no interest on whatever you’re blabbing about.

You gotta mix it up a bit and find something that the both of you can talk about.

Don’t just only talk about your interests. Talk about her interests and listen. She will definitely enjoy being with you.

=> Here are some topics that might interest her more.

Here’s something else you might want to keep in mind: One of the most boring things you can do to women is to talk all about yourself.

Maybe it is your favorite topic.

Ask yourself. Do you talk about yourself more than anything else and you say “me, me, me” more often than asking others about their lives?

Unfortunately, just like you, others love talking about themselves, too. So give them the chance because…

A guy who constantly talks about
himself is boring

You see, if you usually talk a lot about yourself, rarely listen to anything anyone else has to say, obviously, you’ll start to sound like you’re…

2. Bragging

if you like to excessively talk about your achievements, how much money you make, the kind of car you drive, how nice a house you have, the amount of property you (or rather your dad) owns, how you went to one of the top schools in the country, the kind of girls you dated, how hot some girl thought you were, and more of how great of a guy you are…

Guess what?

A guy who keeps bragging about
himself is boring

Fortunately, you’re not the kind of guy who walks up to a girl and proudly introduces himself as someone’s son, right?


Listen. When you start bragging and blabber how cool you are, how much you spent on your shoes or hairstyle, you’ll start zoning most women out.

They have no interest in listening to your “success” stories. Neither they are interested in knowing how much money your father makes.

They don’t care about your exes. In fact, they are hardly interested in knowing about your colorful past, right on our first date.

While it’s nice that you want to impress girls with your achievements and victories, and no matter how badly you want her to know how great of a guy you are, don’t make it a long monologue about yourself. Don’t brag about your father’s property, either. Because there are better ways to do it.

Try talking about the real stuff.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything humorous or dirty to make the conversation interesting. Talk about your dreams, interests, travel experiences, or your views on various topics.

Bragging is trying hard. Consider using the law of least effort to make girls chase you instead.

To sum it up so far, a guy who does not care to listen or ask, and only brags about himself bore girls.

But wait…

There’s more!

3. When you are just not funny

Honestly, anyone who isn’t a little amusing is easily boring. Some girls love cynical, sarcastic, punny jokes. even lame ones are fine.

If you don’t make her laugh at least once in the first bit of a conversation, there’s a good chance she’ll move on.

A guy who doesn’t have a sense of
humor is boring

It is, after all, one of the qualities many girls look for in a man. For most girls, if you lack a sense of humor then you are out.

But here’s the thing. You don’t need to remember and tell regular jokes.

If you can make one up instantly in your mind during a conversation and throw a witty one out from your mouth without even giving it a second thought, girls find you simply awesome!

If you want to know how to be that kind of guy, this can help you learn and use the right kind of humor to attract women.


You have to know how to weave that into your conversations with attractive women.

If you can’t continue a good conversation, you’ll obviously bore girls to oblivion.

Like when you do not have an opinion about various things, and is unsure of what you believe in or if you’re afraid of being honest and does not express how you feel.

It’s not hard to imagine how you’ll end up with girls.

If you don’t like to have conversations and avoid them because you don’t have an opinion…

Read or watch the news, and keep up with current events and the most popular pop culture.

Be informed!

Do something interesting. pick up another hobby. explore and step out of your comfort zone.

Try some new food and new experiences.

Don’t end up being a part of the wall — guys who keep their heads down because they can’t bring themselves to make one witty comment to make them stand out.

Of course, there are more things you probably do girls find boring, but you can start with these.

So to reiterate, girls will find you boring if you… don’t listen and pay attention, brags about yourself a little too much, and can’t make her laugh since you’re a boring conversationalist.

If you want to make your conversations interesting and avoid being a boring conversationalist, you can check out Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy.

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