8 Signs Of Attraction From The Woman You’re Talking To

You think she’s crushing on you but you’re not sure?

So you’re looking for early signs of attraction so you can make a move?


If you want to know what signals that says she’s into you, you will find them below. But before you scroll down, let me tell you something.

You don’t have to memorize or know every sign of interests from a girl.

It’s okay if you just read it and forget it after reading it. Why? Because in all honesty, you don’t have to get bugged down by these attraction signals from women — at least according to this.

Instead, I suggest you focus more on your interaction with her.

However, don’t discount the importance of knowing these involuntary signs of attraction from a woman.


Because if you can’t read the signs that an already attracted women is giving you, there’s a high chance you’ll lose that attraction and you won’t be able to move forward.

Well, spotting these genuine signs of female attraction should be very obvious to someone paying attention to her body language and actions.

But to someone nervous and don’t know what he’s doing, these signs will be invisible. A more accurate term would be is that these attraction cues will clouded or obscured.

Anyway, here’s what you want to look out for that show she’s attracted to you.

These Sign Says She Likes You

These signs she likes you apply to a woman who you’ve been talking to for a while.

She’s responding to your questions and continues the conversation.

She’s not ignoring you or doesn’t seem uncomfortable talking with you, take it as a good sign she wants to continue with what you’re doing or talking about. And much better if she’s not just being polite, either.

But a more telling sign she likes you is if you stop talking and she re-initiates the conversation. That means you’ve got a live one.

Get things moving to where you want to go and lead from there. Or at least, continue paying attention to her body language for more signs of attraction.

She can’t take her eyes off of you

There she is looking at you.

According to a behavioral analyst, if you want to know if she’s looking at you because she likes you, you can turn your head to break the gaze; and if she doesn’t break eye contact, chances are she likes you. (1)

She leans toward you

People don’t lean to someone they don’t like; they distance themselves away.

So when you get into a good conversation with a girl and you have good rapport going, she’ll lean in if she likes you.

She’s smiling and laughing to you jokes no matter how lame or cheesy it is

A girl will likely laugh longer, louder, and more often if she likes you than anyone else in the room.

If you jokes are lame and she still laughs, that’s an obvious sign she’s got some attraction towards you. This means she sees something funny about you, which kinda wrong, don’t’ you think? But she’s looking for things to connect with so…

Quickly move to the next step.

She’s touching you first or she returns your touches

If she slightly touches your arm, that’s another clear sign of interest from her.

People often touch the person they’re attracted to.

Another indicator of her interest is she’s picking lint off or your clothing. Or straightening your crooked tie.

On the other hand, if you touch her and she suddenly pulls away, she doesn’t like you or she’s not yet ready.

Touching is an important part of human connection. According to research, touching promotes the love hormone oxytocin which fosters trust and bonding. (2)

When she slaps your arm while laughing or reach out and touch your hand, it’s giving away her attraction.

She places nothing between you and her

If she likes you, she won’t put obstacles in your way. She won’t put up barrier like her purse, book, cup, or glass between you and her.

If there’s something in there, it could mean there’s not much rapport yet, not necessarily a dislike. You’ll notice that she’ll put the barrier on either side as she begins to like you.

She’s doing the same thing?

When you suddenly feel like you’re looking at a mirror, and she may no even be aware she’s doing it.

That’s because when you talk to her and the rapport and connection reaches another level, she’ll start to act like you. She sits the same way, takes he same posture, and even uses the same words.

She starts to see herself in your actions. (3)

She has her feet pointing at you

Psychologists say it’s one of the best cues that say she like you. (4)

Or she’s at least genuinely interested because apparently she’s not conscious of what her feet are doing.

So if you notice her feet pointing away from you and straight at the nearest exit, you may need to charm her a bit more until she relaxes around you. Her feet will tell you that, too.

When she’s nervous or uncomfortable, she may have her feet under her or sitting tightly with legs crossed. But if she’s sitting with her feet away from her body, your charm is starting to work on her.

What Now?

When you see these signs of attraction from a woman you’re talking to, escalate and see where it goes.

Most guys stop or are completely oblivious to the situation.

Believe me when I say, you don’t want to do that if you’re in the right location.

These are just some of the really obvious ones.

If you want the super-detailed picture of a woman’s sure sign of attraction like body positioning, subtle movements, and eye cues, I won’t include those here. Those are just way too many to cover in a single short article.

Instead, check out this book.

It covers most of signs of attraction from women in a fun to read and exciting format. You won’t get bored and you’ll learn a lot.

Still here? You are awesome!

Since You Made It This Far…

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