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If it’s a quick read you like, you’ve found one.

It’s okay, too, if you just read it and forget it after reading it.

You don’t have to get bugged down by these attraction signals from women after all. Instead, I suggest you focus on your interaction with her.

However, don’t discount the importance of knowing these signs of attraction. Why?

Because if you can’t read the signs that an already attracted women is giving you, there’s a high chance you’ll lose that attraction and you won’t be able to move forward.

Well, these signs of attraction should be very obvious to someone paying attention to her body language and actions.

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But to someone nervous and don’t know what he’s doing, these signs will be invisible.

A more accurate term would be is that these attraction cues will clouded or obscured.

Anyway, here’s what you want to look out for that show she’s attracted to you.

These apply to a woman who you’ve been talking to for a while.

She’s responding to your questions and continues the conversation.

If you stop talking and she re-initiates the conversation, you’ve got a live one here.

Get things moving to where you want to go and lead from there.

She’s smiling and laughing to you jokes no matter how lame or cheesy it is.

If you jokes are lame and she still laughs, that’s an obvious sign she’s got some attraction towards you. Quickly move to the next step.

She’s touching you first or she returns your touches.

That’s another clear sign of interest from her.

Escalate and see where it goes. Most guys stop. Believe me when I say, you don’t want to do that if you’re in the right location.

These are just some of the really obvious ones.

If you want the super-detailed picture of a woman’s sure sign of attraction like body positioning, subtle movements, and eye cues, I won’t include those here. Those are just way too many to cover in a single short article.

Instead, check out this book.

It covers most of signs of attraction from women in a fun to read and exciting format. You won’t get bored and you’ll learn a lot.

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