How To Finally Escape The Friend Zone

Finally out of the friend zone!

You did the right things; you followed the plan.

You’ve reset your relationship with the girl you really want. You’ve changed her perception of you from being “just a friend”, a colleague, or classmate to something more.

You have reached the most important final step to get out of the friend zone.

You’re almost there.

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Why Do Nice Guys Never Get The Girl Or Get Laid?

Guy sitting on a cave.

Can nice guys get girls?

There’s a popular phrase saying, “nice guys finish last”.

Well, if you consider yourself a nice guy and still want to get girls, then keep reading.

To be clear, the nice guy we are talking about here is not a male who is nice, friendly, kind, amiable, and generous.

Instead, we’re talking about the Nice Guy who’s needy, weak, self-centered, and clingy.

Do you keep waiting for girls to give you want you want?

Do all kinds of things for them but in the end, you end up with less than what you’re hoping for. You don’t get the girl even though you did everything for her.

Well, that’s the problem right there.

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How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Do you know the best way to get out of the dreaded friend zone?

It’s actually quite simple.

The best way to get out of the “friends zone” is… to avoid getting there in the first place.

But the truth is… women didn’t put you in the friend zone.

You did.

It’s true.

You got yourself “friend zoned!”

Well, I don’t blame you.

When you meet that cute girl and started hanging out, you didn’t think it’d happen.

She likes talking to you, hanging out with you, and you think she might be into you.

Too afraid to make a move, you remain friends–which is not that bad but not what you want either.

You see, guys end up being friend zoned by not making a move on the girl early on.

And then they become too scared to lose the friendship and make things awkward.

So if you don’t want any of that and…

Avoid Getting Friend Zoned

All you have to do is make your move.

If you meet someone you like, let her know you’re sexually interested in her.

The important word there is “sexual” because that’s the only difference between her friend and her lover.

But, how do you let her know you’re sexually interested?

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