Why Do Nice Guys Never Get The Girl Or Get Laid?

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Can nice guys get girls?

There’s a popular phrase saying, “nice guys finish last”.

Well, if you consider yourself a nice guy and still want to get girls, then keep reading.

To be clear, the nice guy we are talking about here is not a male who is nice, friendly, kind, amiable, and generous.

Instead, we’re talking about the Nice Guy who’s needy, weak, self-centered, and clingy.

Do you keep waiting for girls to give you want you want?

Do all kinds of things for them but in the end, you end up with less than what you’re hoping for. You don’t get the girl even though you did everything for her.

Well, that’s the problem right there.

Do women like nice guys?

Why do some women say they like nice guys only have these women walk all over the nice guy they say they like?

Does that ever make sense?

I don’t understand, I’m a good listener, I help carry her groceries, and feed the cat while she is away, and she won’t even let me touch her!

Nice Guy

Well actually women assume nice guys as intelligent, but less assertive, less sexually experienced and even less attractive, but more interested in commitment. So women see nice guys as maybe relationship material, but not for a fling. And these are the men who are described as nice.

Other the other hand…

Although “nice guys” are called nice, some behaviors they have are not so nice and, in fact, can be quite repulsive.

They’re not as nice as they like to think they are.

Small gestures and thoughtful actions are nice but going overboard to please a girl? That’s when nice guys become too much to handle. Trying too hard is a turn off.

When a woman asks a nice guy, he’s all too eager to please and say ‘yes’… always. He puts up with unbearable situations to avoid hurting her feelings. Being too agreeable and a people pleaser to avoid conflict at all cost is not a good idea.

It is often where trouble starts for the nice guy.

Because they want to be agreeable, they tend to put a girls needs before their own. And not having their needs met creates resentment. In the long run, this bottled up anger is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Nice guys also allow their world to revolve around a woman. She becomes the sun that his life depends on often making that center suffocate in the process.

Then it gets into his head that he should be treated very well. Unrealistic expectations start to pile up. Then blames the girl for not getting what he wants.

If you’re a nice guy through and through, I suggest you read No More Mr. Nice Guy today.

How nice guys get the girl

You’d like to believe all a woman want is to settle down with a nice guy. And that’s true if that guy has as much respect for himself and others around him including women.

Being nice doesn’t mean weak. Stop going out of your way to do things for people who don’t appreciate you. Don’t wait for that girl who has perpetual lateness syndrome. Stand up when it counts. To get the girl, it’s not enough to be nice, she has to respect you, too.

You need not be at her beck and call, dropping your plans and your friends for a chance to see her. Being attentive is enough for you to know her wants and needs. Listen.

If you’re romantically or sexually interested in a woman, you don’t need to do stuffs for her if you don’t show any interest in her. And if she’s not showing any interest in you. The act doing stuff for her is fine once you’ve established your desired relationship, and I don’t mean being her friend.

Don’t pretend to be what you’re not. If your intention is not to be her friend, show it in how you deal with her. You don’t have to hide who you really are to make a girl like you.

Not all girls want bad boys

Most “bad boys” turn out that way because they were once “nice guys” who got their heart broken into a million pieces. Then they decided they had enough and started to transform. They set out be unpleasant to get the girl.

Just ask Mark here. He knows what I’m talking about.

You don’t have to be a jerk, either, if you’re a sensitive, caring, and kind guy. Women don’t actually like jerks for being a jerk. They like them for being confident enough to do what they want. And they stay true to their personality.

Girls like it when a guys stands up for what he says. And you can say what you want to without being a jerk.

So be confident on who you are and the kind of guy you are. Remember it’s confidence not arrogance. Confidence is a turn on; arrogance is never attractive.

Don’t hide your interests and intentions, instead follow your manly drive. Make her feel good being with you as you learn more about her.

Do you know why nice guys finish last? Because they’re often seen as boring and predictable. So to get the girl… flirt, be playful, and funny.

Make a move instead of being timid to avoid getting friend zoned.

Don’t be afraid to be forceful at times to test the waters. You don’t always have to be overly nice if the situation don’t call for it. There are times when you have to be aggressive and take charge if you want her to be your lover.

What you want is to find the right balance with your personality. The sweet spot in between where you can find yourself getting what you want — the girl — and being the nice guy you are without compromising your values. Be a true gentleman.

If you really want a girl but have no clue how to get one, I suggest you take a look at the Bad Boy Blueprint. It will show you how to get a similar edge the bad boys have and drive women wild.

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