The Bad Boy Blueprint

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The Bad Boy Blueprint contains bad boy seduction secrets that add bad-boy energy to your personality and attitude.

By activating the bad boy edge inside of you, you can succeed with women on a much higher level: 

  • You can make women approach you. 
  • You can get laid or get a girlfriend anytime you want. 
  • And you can effortlessly attract women instead of chasing them. 

How is that possible? You may ask.

That’s simple.

It’s because having the bad boy edge allows you to bypass her logical mind and directly tap into her deepest sexual desires and cravings.

So if you are a good-natured regular guy who wants a dash of bad-boy edge into your personality, then The Bad Boy Blueprint perfect for you.

But before you get too excited about having several women fighting each other over you, I want you to adhere to a couple of rules: 

First, only use this on girls who are fun and cool. Why? That’s because using the bad boy edge can have a powerful grip on unstable women. You could have crazy female stalkers in your life. You have been warned!

And secondly, don’t share this randomly with just anyone. Unless you trust someone to be responsible, keep this to yourself.

With that out of the way, let’s continue.

What Makes “Bad Boys” Irresistible to Women?

Why are men with forceful personalities and an unpredictable, rebellious edge able to control and captivate women so much that when they bail, the women become devastated?

Why do so many sensible, attractive women lose their heads when it comes to “bad boys?”

And in many cases, these women won’t even understand why she’s so infatuated with a bad boy. 

The Nice Guy didn’t stand a chance!

Even though the nice guy keeps praying that she comes to her senses and stop dating these guys who are wrong for her and be with him, how could the nice guy have a chance when her instincts are programmed to seek out the bad boy.

With all the approval-seeking and ass-kissing that only serve to make women tune him out and lose interest, the nice guy never had the chance.

Bad Boy Qualities That Attract Women

You see, the bad boy has qualities that attract women beyond her control. If you’ve ever wondered why a girl can get obsessed with a bad boy when she can do better and date you instead, now you know.

However, you can learn a lot from observing a bad boy if you want to adopt some of their “edge” into your game. 

No. This is not about showing arrogance when you meet women. What I’m talking about is changing how you see yourself and how you see the fairer sex. 

For example, when a woman meets a bad boy, instead of shutting him down or just treating him as a “friend,” she feels curious and sexually attracted. 

The reason for this is because he projects a sense of living a complete life. He doesn’t need a woman to “complete” it but — if she can prove she’s cool enough for him — he could be willing to let her in and see where it goes.

That is both intriguing and sexually attractive to women.

Similarly, you can send this same message if you can show her that you are not easily impressed. Start by establishing that you have high standards, and you are giving her the chance to join you.

Then do what bad boys do.

And that is: he makes her wonder if she measures up to his standards by throwing challenges at her.

Doing this is equally important when you meet a girl for the first time. Why? 

Because she will start screening you for defects the moment you show up in her field of vision. She is looking for reasons to shoot you down and end the interaction because she is tired of boring men walking up to her.


Having the bad boy edge, you are going to throw her off balance and turn the tables. You won’t give her the chance to start disqualifying you.

The idea is to make her want you. You are the prize that she could be lucky enough to win.

“Women don’t care about how you feel until they feel the same way about you!”

The bad boy maintains this aura of limited availability and makes himself more attractive. This, in turn, allows him to lay back… and let women pursue him.

In short, the bad boy doesn’t chase women.

It’s like this: if you want to make a woman — whenever she is with you — want to look her best and act her sexiest, give her the chance to prove herself. 

“Is she worthy of my attention?” should be what’s at the back of your mind.

Here another thing to keep in mind: in a conversation, control the flow.

A bad boy radiates strength through his words and actions. Instead of asking the same tired questions, having the edge means you engage her imagination; you respond in your unique way, and; you challenge her. 

As a result, you relate to her on a level most guys can’t reach.

And when she gets out of line, a bad boy won’t tolerate such nonsense. He’ll spank her back into line — and be appreciated for it. She feels reassured that he is in firm control of his world and her.

To have that bad boy edge, you can’t be tentative or timid. Get used to saying what’s on your mind and taking things to the next level. 

Also, bad boys don’t follow someone else’s lead. As a man, it is expected as part of your masculine duty to make decisions. It is highly unnatural for a woman to play the masculine role in a relationship. It irritates them when guys force this role into them.

Women want a man with a plan. And she gets to come along for the ride.

To Sum it Up

Bad boys have core Alpha Male qualities that make their presence and attitude way more attractive to women. 

They live by their own rules and have an aura of unpredictability — that fascinates women and men alike. 

So if you want to make women infatuated with you, you need to project a similar “edge” into your game.

In today’s world, intellectual and emotional strength is what it is all about; and any guy can develop this quality — especially you.

So if you want to integrate some bad boy behaviors into your personality…

If you want to become a man with strong character, integrity, respect but with a sexy and exciting edge that drives the ladies wild… 

The Bad Boy Blueprint will show you plenty of example scenarios, conversations, and anecdotes, so you instantly get each lesson.

the bad boy blueprint bundle
The complete Bad Boy Blueprint package

With The Bad Boy Blueprint, you can add the same “edge” to your attitude and become that guy that makes his friends wonder, “how the hell does he do it?”

But while other guys have figured out a few tricks that work with some women, you will understand the complete picture. And this will transform you into a highly confident, charismatic, and attractive person.

There will be no shortage of women who wants to sleep with you. But even more important: these women are deeply attracted and interested in pursuing long-term relationships with you.

Can you imagine having total control of your sexual and dating destiny?

Instead of trying to impress them or possess them, you can date women strictly on your terms. 

And because your needs with women are taken care of: getting laid for you is never a problem, you can focus more time, energy, and resources on other passions of your life.

In the end, what activating the bad boy edge represents is freedom and independence.

It means you refuse to follow the same script that many men do. You won’t have to spend your life trying to fit in and worrying about what other people, especially women, think.

Activating the bad boy edge sets you apart.

You do whatever they feel like doing, without asking permission. 

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