It feels great to be able to bed women easily, isn’t it?

And even better if you can talk women into bed no matter how hot and beautiful she is. Once you know the path that leads to her bedroom it doesn’t matter if she’s a super model or your next door cutie.

If you know what to say to women to get them riled up with excitement and ride with you all the way, it wouldn’t matter if you’re not rich or good looking. You’ll have lots of women while leaving other guys with scraps.

Now. Here’s the thing, the way to her doorway can be found in what gets her imagination and emotions stimulated.

Think about it: You want to create a feeling of intense passion inside of her. And to do that you have to know how to lead her imagination.

You see, once you can capture a woman’s imagination, you’ll get to influence her emotions and that leads to… guess what? Her bedroom.

Ever wonder why women read all kinds of romance novels?

They consume all that stuff like apple pie that it outsells every other genre of fiction in the known universe. And it’s all so she can experience her imagination and emotion get stimulated.

If you want to master attracting women, focus on feelings when you talk to her.

You have to hit her emotion whenever you talk to her about something. If you can get her in a emotional state where you can easily lead her to do things with you…

… you just got the keys to the kingdom.

And to do that, watch and observe how you use your language. You should be able to appeal to her fantasy and imagination like romance novels does to her.

She have to be in a certain state where she feels comfort and desire around you. Being able to generate those states comes from going through each step of the attraction process.

That involves a lot of bringing into her good emotions and linking it to you. If you can do that, you can talk any woman into bed easily — what most guys only dreams about doing.